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Airies, rebecca fire princes' bride pdf


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Airies, rebecca fire princes' bride pdf

  1. 1. An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication Fire Princes’ Bride ISBN 9781419916793 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fire Princes’ Bride Copyright© 2008 Rebecca Airies Edited by Nicholas Conrad. Photography and cover art by Les Byerley. Electronic book Publication June 2008 With the exception of quotes used in reviews, this book may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any means existing without written permission from the publisher, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.® 1056 Home Avenue, Akron OH 44310-3502. Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. ( This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the authors’ imagination and used fictitiously.
  2. 2. FIRE PRINCES’ BRIDE Rebecca Airies
  3. 3. Rebecca Airies Chapter One Volirian Realm, City of Tasinic Tyral Forain, Prince of the Volirian Realm, sat in the large cushioned wooden chair at the end of a cavernous empty room. His brother Callan drummed his fingers on the arm of the chair next to him. Tyral smiled. All this time and that was the first sign of his brother’s impatience. Tyral had begun pacing shortly after they’d arrived in the small room. Their escort had tensed every time he’d stalked past him. Tyral had only returned to his chair a few moments ago. “Is there a reason the petitioners aren’t being led into the room?” Tyral tilted his head, a strand of purple hair falling over his shoulder. The nervous man who’d led them to the room stiffened and then smiled widely. “There aren’t any petitioners. No one has any complaints on Vinganis.” The very absence of any petitioners only reinforced the fact that something wasn’t right on Vinganis. On their way through the hallways of the High Lord’s hold, there had been a few clues. Gleaming walls and floors were something they expected, but this hold seemed devoid of life. He hadn’t even seen servants hurrying to do their duties. The calm quiet hallways and the distinct lack of activity didn’t assure them that all was well as the High Lord probably hoped it had. It only made them more curious. It was an ancient custom in the Volirian Realm for the people to be able to appeal to the Kings. The custom covered everything from complaints to the perceived injustice of a Lord’s judgment. Although their fathers still ruled the Realm, he and Callan had been attending to the more tedious of the duties, such as this round of visits to the various worlds in the Fire Realm. This duty involved visiting each world in the Realm once a year. On the last two worlds they’d visited, they’d spent days hearing the petitions. There had been lines of people waiting for their chance to speak with them. The lack of any complaints—even personal ones—bore a deeper look than they normally gave the chore. But they had known Vinganis would probably be a little different from the others. There had been rumors flowing through the court that the High Lord on Vinganis had been abusing his power. It appeared there was more to the story than just that. As had been custom since the first two Sobrin Kings had held the Volirian throne, Tyral and Callan waited throughout the day for petitioners to make an appearance. And not one person came through the doors to talk to them about even a minor complaint. The only people who did come into the room brought food and drink for them. 4
  4. 4. Fire Princes’ Bride We are definitely going to have to see what is happening here. Callan remained as he was, looking forward and drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair. His voice boomed into Tyral’s head on the link they’d shared even before they’d begun using words. Yes, we are. Tyral rubbed at his temples. His patience had been at a low point even before coming here. Not that he had an abundance of patience in the first place. The nonstop schedule of petitions had stretched it to the breaking point. This blatant tampering pushed him too close to finding High Lord Bellor of Vinganis and getting the answers out of him by any means necessary. As angry as he was, he’d enjoy a fight. He took a deep breath. This wasn’t the wild time of their ancestors. They weren’t savages. They didn’t attack without proof of the crimes. Now they got their proof first and then they dealt with their enemy. ***** The next morning they left the hold. Tyral frowned as they strolled down the street. Four guards had tried to accompany them, but they had stopped when ordered to stay. This little walk around the city might not answer all of the questions about just what High Lord Bellor had done, but they already knew one thing. The people were scared. He’d seen the fear on the faces of the men and women as they passed. It became clearer when they approached anyone. Without introduction, they all knew he and Callan were the Princes. It wasn’t all that strange. The petitioning day would have been announced. In addition, these people probably didn’t see too many Sobrin males. If he hadn’t wanted to talk to the people, he might have found their rush to get away funny. Everywhere they’d gone, it had been the same. They turned onto a street and everyone left it. He shook his head. They’d have to slip someone into the area to actually find out what was happening here. Whatever was being done