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Does Big Data Spell Big Costs?- Impetus Webinar


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Impetus webinar on ‘Does Big Data Spell Big Costs? ‘

Date: Mar 30 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Does Big Data Spell Big Costs?- Impetus Webinar

  1. 1. PARTNERS IN SOFTWARE R&D AND ENGINEERINGWebinar: Does Big Data Spell Big Costs?Date: March 30, 2012 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)Duration: 45 mins Expert SpeakerBig Data Analytics is a “must have” competency in 2012 as thevolume of digital content grows to 2.7 ZB‚ up 48% from 2011(Source:IDC). Robin DebnathThis data deluge brings forth one critical question–What is the cost of Big Data Team, Impetus LabsBig Data Analytics?Join us for an informative webinar where we will discuss theintricacies of total cost of ownership of Hadoop‚ NoSQL‚ and similar Meet us atsolutions which involve hidden factors such as building teams‚ trainingcosts‚ getting production-ready‚ and so on.We will also share with you the best practices to reduce costs,choosing the right technology options, and address some of the March 21 – 22, 2012unsaid issues while dealing with Big Data. New York, NYWebinar Highlights • Pros and Cons of using Commodity H/w‚ Open Source and Cloud Related webinars Computing for Big Data • Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy - Block by • Determining the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Block • Best practices to reduce TCO • Effective Hadoop™ Cluster • Recommended technologies and tools ManagementClick here to register