7. hillebrand verkroost etde- energy technology data exchange


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Hillebrand Verkroost - ETDE- Energy Technology Data Exchange

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7. hillebrand verkroost etde- energy technology data exchange

  1. 1. Energy Technology Data Exchange. What’s in it for Belgium? Implementing Agreement Day Belgium ELIA, Brussels Tuesday 6 December 2011 Hillebrand Verkroost Vice-Chair, IEA Energy Technology Data Exchange (information specialist, Energy research Centre of the Netherlands) ETDE – Key facts, figures 1974-1986 bilateral agreements US-DoE - countries 1987 multilateral agreement: IEA IA 1999 ETDEWEB: 4.6 million+ records, 440,000+ PDFs, 1 million+ (direct and indirect) links 2004 opening up to developing countries 2006- present federated search, domain recognition, search options, Topic Pages, Google comparison study, e-mail alerts, translation, openURL12/12/2011
  2. 2. ETDE Implementing Agreement Members and partners 14 government signatories from five continents 5 partners Task- and cost sharing Mission “To provide governments, industry and the research community in the member countries with access to the widest range of information on energy research, science and technology and to increase dissemination of this information to developing countries.” ETDE Stakeholders Government Signatories: Partners: • IAEA International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Brazil Canada Denmark Finland • IEA Clean Coal Centre • WorldWideScience.org • World Energy Congress Germany Korea, Rep. of Mexico • Energy Market Authority of Singapore • IEA Hydrogen Implementing The Netherlands Norway South Africa Agreement Spain Sweden Switzerland United States12/12/2011
  3. 3. ETDE Membership Task-sharing: prepare and submit records of energy RTD activities published within the member country (from journals, technical reports, conference proceedings, books, etc.), including full text when available. Cost-sharing: make contribution to cover annual cost of the exchange (i.e., primarily, ETDEWEB), consisting of “base” fee and “additional” contribution (related to national energy R&D expenditures relative to other member countries). Contracting party has right to determine ETDEWEB access policies and any fees within its national borders. Developing Country Access12/12/2011
  4. 4. ETDE’s Values Marketing technologies developed within countries Increase visibility of research results Learn from technological developments Learn from research results Avoid duplication of research Locate potential partners/researchers Serve as central archive for full-text publications Unique information12/12/2011
  5. 5. search phrase Search Refinement Aid Additional # of records found Resources Diversity of sources: Korea, Turkey, China, US12/12/2011
  6. 6. Link to Full Text PDF Link to Journal Article12/12/2011
  7. 7. Translate record in 34 languages Additional Resources12/12/2011
  8. 8. 12/12/2011
  9. 9. JOIN ETDE! Belgium is invited to explore ETDE membership Becoming a member in ETDE will: Increase national research capabilities Provide a sound basis for decision-making Drive innovation www.etde.org/etdeweb Comments/Questions ETDE welcomes and encourages further comments or questions. Main ETDE website: www.etde.org ETDE World Energy Base: www.etde.org/etdeweb Contacts: Brian Hitson, Chair, hitsonb@osti.gov Hillebrand Verkroost, Vice-Chair – verkroost@ecn.org Debbie Cutler, Operating Agent – cutlerd@osti.gov12/12/2011