here, it needed to be stopped. No one should have to live in fear. He followed his brother into a dark brown brick building. A sign hung over the door marking it as a tavern. For the most part it was just one huge room with tables scattered around the open area. A wide, scarred bar ran in front of one wall lined with shelves full of bottles. High wooden stools had been placed on one side of it. At first glance, the room appeared empty, but then he saw a young woman wiping down a table in a shadowy corner. They took a few more steps into the room. A door near the end of the bar swung open and a short, gaunt man strode through it into the main room, carrying a box of bottles. He’d gone behind the bar before he noticed the strangers in the room. The box crashed to the floor and a puddle of ambercolored liquid began to spread around his feet. The barkeep shook his head after a moment and managed to smile at them. “Hello, Princes. How can I help you?” 5
  5. 5. Rebecca Airies Tyral stepped forward and leaned against the bar. “We were just walking around the city. Is it always this quiet?” The barkeep’s mouth opened and then closed. He cleared his throat. “There’s little excitement here. This is a peaceful province, Prince.” “So you have no complaints?” Callan moved closer and looked down at the man. “No, Prince, I have no com-complaints against the High Lord or the way things are done here.” The man went gray as he stammered his reply. Tyral nodded. No change here, brother. He’s too afraid to tell us anything. “Have you been threatened?” Callan narrowed his eyes as he loomed over the man. “No, Your Majesty.” The barkeep shook his head vigorously. Tyral noticed that the woman who’d been wiping down the tables was leaving the room. He nodded to the barkeep. “Thank you for answering our questions.” He and Callan left the tavern. They began wandering through the city. He knew they probably wouldn’t find anyone who would be willing to talk to them honestly. But they might spot something while they walked that could give them some clue as to what exactly was going on in the city. He felt the muscles in his stomach tighten and an electric thrill run up his spine. Something just didn’t feel right here. He couldn’t see anything out of place in the area. This quiet, deserted street seemed exactly the same as all the others they’d walked. It was too silent and looked desolate, with more than a few buildings in need of repair. They turned down a narrow street. Two shadowy figures appeared at the end of the street when they were almost halfway down the shadowed, dingy corridor. Tyral straightened, narrowing his eyes as the obscured forms simply stood there. He summoned an energy arc. He saw his brother stumble forward a moment before he felt heat surrounding him. He caught a glimpse of a whirling tunnel and then he was surrounded by the dark walls. Bright light slammed into his eyes as he was tossed from the magic portal. He landed hard on his shoulder and rolled across rocky unforgiving ground. Pain slashed into him, stealing his breath. As he came to rest, he groaned and clutched at his hurt shoulder. His anger rose, only increased by the pain. He felt Ahvin, his Elemental Spirit, stirring and rising. His mind focused. They had to get off this planet and find the Volirian Royalists who’d attacked them. He knew it was very likely the same group that had targeted their mother years before. Since failing, they’d quietly worked to stir dissent. Apparently, they’d decided to try something new. We’ll find the traitors. Ahvin’s voice almost thundered into Tyral’s head. The pain in his head increased. His Elemental was furious, he could tell. Only the thought of actually confronting those men kept him from materializing at that moment. 6
  6. 6. Fire Princes’ Bride “That was a trip I could have lived without taking. When we get back, I’m going to enjoy serving those men a taste of justice.” Callan levered himself into a sitting position and groaned as he looked around the area. Tyral froze as the words seemed to reverberate in his thoughts. Could live without taking that trip. The voice he heard in the echoing litany wasn’t his brother’s. It belonged to Advisor Nacain. The man was an advisor to their fathers and was known both for his wisdom and the accuracy of his sometimes eerily prophetic advice. He’d warned them that their trip wouldn’t go smoothly, but when they unexpectedly visited a planet to stay there. If they did, they’d find something valuable. They’d smiled and nodded and continued to get ready to begin the round of petition visits. They normally spent three to four days on each planet, two at a minimum. Even on worlds where the people were happy, people lined up to ask exemption from rules or for a judgment to be overturned. There wasn’t time for many diversions. We’re not staying here, Ahvin stated flatly. We’re going back and we’re going to find the men who did this to us. I didn’t come up with the idea on my own, Ahvin. Nacain suggested it. I’m personally not ready to walk away from what I think he expects us to find here. Tyral sensed the Elemental’s frustration and determination. Most of the time, the Fire Spirit’s straight, fast approach suited Tyral perfectly, but now he was focused on a far more important goal. Tyral propped himself on his elbows and grimaced. Patchy light streamed through the clouds almost covering the green sky above him. To his right, he saw a flat plain patched with thick groups of trees