New RFID Inlays Expand Tracking Application Possibilities


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More options means more possibilities, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to 5 New RFID inlays designed to meet the growing needs of today’s diverse tracking applications. Join Impinj and Avery Dennison RFID for a quick 30 minute webinar to learn more about Avery Dennison’s latest RFID inlay innovations powered by Impinj Monza® 5 tag ICs.

What You’ll Learn
• Benefits of a complete RFID ecosystem
• Introduction to Avery Dennison’s latest inlay innovations
• Use case examples

Featured Speakers
• Tracy Hillstrom – Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj
• George Dyche – Director of RFID Product Line Management, Avery Dennison RFID

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  • Monza 5 is an ideal fit for fast-growing item-level tagging applications.  Monza 5 delivers great read sensitivity which is critical because the market continues to demand longer read ranges and smaller size tags. Monza 5 also delivers a very high write sensitivity and encoding speed. In fact, the gap between read and write sensitivity, commonly known as the sensitivity gap, is a very critical measure for item-level tagging and the small sensitivity gap of Monza 5 enables high-speed encoding systems to run faster resulting in higher throughput and lower applied tag costs. When it comes to serialization of the tags, in addition to IT-based serialization, Monza 5 provides more flexibility to end users by supporting a chip-based serialization method called Monza Self-Serialization. And that’s not all, if you have wondered why those Monza 5 based tags perform so much better in the field, it is because of the different optimizations included in the chip – such as TagFocus and FastID. TagFocus helps get the harder to read tags much faster during inventory and FastID delivers the TID and EPC much faster during inventory.Transition script -“RFID works really well when you pick the right components to maximize the overall system, and Impinj has the high-performance products built to work collaboratively…but it’s only part of the answer. Avery Dennison brings important expertise in tag and inlay design, and overall RFID systems for the whole solution. We are so happy to be working closely with them, and I can’t wait for you to see some of their new products. So now, I’ll turn things over to George Dyche from Avery Dennison . George?”
  • Insert typical ‘about Avery Dennison’ informationEmphasis on Innovation and Experience around RFID inlay design & problem solvingApplication test capabilities
  • Insert abstract system block diagramReader  Antenna (Environment) Tag ProductDescribe tag selection or design starts with a system view of the application and problem to be solvedCharacteristics of the tagged productbenign material, absorptive material, metal zippers, densely packed items, etcSize limitation of the finished label or hang ticketnarrows inlay choicesApplication use case: Inventory Accuracy & Loss Prevention, POS, supply chain Type of business problem to be solvedType of reader hardware: (fixed or portable)Type of reader antenna: (linear or circular polarized, gain of antennaData carrier requirements
  • Insert Matrix of 5 inlays in grid formatBasic picture, model number, and target application (insert picture to show application?? Or text)Include size bar to show largest to smallestExplain assortment of sizes and characteristics enable item level tagging utilizing Monza 5
  • Grid format with all relevant information from previous slides. Model#; Picture, Size, Key Characteristics, Key Features, Size bar, product availabilityThis slide could serve as a single selector guide for folks to use as referenceReference inlays approved by University of Arkansas
  • New RFID Inlays Expand Tracking Application Possibilities

