Statement Of Moderation Qualifications


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Welcome to Impact Interactions! This document will provide you with the details of our moderation work with major organizations around the globe.

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Statement Of Moderation Qualifications

  1. 1. Statement of Moderation Qualifications December 1, 2008 ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 1 of 7
  2. 2. At Impact Interactions, we know that the success or failure of your site is directly impacted by how your moderation team is able to balance the needs of your organization with the needs of your members. Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in helping large organizations get significant results with their online communities and social networks. The management processes we bring to our engagements will help you avoid the mistakes common to many new online communities and social networks. We are pleased to share our moderation and management qualifications with you as you consider hiring an outsourced provider. Our Approach to Moderation: Moderation activities must balance the results the client desires with the needs of the members. We do not adhere to the idea that control is transferred to the members. Rather, our moderation teams facilitate meaningful exchanges between members and with our clients. To accomplish this balance, our facilitation experience encourages activity and model behaviors without using a heavy handed approach. We utilize the existing software administrative functionality wherever possible to manage our clients’ sites but have the capability to build administrative consoles if needed. To facilitate the growth and results of the online community for our clients, Impact Interactions provides a trained community management team to moderate and report on the site’s progress. Community moderation prevents unwanted spam, offensive content, and copyrighted materials from remaining in the online community. But more than that, community managers facilitate interactions and act as a first line of customer support for visitors and members who need help using the site. We use a centralized moderation approach rather than a group of part time virtual moderators working from home. By developing a trained professional team that is engaged with your efforts, we deliver superior results to our clients that virtual teams cannot match. We don’t sell software. We use the software that your team has chosen and use it to facilitate results for you. If you haven’t selected software, we can help guide you through the process of finding the software which will perform the best for your particular needs. Lastly, we also believe that moderation doesn’t work in a vacuum. We encourage a collaborative relationship with our clients and maintain open lines of communication at all times. Part of this communication includes reporting on our activities and may include the activities of your members through our monthly insight reports. These reports utilize both metrics and qualitative insights coupled with our experience based experience to give our clients a full view of their efforts online. ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 2 of 7
  3. 3. Our Management Team: Mike Rowland, President – Mike has lead teams of community management specialists since 2000. He currently acts as the primary contact for many of our moderation engagements including our work with NetApp, AARP, SAP, SHC Direct, American Chemical Society, and Intel. Mike also guides our consulting practice to deliver the best practices we’ve gained as a team working with both B2C and B2B communities. Prior to founding Impact Interactions in 2003, Mike was the Director of Operations for Participate Systems (aka, an early pioneer in outsourced community management services and reporting, Mike guided the creation, launch, management, and reporting on over 40 clients. Mike also manages and hosts the Online Community Roundtable, an invitation only roundtable of online community executives which works to discuss and build the best practices which help to guide our client work. Members of the Online Community Roundtable include AARP, Cisco, SAP, Mercury/HP, HP Consumer, Apple, WebMD, Consumer Reports, Cadence Design Systems, Intel, as well as academics from leading universities. Mike earned a BA in Economics and an MBA in Marketing/Consumer Behavior. Dan Bruhn, Senior Consultant – Dan leads our engagement with Cisco Systems. With over seven years of moderation team management experience, Dan brings real world processes and practices to our client engagements. Prior to joining Impact Interactions, Dan worked with Cisco Systems’ award winning Networking Professionals Community (NetPro). He also worked at Participate Systems as a client services manager, leading the moderation team on the Cisco account while helping other B2B technology community moderation clients. Our Moderation Experience: Cisco Networking Professionals Community – Impact Interactions is the preferred moderation partner for all Cisco Communities. We are currently moderating the NetPro community, one of the top destinations on the internet for system architects and network engineers. Working collaboratively with the NetPro team at Cisco, the entire online community process was created to launch and manage this community of over 600,000 members. Our team provides moderation for message boards as well as events. We work closely with the client’s technical assistance center (TAC) to assure correct responses to member issues and manage a global over-night moderation team based in Cisco’s India office. We are also the preferred community project management team for all online community and social networking projects at Cisco. ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 3 of 7
