14. françois boulet coreso


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Regional Coordination Service Centre for Electricity TSOs.

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14. françois boulet coreso

  1. 1. CORESOGeneral presentation François BOULET, CEO
  2. 2. Why a regional coordination? Large scale renewable Growing influence of distant electrical generation systems on local flows High variability –geographical concentration More uncertainties Development of the Increased stress for operationseuropean grid and of cross- border capacities AC & DC Need for a coordinated management Market development of flows at international level to Flexibility - Intraday guaranty security of supply 06/12/2011 - IA Day 2
  3. 3. Coreso: a centralized vision of the coordination between TSOsIndependent company (SA) with its own employeesCreated december 2008 in BrusselsOperational since 16th February 2009Round the clock operations since 29th June 20095 shareholders today (Elia, National Grid, RTE, Terna, 50HzT.)and open to new partners 06/12/2011 - IA Day 3
  4. 4. Employees of Coreso19 Security and Coordination Engineers Coming from parent TSOs’ staff Will go back to the TSOs after their job in Coreso Training received within the shareholders + internal training in Coreso (minimum 4 months of initial training) Regular exchanges with TSOs’ operatorsShift organisation (24/7) Morning: 1 SCE Afternoon: 3 SCE Night: 2 SCECOO: Olivier BronckartCEO: François BouletAll administrative tasks are contracted with Elia 06/12/2011 - IA Day 4
  5. 5. Coreso: a service provider to TSOs 06/12/2011 - IA Day 5
  6. 6. Coreso’s area of activitiesInterest Area : the gridof its participating TSOsimpacted by cross-border flowsPreventive securityanalysis on a larger areaincluding neighbouringgridsObservability of the fullContinental Europe grid,thanks to the dataexchanged betweenTSOs 06/12/2011 - IA Day 6
  7. 7. Data used: DACF files / snapshotsEach TSO delivers a base case including their best estimatefor the next day for their network, about the: Topology NL Load Generation pattern BE Wind generation Outage program FR Exchange programs… for several timestamps (up to 24)Every 15min some TSOs produce a snapshots for close torealtime analysis These data are merged by Coreso to build a consistent continental merged file, used to perform security assessment. 06/12/2011 - IA Day 7
  8. 8. Tools of Coreso operators 06/12/2011 - IA Day 8
  9. 9. Complementary operational visions TSOs CoresoPerfect knowledge of Knowledge of operationoperation rules but only rules of several TSOs andon its own territory ability to speak to each using its own technicalStudy for peak time culture Influence of consumption or 24 hours vision generation patterns Influence of exchanges 1 to 3 in-depth analyses 6 to 12 in-depth analysesFull description of national Full continental gridgrid but only limited vision description but simplifiedof neighbouring grids and limited to EHV 06/12/2011 - IA Day 9
  10. 10. Stressed situation foreseen in day-ahead N-1 Avelin – Lonny => 130% Avelgem-Mercator N-1 Mastaing-Avelgem => 90% 1’ Avelin-Lonny => NOT ACCEPTABLE Need of cross -border preventive actions: Special topology in Zandvliet in order to isolate BE-NL tie-lines on 400kV transformer Change tap position of Van Eyck transfomer (from 18 to 16) in order to reduce N-S flows 2 nodes topology in Lonny in order to balance Avelin-Lonny and Lonny-Vesle flows 06/12/2011 - IA Day 10
  11. 11. Next stepsIncreased coordination of the following means to control thepower flows: Topology actions HVDC links Phase Shifter TransformersDevelop intraday processes and toolsNew service to support TSOs in case of potential largedisturbanceImprove tools and services to better integrate RenewableEnergy SourcesParticipate in relevant research programs (Twenties, iTesla) 06/12/2011 - IA Day 11
  12. 12. Questions ? See our Web site: www.coreso.eu 06/12/2011 - IA Day 12