How to Hire an iPhone Developer? 6 Hiring Tips


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Want to make an iPhone app? Looking to hire an iPhone developer? Read these 6 hiring tips or else you could burn your fingers.

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  • If you want to hire a skillful developer, ask him to complete first some kind of Developer test like 'iCode - iPhone Developers Quiz'. If he will pass this or another test - continue conversation. Otherwise you will get a 'Student' with lot of problems in future (Your app will be crashing etc).
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  • Very useful information!!!
    It help me to choose the best way to create my first application. After many searches, I decided to use the online service to develop my iPhone app and I was very happy to find one - SeattleClouds . It is very easy to use and they offer a lot of of templates to use.
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  • Hire high quality Iphone developer at low cost
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How to Hire an iPhone Developer? 6 Hiring Tips

  1. 1. 100+ Mobile Apps developed since 2004
  2. 2. Does developer have apps Store? on the Apple Store?
  3. 3. Browse through the store and see if you like what’s created
  4. 4. If iPhone developer doesn’t have any apps on the store, don’t waste your time talking
  5. 5. What should you look for in the iPhone apps?
  6. 6. The kind of apps developed
  7. 7. The creativity of the screen shots
  8. 8. User Experience, Navigation and Ease of use
  9. 9. Reviews on the developer’s apps (Google and find out)
  10. 10. The services offered by the app developer (Browse through developer’s website to see his services)
  11. 11. Protect your app idea
  12. 12. Always give overview of app idea at first meeting
  13. 13. Ask developer if he’s willing to do a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  14. 14. Contracts can protect your idea from being stolen
  15. 15. Concept to Execution
  16. 16. Chat up your developer to see if he can improve your app idea
  17. 17. Developer’s ability to conceive ideas, design and deploy is critical
  18. 18. Plain vanilla developers who can’t improve your app idea are worthless
  19. 19. Does your developer offer design support? (design is crucial for an apps’ success)
  20. 20. Will he make a video for your app?
  21. 21. If developer has web development expertise, it’s an advantage
  22. 22. Support and Upgradation
  23. 23. Development is one thing, support for fixing bugs is another
  24. 24. Can your developer support you post launch?
  25. 25. Is your iPhone app developer willing to do upgrades?
  26. 26. Does developer also offer marketing support?
  27. 27. Does developer have experience in marketing and promoting apps?
  28. 28. Is there some proof you can see? (Google for the apps promoted and read up the news, views…)
  29. 29. Without marketing and promotion, the app is a dead duck
  30. 30. Can the company port the application to other platforms?
  31. 31. Look beyond the iPhone (If there’s a market..)
  32. 32. Can your developer port the app to Android, BlackBerry, PlamPre and J2ME
  33. 33. How long has the developer been in existence?
  34. 34. Developer should be at least a year into iPhone application development, for you to trust the developer
  35. 35. For a Quality iPhone App Developer << click here Developer, Or talk to us now. Call: 972-591-3195 email: 100+ Mobile Apps developed since 2004