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Building a Sentiment Analytics Solution


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Impetus webinar on ‘Building a Sentiment Analytics Solution Powered by Machine Learning’

Date: May 11 (10 am PT )

Published in: Technology, Education
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Building a Sentiment Analytics Solution

  1. 1. Partners in Software R&D and Engineering Building a Sentiment Analytics Solution Powered by Machine LearningSentiment analysis or opinion mining helps analyze the opinions, sentiments, and emotionsexpressed in the text. It can help you determine how your target audience is reactingtowards a particular happening or your latest campaign.A sentiment analytics solution, based on machine learning and n-gram can be trained asdeployed for highly accurate sentiment mapping and results. It also enables gauging theintensity, identifying influencers, and sharing information as per the demographics.An informative webinar coming up where building a sentiment analysis solution will bediscussed.Webinar highlights include- Sentiment Analysis– Solution Landscape Using machine learning to measure campaign effectiveness Building a sentiment analytics tool based on machine learning Leveraging Big Data technologies Case StudiesDate: May 11, 2012 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)Registrations at: Measure campaign–effectiveness using near real-time sentiment analytics!