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Big Data Analytics for Business Insights


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Impetus webinar on ‘Building Your Big Data Analytics Strategy in 2012‘

Date: Jan 18 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)

Published in: Technology
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Big Data Analytics for Business Insights

  1. 1. Partners in Software R&D and Engineering Big Data Analytics for Business InsightsBig Data needs to be stored, managed and analyzedwell for gathering actionable businessinsights.Join us for a free and informative webinar where we will discuss creating a future lookingBig Data Analytics strategy to solve the challenge of 3 Vs: Variety, Volume, and Velocity. Wewill further talk about selecting appropriate strategy as well as the correct technology blendto these strategies.Webinar highlights include- Creating a Big Data Analytics strategy o Addressing Variety‚ Volume and Velocity of Data with Big Data Analytics Lifecycle Selecting the right strategy apropos the problem Technology stack for the chosen strategy Implementation Real world examplesDate: Jan 18, 2012 (10 am PT / 1 pm ET)Intended Audience: Decision makers, CIOs, CTOs, Product Owners, Technical or ProductArchitectsRegistrations at: