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User Experience Design for iPad Applications


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Impetus webinar on ‘User Experience Design for iPad Applications‘

Date: June 8 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)

Published in: Technology
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User Experience Design for iPad Applications

  1. 1. Partners in Software R&D and Engineering User Experience Design for iPad ApplicationsToday mobility is a requirement, not an option!But is your mobile app ready to support the ubiquitous iPad?When you’ve decided on the best development path for your product you’ll have to addressthese questions- Should the iPhone and iPad versions share the same functionality and feature sets? How does the iPad affect pricing model? What is the incremental development cost?In this webinar we’ll discuss these options, review the recommendations from Apple, andlook at the design decisions companies such as Google and Intuit are making for iPad appdevelopment.About the webinarThe first section of the webinar is a general survey of the problem and the most commonsolutions, for a general audience. The second section speaks directly to design issues and isintended for developers responsible for the design of iOS applications.And while the focus and examples will be based on iOS apps, these general guidelines arejust as valid for the Android mobile devices.Date: June 8, 2012 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)Speaker Details- Leigh Chapman, User Experience Designer, ImpetusRegister at