and stretches of grasses. To the left, he saw a wall of trees. The lush vegetation prevented him from seeing anything beyond it. He closed his eyes. “Callan, do you remember what Advisor Nacain said to us two days before we left Baezid?” Callan’s head swung around sharply. “What does anything Advisor Nacain had to say have to do with this?” He frowned at his brother. “This is an unexpected visit on our strict schedule.” Tyral rubbed his shoulder. It hadn’t been broken, but it was certainly bruised. “Damn, Tyral, do you really want to wait on this prison planet, to waste our time here? When we don’t make it to the next world on our list, our fathers will be notified. I for one am not willing to be ‘rescued’ by the Royal Guard when we can get off of the planet on our own.” Callan’s hand swept through the air as he leaned forward and glared. Tyral smiled. Usually, Callan was the patient one, ready to wait as long as necessary. Tyral readily admitted that. Most of the time, Callan wanted to wait while Tyral tended to rush through things. “And the something valuable, are you willing to let it go?” Tyral raised a brow and ignored Callan’s frown, totally unintimidated. 7
  7. 7. Rebecca Airies If anyone other than Advisor Nacain had told him of an unexpected meeting, he wouldn’t have hesitated to leave, but Nacain had been right too many times. The thought of missing that special treasure, even though he still had no idea of exactly what it was, kept him from agreeing to leave immediately. That something valuable probably wouldn’t be gems or coins. It would be something much harder to find, much more precious than a material treasure. “We don’t even know what it is. And we could come back here for it.” Callan shook his head. “I can only think of one reason he’d tell us to stay here and wait. The something valuable must not be here yet. If we leave, when we return, it might not be here.” Tyral stood and then leaned down, offering a hand to his brother. Callan clasped his hand and came to his feet. “You think our finding it depends on letting the rest of the Realm believe we’re missing.” Tyral nodded. “As much as I don’t want to see the Royal Guards and be escorted back to Baezid like a strayed child, I’ll take the chance. As to letting them believe it, Nacain should make sure that our fathers don’t worry too much, especially since he gave us the advice.” Callan frowned and turned in a slow circle. “We’ll wait for a while, but not just here. This is too open.” Tyral nodded in agreement. “You do know that when we get back we’ll have to finish this round of visits at some point, especially when we explain our delay in returning.” Callan slanted a look at him. “I know, but I’m not going to anticipate the torture.” Tyral shook his head and began walking toward the forest. ***** Karissa Moshen of Tengan House pushed open the door and stepped onto the cobbled path outside the little tavern. She had taken four steps when a blast of sorcery slammed into her back. Magic sizzled over her skin with an almost blistering heat. Her Ice Spirit reacted immediately, sending a wave of cold energy through her and almost encasing her in a shell of ice to protect her from the burning wave. The impact of the magic hit her with the force of an avalanche. It stole her breath and threw her forward into a whirling vortex of enchantment. The feel of displacement as she careened through the whirling black and gray spatial tunnel was unmistakable and thrilling. The wild ride ended without warning and she was hurled from the tunnel. There was only an instant to realize the tunnel opened horizontal to the ground and then she dropped. She fell, landing hard on rocky unforgiving soil. Her bag slammed into her hip and then dropped to the ground beside her. 8
  8. 8. Fire Princes’ Bride She lay still for a moment, groaning as she felt the stone beneath her hip. That was going to bruise. She moved her arms and legs cautiously to check for injuries. Once she was sure she hadn’t broken anything, she sat up to get a better look at the area. She looked around and then up at the pale, green sky. She’d been thrown onto a rocky barren patch of ground near the edge of a forest. The two moons that hung in the sky verified that she was no longer on Vinganis. She ran her eyes around the area and felt momentary relief as she recognized some of the flora on this planet. The trees were a mixture of the silver- and green-leafed, conical meshan and the green-leafed, round-topped recal. Wild marose and telasion flowers grew near the edge of the forest. Well, at least I won’t starve. With all the familiar vegetation, she should be able to find food she recognized here. This is what I get for going after missing Fire Princes, she thought, eyeing the forest before her. She saw no sign of habitation and little sign of animal life. Karissa gathered the spilled contents of her bag. There wasn’t much in it—a change of clothing, a few small personal items and a small bag of food. She hadn’t rented a room on Vinganis. She hadn’t wanted to waste the time if the men had already left the planet for another world. It should have been a simple mission, even a little routine. Track down the two missing men who, she’d supposed, had been having too much fun to remember they’d been expected back some time ago. Princes and Princesses could sometimes be very egocentric. She’d begun her search where she knew they should be—in their own Realm, the Volirian Realm. Everyone knew them. She’d