Building Enterprise-Ready SaaS Products Open for Integration


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impetus webcast available at

The webcast discusses:

• Architecture and design approaches to build integration-ready enterprise SaaS application
• Integration challenges in enterprise grade SaaS solutions
• Best practices in developing ‘open for integration’ SaaS solutions

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Building Enterprise-Ready SaaS Products Open for Integration

  1. 1. Impetus Technologies Inc. Building Enterprise-Ready, open for Integration SaaS Products © 2014 1 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  2. 2. Outline • SaaS Characteristics • Integration Challenges • Factors that Impact Integration • Architecture & Design Approach – User Integration – Application Integration • Best Practices • SaaS Maturity Model © 2014 2 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  3. 3. SaaS Characteristics © 2014 3 Impetus Technologies Multi-tenancy Subscription & Billing Customizatio n & Configurabili ty Key Elements Scalability & Availability Recorded version available at Security Integration
  4. 4. Integration • User Integration with SaaS Products • Application Integration with SaaS Products © 2014 4 Impetus Technologies Integration User Integration Application Integration Recorded version available at
  5. 5. Factors that impact Integration • What affects Integration approaches & strategies – Multi-tenancy approach – Configuration support – Security considerations – Customization requirements • Impact of Integration – Scalability & Performance – Subscription Model © 2014 5 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  6. 6. Integration Challenges • Seamless integration with tenants’ user base • Integration of SaaS product with external customer systems (on-premise) • Provisioning flexible end-points for enterprise applications in SaaS © 2014 6 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at products • How to ensure secure and consistent integration in a SaaS model? • Integration with disparate systems
  7. 7. User Integration  User Integration with SaaS Products © 2014 7 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at Tenant 1: Users Tenant 2: Users SaaS Products Integration Engine
  8. 8. User Integration • Federated Identity Management (IDM) © 2014 8 Impetus Technologies LDAP Server Configure Recorded version available at ACL SaaS Application Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Tenant 1 Tenant 1 LDAP Server Tenant 2 LDAP Server Tenant 2 Configure ACL Access Control
  9. 9. User Integration © 2014 9 Impetus Technologies Authentication Server Recorded version available at Configure ACL Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Tenant 1 Tenant 1 Authentication Server Tenant 2 Authentication Server Tenant 2 Configure ACL Access Control SaaS Application
  10. 10. Application Integration • Requires generation of events – Push Mechanism- • Synchronous means of publishing the event • Real-time generation of events – Pull Mechanism- • Offline event integration – How event generation helps? • Facilitates easier integration of processes • Enables application to create audit logs © 2014 10 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  11. 11. Application Integration • Loose Coupling within processes and modules facilitate flexible integration • Interaction of configurable parameters and adapters provide flexibility and easy integration. © 2014 11 Impetus Technologies Integration Application Integration Business Process Integration Recorded version available at User Integration Data Sharing Service Oriented Architecture
  12. 12. Data Sharing Order Management System Check Order From Inventory Retrieve Customer Details Integration Configuration Database Customer Management System for Tenant 1 © 2014 12 Impetus Technologies Result Report Module (ICM) Retrieve Database Customer Details Recorded version available at Complete Shipment Retrieve Customer Details Customer Management System for Tenant 2
  13. 13. Business Process Integration Bill Management System Check Bill Payment Due Date Payment System Third Party Payment © 2014 13 Impetus Technologies Make Paymen t Gateway Make Payment Make Payment Recorded version available at Generate Receipt
  14. 14. Service Oriented Architechures SaaS Product © 2014 14 Impetus Technologies Application Service 1 Service 1 Connector B Recorded version available at Service 1 Connector A Service 1 Connector C
  15. 15. Summing Up • Preferring configuration over assumption during designing application © 2014 15 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at phase • Optimize internal integration points for resource sharing, performance and SLAs • Driving external integration points by standard specifications and flexible end-points • Implementing SaaS applications with standard messaging and business process integration Loose Coupling within processes and modules is the key to flexible integration
  16. 16. SaaS Maturity Model © 2014 16 Impetus Technologies SaaS Maturity Model Recorded version available at Level 4 Optimizing Highly secure multi-tenancy model (infrastructure, application & database) implemented with ability to configure “any” licensing model, support hard SLAs, configure per-client business process flows, and predictive monitoring (continuously improving model) Level 3 Adaptive Multi-tenancy is supported via single version and “instance” of the application with support for on-demand scalability with advanced support for diverse licensing models, integration & monitoring Level 2 Managed Applications run on consolidated infrastructure to serve multiple clients with basic support for traditional licensing models, global usage, integration, security & monitoring Level 1 Reactive Each new customer requires a separate instance of the application maintained on a per tenant basis
  17. 17. SaaS Maturity Model Level 1 Reactive Level 2 Managed Level 3 Adaptive Level 4 Optimizing Multi-Tenancy Isolated Tenancy Infrastructure Tenancy Application Tenancy Shared Tenancy © 2014 17 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at Subscription & Billing Maintained separately for each tenant (possibly manually) Support for traditional licensing models Support for traditional & coarse grained models Ability to support multiple subscription & billing models at various levels of granularity Ability to dynamically introduce new subscription & billing models Ability to integrate with third-party services (business process outsourcing & transformation) Customizability & Configurability Maintained per tenant basis Limited configurability Internationalization & Localization Support Corporate Standards & Branding Support Accessibility Support Personalization Support White Labeled Services including business process flows Scalability & Availability Each tenant handled independently Vertical & horizontal scalability On-Demand Scalability Ability to support hard SLAs Integration Standalone Applications (function-specific) Support for internal integration (primarily part of corporate data flow) Support for internal & external integration (of SaaS Business Services & on-premise services, and external sharing of data) Seamless support for end-to-end business processes Support for integration with Services Anywhere Security Custom security model / interface for each tenant Support for Authentication & Authorization (independently maintained by SaaS provider) Uses tenant’s identity management solution Single Sign-on (using Federated or Public Keys) Layered security with best-of-breed solutions (Defense in Depth Strategy implementation) Health Monitoring Per client monitoring solution design and implementation Use of basic system (ping) utilities and application (logging) mechanisms Use of real time monitoring systems (end-user perspective) Support for multi-location testing and monitoring services. Fine grained monitoring support of applications, components, websites & services system performance monitoring support Use of predictive monitoring systems
  18. 18. iSaaS – Simplifying SaaS © 2014 18 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  19. 19. © 2014 19 Impetus Technologies About Impetus
  20. 20. • Strategic partners for software product engineering and R&D • Thought leaders in cutting-edge technologies • Mature processes and practices that are methodical, yet flexible • Diverse domain expertise © 2014 20 Impetus Technologies Recorded version available at
  21. 21. © 2014 21 Impetus Technologies Q & A
  22. 22. © 2014 22 Impetus Technologies Thank You Write to us at Follow us on Twitter @impetustech Recorded version available at