Coral springs dentists frequently asked questions about oral hygiene, part 1


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This two-part article series answers some of the questions people frequently ask about oral healthcare and hygiene.

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Coral springs dentists frequently asked questions about oral hygiene, part 1

  1. 1. Coral Springs Dentists: Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Hygiene, PART 1 This two-part article series answers some of the questions people frequently ask about oral healthcare and hygiene.The health of your teeth and gums speak volumes about your general health and well-being, say CoralSprings dentists. Oral conditions, such as periodontal (gum) disease are linked with other serious andpotentially fatal ailments that affect the rest of the body. These include diabetes, cardiovascular disease,respiratory disease, strokes, osteoporosis and autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, andeven cancer. When you consider that patients presenting with poor oral health (cavities, oral bacterialinfections and gum disease) have mouths teeming with bacteria, this relationship is not hard tounderstand, say Coral Springs dentists.Coral Springs Dentists: Understanding the Mouth-Body Connection
  2. 2. The mouth provides a direct portal into the body’s digestive, blood and respiratory system. So, if you arewalking around with an acute and chronic oral bacterial infection of the gums, periodontitis, yourgeneral health is as at risk of developing some nasty ailment as your teeth are of falling out! But therelationship goes both ways, say Coral Springs dentists. For example, uncontrolled diabetes-sufferers areat a greater risk of developing cavities, oral infections and gum disease.Now, you may initially believe the connection between mouth and body to be a fragile one, but oneBritish study revealed infrequent brushers to be 70% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseasethan those who are meticulous about their oral health and hygiene! What does this mean? You may bethinking: “I brush! I sometimes floss! I should be fine.” Well, if the statistics are to be believed, you’renot, say Coral Springs dentists. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, a staggering 85% of all Americanadults present with some form or stage of gum disease! And in 99% of all cases, this is a result of poororal hygiene and neglect. But it’s not too late to turn the tables on the bacteria that have colonized yourteeth and gums! In this two-part article series, Coral Springs dentists will address some of your topconcerns regarding the health and care of your pearly whites.FAQ # 1: What should I be doing every day to really look after my teeth?Coral Springs Dentists Answer: Your home oral hygiene routine should include twice-daily brushes(spending two minutes at a time) and flossing before bedtime, say Coral Springs dentists. This is reallythe minimum you should be doing every single day to look after your teeth and gums. You could alsoincorporate an anti-bacterial mouthwash into your regime and limit the amount of sugary and acidicfoods and drinks you consume. Drink more water, advise Coral Springs dentists.FAQ # 2: Are electric tooth brushes better than manual ones?Coral Springs Dentists Answer: Studies are mixed, but the general opinion is that electric toothbrushesare indeed better. This is because, at 40,000 strokes per minute, they are more thorough in theircleaning. They also tend to prevent people from brushing too hard, which could otherwise lead toerosion of the dental enamel. Many of these toothbrushes come with built-in timers, say Coral Springsdentists, which compels people to brush for those full two minutes. The only real downside is thatelectric toothbrushes tend to be quite expensive, although there are cheaper battery-operated productsthat do the same thing, say Coral Springs dentists.FAQ # 3: What is the best kind of floss?
  3. 3. Coral Springs Dentists Answer: Shopping for floss can prove to be quite daunting when there are suchan incredible variety of products to choose from. At the end of the day, say Coral Springs dentists, themost important thing is that you do floss. The particular kind of floss makes no difference; it is merely amatter of personal preference. They all do the same thing. So if you prefer your floss waxed and tastingof peppermint, then so be it!Coral Springs Dentists: Stay TunedTo read the answers to more of your frequently asked questions, stay tuned for the second part of thisarticle series, courtesy of Coral Springs Dentists.