had no trouble finding information on the Princes’ journeys. They’d last been seen traveling to the world of Vinganis. That had been all the information she’d been given and all she’d thought she’d need. A young woman from the High Lord’s hold had caught her as she’d walked along the quiet streets. She’d whispered that the Princes had made it to Vinganis, but she didn’t know what had happened to them. Karissa had decided to walk around the city and see if she could find some more information. A few questions in that little tavern had seemed to gain her nothing and then right as she was leaving, she’d been blasted. Apparently someone didn’t want the Princes found. She had had her own reasons for taking this mission. She’d been desperate to get out of the Frejan Court. The King and the advisors of the Ice Court had been getting nervous. She knew that it wouldn’t be too long until they sent her on her Ra’Asien. By rights, she should have another two hundred years to play with before she even thought of taking a mate. She was only twenty-five, but she wasn’t going to get the extra time that other women had. She held too much power for that. She was just thankful that she’d been born in the Frejan Realm. She’d had far more opportunities than women in most Realms did. One thing was universal in the Elemental Realms. Women were always told when to search for their mate. 9
  9. 9. Rebecca Airies She sighed. Now she had a bigger problem to handle than being sent to search for her mate. She’d landed herself on a prison planet. She could feel the spell working. A magical shield surrounded the planet, preventing her from merely creating her own spatial tunnel right back to Vinganis. That shield would allow the tunnel to bring other victims here, but would let nothing out. She’d have to have some help to leave this planet. With a strong enough blast of magic, that shield could be destroyed—a lighter blast could rip it for a small time. The problem was that if she generated even the small ripping surge of energy on her own she wouldn’t be conscious to use it. Hopefully, she wasn’t the only one trapped here. If another Elemental had been trapped here, they could burst through the shield and still have the energy to leave. “Which way should I go?” Karissa turned in a circle, surveying the land. A mountain loomed on one side, forest on two others and grasslands stretched as far as she could see in the final direction. There was no sign of habitation or indication that there had ever been anyone else on this planet. She decided to use an elementary finding spell to make her decision easier. Powers of Sea, Rain, and Snow heed my call. The sun is sinking and night will soon fall. Show me the path which I must race To find another and flee this cursed place. Sparkling prisms of light began to move away from her. Karissa dashed after them, following the lights into the forest. The flashes of luminescence raced ahead, testing her ability to keep them in sight. She sprinted to keep up, taking no notice of the path or the noise she made as she ran. Trusting her magic, she focused on the lights. She burst from the forest into a clearing and smacked into an invisible wall. The spell grabbed her, lifting her feet off the ground. Held there—suspended above the ground—she had only a moment to realize the danger. Power pulsed into her, knocking her back. She tumbled to the ground and blinked hazily. The light green sky seemed to spin as she blinked, trying to focus. A moment later everything faded to black. ***** Callan cursed when he saw the woman fall unconscious to the ground. Just one glimpse had been enough to assure him she wasn’t one of the Royal Guards they’d been expecting or an enemy. The woman now lying on the ground wasn’t even from the Fire Realm. By the Fires, she was beautiful. Her silver-blonde hair was secured at the back of her head and the spiraling curls trailed down her back. The golden glow of her skin spoke of health, vitality and strength. His eyes tracked over her softly rounded face, lingered on her full, inviting lips. Although her eyes were closed now, he’d glimpsed them as she was held by the spell. They were green, a deep green. 10
  10. 10. Fire Princes’ Bride She was dressed in an icy green tunic and pants of a slightly darker green as well as cream-colored boots, the emblem on her shirt identifying her as an Aliara. There was no doubt she was Frejan. The Ice Realm was the only realm that had a feminine version of the Aliar. The Aliar were negotiators, diplomats and trusted messengers. They loyally performed whatever duty they were assigned. This tall, lushly built woman drew him even when she was unconscious. His eyes slid over the full mounds of her breasts and then lower to where he could see the slight, rounded swell of her stomach beneath the tight tunic. She would be a luscious handful. His mouth watered as he surveyed her from her head to the tips of her boots. He was a man who liked a woman with curves—loved to feel their soft skin against him, accepting him as he moved against them. He wanted to take that tunic off and feast on those full breasts and taste the nectar of her desire. His cock stirred at the thought. His eyes moved to her wrists. Would she like being bound? He longed to touch her skin to see if that flesh was truly as soft, as smooth as it looked, but he knew that he couldn’t. Although she was unconscious, the situation had become very dangerous. He could see the mist rising