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Introducing Monza Self-Serialization


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In this webinar, Larry Arnstein explains the purpose of unique serial numbers and serialization in item-level RFID tagging; reviews the range of IT based solutions and approaches; and introduces Impinj's Monza Self-Serialization (, which provides brand owners with a chip-based serialization alternative to IT-based approaches. With Monza Self-Serialization the EPC serial number comes directly from the tag chip, eliminating the need for IT systems to globally coordinate, distribute and synchronize serial numbers. In addition, we will explain how it is possible to implement serialization with minimum disruption to your existing tagging business process whether it is oriented toward in-plant printing, reliance on service bureaus, or even if it is done in your distribution centers.

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Introducing Monza Self-Serialization

  1. 1. Monza Self-SerializationLarry Arnstein, V.P. Business DevelopmentMarch 2012
  2. 2. Welcome!Today’s Presenter: Agenda: •EPC serialization and challenges •IT-based serialization •Chip-based serialization – Enterprise ready Monza® Self-Serialization •Implementation best practices •About Impinj •Audience Questions Larry Arnstein VP Business Development Impinj, Inc.
  3. 3. Inventory Visibility Barcode: ~2 Hours RFID: ~2 Minutes ~10% error, possible over-count ~1% error, no over-count
  4. 4. RFID Tags Label Hang Tag Hard Tag Fabric Label Inlay TID: Chip Make & Model Chip Serial Number Tag Chip EPC: SKU (GTIN) Item Serial Number
  5. 5. Serialization Challenges Item Serial Number SKU (GTIN) • Number management is new • Existing systems and suppliers might not support serialization • Multi-sourcing is more difficult
  6. 6. Serialization Options IT-Based Serialization •Manage numbers in a database •Deliver numbers and tags to point of use •Combine numbers with SKU prior to encoding Chip-Based Serialization TID: Chip Make & Model Chip Serial Number •Deliver tags to the point-of-use •Printer or encoding device gets item EPC: serial number from TID SKU (GTIN) Item Serial Number
  7. 7. Chip-based Serialization TID: Chip Make & Model Chip Serial Number Existing Software EPC: SKU (GTIN) Item Serial Number Advantages Considerations • Easy & Low Cost • Chip manufacturer support • Reliable • Item serial number rollover • Verifiable • Future generations of chips • Flexible
  8. 8. Monza® Self-Serialization Enterprise ready chip-based serialization • Established TID usage model – Prevents duplication – Unlimited scalability with cycle time assurance – Seamless migration to future tag chips • Flexible sourcing and encoding methods
  9. 9. Monza Self-Serialization TID UsageModel TID: Chip Make & Model Chip Make & Model Chip Serial Number Chip Serial Number Monza Series ID Item Serial Number for EPC use Unlimited Up to 38 bits • 274 billion numbers per Monza Series • 24 year cycle time assurance • One series now: Monza 5, forward compatible • Add series as market expands • Scales forever within 96-bit GS1 Standard
  10. 10. Flexible Sources Chip-based serializationmust maintain with multiple sources Brand owners simplifies brand-owner’s top-level plan Top level plan can get complicated a top level plan e pl m Exa 68 billion Service Bureau 1 Service Bureau 1 00 numbers Service Bureau 22 2, 3… Service Bureau 2, 3… Service Bureau Service Bureau 01 274 billion In-plant, DC 33 Service Bureau Operations In-plant, DC Operations Service Bureau numbers In-plant 11 In-plant 10 In-plant 22 In-plant DC 11 DC 11 … …96-bit EPC: 58-bit SKU ID (EPC Header and GTIN) 38-bit Serial Number
  11. 11. Flexible Methods Verify VerifyEncode Encode & Lock & Lock Ordinary Variable SKU (GTIN) Data EPC In-line • Printer/encoder • Automation • Integration Bulk (Same/Mixed SKU) • Small bundle • Case level
  12. 12. Summary: Brand Owner Requirements Monza Self-Serialization TID: Chip Make & Model Chip Serial Number EPC: SKU ID (GTIN) Item Serial Number • Makes serialization easy • Co-exists with IT solutions and other sources • Respects existing number usage • Flexible in sourcing, methods, business process • Scalable and future proof
  13. 13. End Users – Powered by Impinj
  14. 14. Let us help you Arizon
  15. 15. Questions?• Brand Owners & Retailers contact: – Larry Arnstein,• Solution Providers contact: – Daniel Bowman,• Learn more at: Most comprehensive platform in industry