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Testing Automation of Mobile Apps- Few Q&A


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Testing Automation of Mobile Apps –Best Practices- Impetus Webinar

Published in: Technology
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Testing Automation of Mobile Apps- Few Q&A

  1. 1. Webinar: Testing Automation of Mobile Apps - The Best PracticesApril 13, 2012Question and Answer SessionQ: When you mention automatic network switching, does this imply that we cansimulate, say a Brazilian network while having the device in the US or in India(so we hit geo specific download store), etc.?Answer : No this will not simulate a particular network in any other country, butruns on the network which is available on the devices.Regarding the Geo-specific download store, our framework mAutomate capturesthe Latitude and Longitude values while recording the test case and then whileplaying, it gets simulated on the device.So, lets suppose, you recorded your application in a Brazilian network and basedon that, your application shows where the nearby ATMs are located. Now if youare playing that application in US or India then in that case, the device would getthe LAT/ LONG coordinates of its current location and your app would not showthe ATMs located in Brazil.Now how an offshore QA will test this scenario?mAutomate simulates the location attributes from the point where you recordedthe test case. So if the offshore team would test the app in India, it would get thelist of ATMs in Brazil as the device assumes that it is in Brazil itself.Q: What do you mean by network switching? Is it testing against a variety ofaccess bearers, such as WiFI, 3G, 4G etc?Answer: Network switching is a practice that we recommend to understand theapplication behavior in different scenarios. Our tool mAutomate helpsautomatically switch the network like Wi-Fi to 3G and 3G to Wi-Fi.Impetus Proprietary Page 1
  2. 2. Q: What type of tools enables Automation Testing of Mobile Apps?Answer: As defined in our Webinar, we can categorize the tools in 3 categories,which is Whitebox QA, Image-based comparison tools and Instrumentation-basedcomparison tools..Q: Does mAutomate support iOS?Answer : For the release 1.0, we are supporting Android but version 2.0 which isalready under way will also support iOS.Q: Do you advocate the service application remaining in the final commercialdevice after testing is complete?Answer : We think that the framework injection into the system is ideal. Oncetesting has been done, you can directly use your own original source code fordeployment on the Android market. So, the service application will not be a partof final commercial device.Q: Any way to record cases OUTSIDE the device or is the use of a wrappercompletely necessary?Answer : No, you can’t record test cases outside the device and yes for recordingand playing purpose, our wrapper is required.Q: Does a service application need jailbreaking/rooting?Answer : As discussed in the webinar, our framework provides cloud basedinfrastructure where you really do not need to see actual device but can stillperform the testing. In our case, we provide automatic installation of applicationOver the Air to devices for testing.If you would like to completely automate system, even perform installationwithout manual intervention, then the phone should be rooted. Else, automationcan be run without rooting the phone.Impetus Proprietary Page 2
  3. 3. Q: If recording is made on a LOCAL device, is the use of the cloud absolutelynecessary?Answer : No, the use of the Cloud is not necessary in this scenario. If you have allthe devices handy with you, then test can be run directly on them, as well. Cloudis only required if you want to test your application across geographies.Like in the scenario where few devices are placed in UK, US India, etc. and thenyou want to test the application behavior on all of them without deploying a QAresource at each location.Q: Whats the strategy for dynamic screen changes? How to automate thosecases?Answer : This framework provides automation of dynamic screen changes byobserving the internal elements/objects of the system and would periodicallycheck if there is any difference on those.If there is any difference found, it concludes the dynamic operation on the screenand would then adjust itself automatically to scale this behavior.Q: Looks like the automation framework you have is as per record & playback.How do you maintain the scripts for changes - re-record ?Answer : Yes we purely provide automation through Record and Playback, butwould also provide complete script if one can change those. We advise our usersto first acquaint themselves with the system and then only try to edit the script.Once the users are trained in that, they can directly play along with the script anddo necessary changes as required.Q: Do you have to jailbreak the iPhone?Answer : As discussed on the webinar, our framework provides cloud basedinfrastructure where one do not need to see actual device but can still performthe testing.Impetus Proprietary Page 3
  4. 4. In our case, we provide automatic installation of application “Over the Air” todevices for testing. If one wants to completely automate the system, includinginstallation, then the phone should be rooted. Otherwise, automation can be runwithout rooting the phone.Answer is from Android perspective however question is related with iOS.Q: Do we have to just record on one device to test the same test script ondifferent devices?Answer : Yes, we just need to record once to run it on multiple devices. In ourcase, while recording the test cases, this framework automatically generatesscript in the background and then can assign these scripts to multiple devices forautomatic execution.Q: How does your tool compare to Selenium ?Answer : In mAutomate, we don’t even need to write a single line of code and itmanages the complete execution automatically. It also covers playing of test casesover cloud and have option to simulate various hardware -specific features.Q. What about playability speed? On my testing and evaluation problem wevenoticed that the playability speed of tools like SeeTEST (the only tool thatprovides access to non-Jailbroken iOS devices) is very slow.Answer : mAutomate intelligently plays all test cases with a much faster speed ascompared to the record time. For example, typing values in the entry boxes whilerecording may take you a long time. However, mAuomate enables quick playingof these test cases, therevy, saving total execution time of the test cases.Q: Does it mean for environmental testing, we need to keep updating thedevices?Answer: No, its not necessary to update the devices, but we recommend to usethe updated versions. mAutomate does not restrict users on any suchenvironmental testing scenarios. Even you can record your test cases on Android2.2 and can run them on Android 3.0.Impetus Proprietary Page 4
  5. 5. Q: What are some tools that you suggest to run environmental tests?Answer : We suggest using mAutomate as it already covered all factors of theenvironmental tests.Q: Id love a list of the tools mentioned, can we make that available?Answer : Traceview and Eclipse Memory Analyser for Android; J2ME profiler forJava phones; JDE memory Analyser for BlackBerry; and Instruments for iOS arealready publicly available on the internet.Q: Can this mobile automation test be used for tablets as well?Answer : Yes this can be used for Tablets and does not require special recording ofthe test cases for larger device. It implies that if you are running the sameapplication on both devices and tablets, then the same recorded test cases can beplayed on both.Q: Do you have any specific project or client examples using this tool?Answer : We have tried it with few of our customers and infact also shared acouple of case studies in the webinar.Q: Can existing test cases be imported into mAutomate?Answer : That would not be possible.Q: Is it possible to simulate weak connectivity?Answer : This framework currently does not support simulating weak connectivityoption.Impetus Proprietary Page 5
  6. 6. Q: How do your system test camera-based test cases?Answer :mAutomate supports opening camera interface automatically, but theonly pre-condition in this kind of test cases is that the device should be placedsomewhere on stand where it can actually take the photo of required object.Q: I am specifically interested in testing the performance of the application notthe device. How does mAutomate takes care of it?Answer : This framework help you get performance analysis of your applicationand even provides reports per test cases. This way, one can understand the CPUand memory usage of an application while running a particular test case.For ex : While testing an application your Memory would increase at some pointof time while running a test cases. Now, this information can be easily providedby mAutomate. Our framework would also share the details such as which activityis causing the problem. So, instead of looking into the complete application code,you can directly jump on this activity.Q: It was said that mAutomate was used by a banking company. Bankingapps are usually using only WebView. Does the mAutomate support customUIs?Answer : Web views are not supported by mAutomate but yes, it do supportcustom UI’s. So, if your application has multiple custom UI’s and layouts, then youcan automate your entire application for those as well. The banking example wehave given in webinar is for the customer who was creating native application forbanking.Write to us at for more information.Impetus Proprietary Page 6