  4. 4. SAP AG – In 2003, SAP’s Global Marketing team was tasked with improving the data flow from their online community. For design work, SAP turned to their long time interactive agency, but selected Impact Interactions as its project manager due to our extensive knowledge of online communities. With our assistance, SAP launched an updated online community which gave its members the ability to personalize the content, interactions, and contact levels from SAP. Project engagement included design review, technology review, user testing, and recommendations for improving the data collection process to enhance their marketing results. Specific moderation work included the training and mentoring of in-house moderation teams across the globe as local native language communities were launched throughout 2004 and 2005. Prior moderation experience with SAP through our work at Participate Systems included global online events (live chats with webcasts over a twenty four hour period), moderation of the global business community, and insight reporting. SAP is currently a consulting client with our work centered in analytics and communities. NetApp – Our consulting team has delivered online moderation and facilitation training services to the NetApp internal SMEs and community team. With a focus on the business-to-business (B2B) and developer community best practices developed by Impact Interactions, we moved the team away from using many of the business to consumer (B2C) community processes and techniques which were limiting the success of their community efforts. As a result of our training and consulting engagements, Impact Interactions will begin moderating the NetApp communities in 2009. ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 4 of 7
  5. 5. Intel Software Network – We developed a loyalty program to reward and recognize community leaders in this software developer community. Working closely with the existing community team, we taught Intel techniques in moderation and facilitation to draw out key members of the community to build additional discussions and relevant content. Our work also encompassed building out business requirements for Intel’s community platform vendor to accomplish the feature build out necessary for success. The American Chemical Society – We helped multiple stakeholder teams bridge their differences to develop a focused approach to offering social media and online community features to their membership. Our experience based recommendations resulted in the enhancement of the ACS Member Network, a new social networking offering for scientists, researchers, university professors, graduate students, and other members of ACS. In addition, Impact Interactions built out a series of the required management processes to run the social network effectively while also reporting on its progress in meeting defined objectives. It is anticipated that Impact Interactions will begin moderating the ACS Member Network in January 2009. AARP – We are currently moderating the AARP social network, its blogs, and its Spanish community, Foro. We have helped to train internal resources moderation techniques and on metrics/analytics in order to fully understand the impact of online community. We are currently staffed to moderate the AARP community from 9:00 am to 12:00 am Monday through Friday, with additional moderation service from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekends. ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 5 of 7
  6. 6. ATT WorldNet Services – Our experience in moderating ATT’s Community Port helped increase the retention rates of their dial up subscribers. By moderating and facilitating conversations on message boards, helping members to build personal web pages, hosting celebrity chats, and maintaining clean discussions in chat rooms, Community Port’s membership grew over 250% in its first year. (Former client at Participate Systems) SoapCity (Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment) – Our experience in offering interactive features such as viewing games (while shows were televised), unique online community games and contests using fan favorites following a Survivor theme, and basic message boards built repeat visitor levels in excess of 20% on a daily basis (20% of all weekly visitors came back to the site at least daily). (Former client at Participate Systems) Dawson’s Creek (Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment) – Our experience in managing chats and message boards dedicated to the fans of the television show, helped SPDE promote the show and to develop fan interest across the younger audience members devoted to the show and its characters. (Former client at Participate Systems) – Cabela’s is the premier outfitter for serious outdoor activities. With a large online retail operation to compliment their retail store strategy, Cabela’s required a more interactive web site to build repeat visits and drive additional commerce activities. To accomplish this goal, an online community featuring message boards, photo boards, games, trophy rooms, and online contests was created. In addition to helping with technology selection, all processes for managing the community and reporting on its results were developed. The moderation for this site was strict due to the potential for controversy in showing animals killed for sport. (Former client at Participate Systems) ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 6 of 7
  7. 7. Staffing For Client Projects: Impact Interactions works with its clients to provide a level of service unmatched by our competitors who utilize virtual moderation teams composed of college students and part time independent contractors. Our moderation centers in Maryland and India house our staff of fully trained employees who are ready to help you with your communities. Each of our moderators is fully trained in your software’s admin capabilities, facilitating conversations online, copyright issues, and techniques to manage flame wars and unruly behavior online. Impact Interactions is able to staff moderation teams 24/7/365. To handle our client’s needs, Impact Interactions will staff the project with a client manager who acts as your day to day contact. The client manager will supervise the team of moderators assigned to your community or communities. Contract Duration, Service Level Agreements, and Terms Impact Interactions prefers to enter into annual contracts with our clients for ongoing community moderation services. To ensure that we meet our client’s expectations, we will negotiate acceptable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that cover our work. We invoice our clients monthly for our work. Our terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. In the situation where we are acting as a subcontractor to an agency or technology vendor, we expect to be paid on time regardless of payment issues between the agency/vendor and the client. Timing for Engagements As a full service moderation center, Impact Interactions is staffed to handle our clients’ needs. Therefore, we only require two weeks from contract acceptance to begin our work for our clients. We are ready to go when you need us. References Are Available Upon Request ©2008 JTS Online Holdings Inc. dba Impact Interactions. CONFIDENTIAL. No portion of this statement of qualifications may be distributed without written permission of JTS Online Holdings Inc. 7 of 7