    1. 1. New RFID Inlays Expand Tracking Application Possibilities Featuring:December 2012
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters & Agenda Impinj RFID • Introduction to Impinj • RFID Paradigm Shift • Maximizing Performance Tracy Hillstrom Sr. Product Line Manager Avery Dennison RFID • Introduction to Avery Dennison • Inlay Innovation & System Perspective • Introduction to New Inlays • Availability & Samples George Dyche Questions & Answer Session Director, RFID Product LineDecember 2012
    3. 3. About Impinj, Inc.Leading provider of UHF RFID solutions foridentifying, locating, and authenticating items• Innovative product portfolio – Tag chips – Reader chips – Readers & Antennas• Enabling many industries – Retail – Healthcare/Pharmaceutical – Food and beverage – Consumer electronics – Manufacturing/LogisticsDecember 2012
    4. 4. RFID Paradigm is Evolving Read Zones Continuous Wide Area Monitoring (Portals) MonitoringPremise • Based on tag movement • Based on repeated reads of • Based on aggregated, repeated to/through read field stationary tags reads of stationary tags • All tags are unexpected • Known set of tags are expected • Known set of tags are expected • Discrete read zones • Localized, contiguous read zones • Appended read zones (one logical read zone) December 2012
    5. 5. Emerging RFID Requirements for ILT• Small tag size• Wide variability in read range• Item-level granularity• More fixed, automated reading• Fast, efficient encoding• Lowest TCO & applied tag cost EPC + TIDDecember 2012
    6. 6. Delivering RFID that Works Impinj RFID products collaborate for better performance Performance Margin You know, that RFID really works!High Read Sensitivity Low TCOLonger read distance 520 year MTBF at 25 CSmaller tags PoE (IEEE 802.3af) Worldwide certificationsHigh Write Sensitivity & SpeedFast encoding Reduces interferenceMonza® Self Serialization AutopilotFast Inventory Market leaderFastIDTM Programming toolkitsTagFocusTM Speedway® Connect Speedway® xPortal Antenna Hub December 2012
    7. 7. Avery Dennison Corporation A materials science and process technology company that creates materials and solutions to enhance brands, improve product performance, and deliver innovative 56% 23% information by RETAIL BRANDING & INFORMATION designing, developing andPRESSURE SENSITIVE MATERIALS SOLUTIONS manufacturing: • Labeling, packaging, and branding materials • Integrated Apparel Solutions that elevates brand appeal/value and accelerates performance throughout the global supply chain • Information management materials, 13% 8% products and solutions • Graphic imaging mediaOFFICE AND CONSUMER PRODUCTS SPECIALTY CONVERTING BUSINESS • Specialized adhesive and labeling SALES $6.7 BILLION / 2011 packaging December 2012
    8. 8. Inlay innovation begins with anRFID system perspective EnvironmentReader Antenna Tag Product• Characteristics of the tagged product• Size limitation of the finished label or hang tag• Type of reader hardware: (fixed or portable)• Type of reader antenna: (linear or circular polarized, gain of antenna)• Data carrier requirements• Type of business problem to be solved and business valueDecember 2012
    9. 9. Introducing Model Number Application Uses AD-227m5 General Purpose Supply Chain Compliance AD-550m5 Aviation General Purpose Supply Chain AD-233m5 Item-level Apparel Compliance AD-171m5 Item-level Retail Healthcare AD-110m5 Healthcare Embedded UsesDecember 2012
    10. 10. AD227m5 I am: - Global performing - Replacing the AD223 - Approved by the University of 3.74in x 0.33in Arkansas Radio Compliance 95mm x 8.3mmI like to work with: Denim & PolyBoxed Electronics Large Boxed Items Hanging Apparel bagged ApparelDecember 2012
    11. 11. AD550m5 I am: - Hybrid between a dipole and 3D - Narrow edge leading - Suitable for wide range of supply 1.50in x 2.99in chain applications 38mm x 76mm - Global performingI like to work with: Variety of Materials Closed Loop Airline Baggage (Wood, Plastic, Corrugate) Supply ChainsDecember 2012
    12. 12. AD233m5 I am: - Capable of working on a broad range of materials - Approved by the University of 2.76in x 0.57in Arkansas Radio Compliance 70mm x 14.5mm - Global performingI like to work with: Denim & PolyBoxed Electronics Large Boxed Items Hanging Apparel bagged ApparelDecember 2012
    13. 13. AD171m5 I am: - Tuned to operate on a broad range of product configurations - Small enough to fit on space 1.06in x 0.55in limited packaging requirements 27mm x 14mm - Capable of 4 feet or greater rangeI like to work with: Cosmetics Jewelry Pharmaceutical HealthcareDecember 2012
    14. 14. AD110m5 I am: - Tuned for near-field operation - Small enough to be embedded in packaging 0.91in x 0.20in - Ideal for healthcare and 23mm x 5mm pharmaceutical applicationsI like to work with: Jewelry Healthcare Plastic Lab Diagnostics Products MaterialsDecember 2012
    15. 15. M5 Inlay Selector Guide Avery Dennison Inlay Antenna Free Space Applications Format Monza 5 Inlay Size Typ. Range AD227m5 Supply Chain 3.74in x 0.33in > 30 feet Compliance Dry & PS 95mm x 8.3mm (9 Meters) Item-Level Apparel AD550m5 1.50in x 2.99in Aviation Dry & PS > 30 Feet 38mm x 76mm Supply Chain (9 Meters) AD233m5 2.76in x 0.57in Item-Level Apparel Dry & PS > 30 Feet Compliance 70mm x 14.5mm (9 Meters) Supply Chain AD171m5 1.06in x 0.55in Item-Level Retail Dry & PS ~4 Feet 27mm x 14mm Cosmetics/Jewelry (1.2 Meters) AD110m5 0.91in x 0.20in Healthcare Dry & PS Jewelry Near-field 23mm x 5mm Lab Diagnostics Samples available now! Additional technical information available upon request. Actual read range will vary depending on RFID setup and environment.December 2012
    16. 16. Questions & Answers Tracy Hillstrom Sr. Product Line Manager – Readers & Antennas Email: George Dyche Director, RFID Product Line Management Email: Contact Me for Samples!December 2012