around her. Her Ice Spirit was materializing to guard her from further attack while she was unconscious. A boiling cloud of blue and green poured out of her. The Ice Elemental was long and lithe, her form hazy, but he was under no delusion that she was defenseless. The binding shield spell the Frejan woman had triggered had bound her magic, but not her Elemental symbiote’s powers. “Come near her and I’ll turn you into a Sobrin icicle,” the Spirit warned. “No harm was intended to your host,” Callan rushed to assure the Ice Elemental. “The spell was set against our enemies. We had no idea who was coming down that path.” It wouldn’t do to get on the bad side of this Spirit. Tahvir stirred inside of him. The Elemental’s interest rose, but he didn’t materialize. Callan didn’t sense any defensive intent. In fact, to his surprise, he felt amusement and intense awareness coming from his Fire Spirit. She’s beautiful, Tahvir mused. Tyral came running into the small clearing in the forest. He took in the situation with a mere glance at the woman lying on the ground and the Ice Spirit hovering over her in a defensive posture. “A Frejan Aliara, eh? It’s unusual to see anyone from the Ice Court here.” “Well, she’s here,” Callan grated. “She has to be from the Volirian Realm. You think she was sent to look for us?” Tyral paused, then followed Callan’s gaze to the enraged Ice Spirit. We have to calm her down, brother. Callan resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He was trying to think of a way to soothe her. All Elemental Spirits are naturally highly sexual. Appealing to this Elemental’s lusty needs might be one way of relaxing her. 11
  11. 11. Rebecca Airies “She volunteered for reasons of her own,” the Ice Spirit sneered. “For her efforts and the simple mention of your names in a tavern, she was attacked and catapulted to this prison planet.” Even in such harsh lines, her features were undeniably sexy. “That would do it if they were afraid that someone would talk to her.” Callan thanked the gods that the attackers had such faith in their shielded prison planet. “Then she casts a simple spell to find someone to help her leave this planet and she ends up unconscious, with her powers bound. I will protect her. Don’t think that you’re safe from me when she is conscious. If you do anything that I consider threatening, I’ll have no qualms about putting you in Ice, Prince or not.” Ice and snow swirled in the air along with the threat. “We won’t hurt her,” Tyral shot a glance at Callan, “but we can’t give you a promise to keep our hands off of her when she is conscious. She’s very beautiful.” “She’s young.” The Elemental gave them an assessing look. “She doesn’t understand or acknowledge most of her needs.” “We’re capable lovers.” Callan’s eyes never left the Ice Spirit as he spoke. “She’ll find no fault with us—and think of the energy we could produce with sex magic with her as part of the generation. She’s a powerful Frejan woman. In spite of the tense situation, he could feel his own Elemental reaching for the female Elemental, bonding with her. He could feel his fangs pushing through his gums. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that the symbiote’s beautiful host was his woman. She was the reason Advisor Nacain had told them to wait. They wouldn’t have met her if they’d left the planet. She wouldn’t have been searching for them. The Ice Spirit is aware of us and the link, now that she’s calm, Tahvir was telling him. Oh, yes, she’s ours. Keep talking and don’t upset her. “A blast of sex-based magic could easily destroy the shield here,” the Ice Elemental acknowledged. “But not so fast. That won’t be possible until her powers are freed from the binding spell.” “That release will take a few days. She’ll have time to become familiar with our touch, to trust us.” Callan edged closer just a step, careful not to make the Spirit nervous. He smiled wryly, wanting to sit next to the unconscious woman and touch her hair. She was definitely theirs. He almost wanted to thank the Royalists who’d sent them to the planet. It could have been years before they met her if she hadn’t been sent here, probably until she began searching for her mate. “She wakes. Remember my warning.” The Ice Elemental sent a wave of sleet down on them as a reminder as her misty figure faded to a foggy vapor that then entered the woman’s body. The silver-blonde woman groaned softly, placing a hand to her head before her eyelids slowly fluttered. 12
  12. 12. Fire Princes’ Bride Chapter Two Karissa could feel Ijina within her, could sense her need to speak. She turned her attention inward as she blinked up at the pale green sky. She was safe. She knew Ijina would have stood guard over her and would never leave her in a dangerous situation. The Ice Spirit—her Elemental symbiote—would want to relay any crucial information. Within her, Ijina gave the telepathic equivalent of a snort. You’ve found your Sobrin Princes. They’re the ones who created that spell wall. They didn’t know if the person running down the trail was friend or foe. And? Karissa knew from her Elemental’s tone that there was an “and”. The spell also contained a binding on your powers. It will remain in effect for a few days, but I can still protect you if there is the need. Ijina radiated icy confidence. Why are they still here? There are two of them. They could rip a hole in the shield and leave with ease. Karissa was confused over the Princes’ continued presence on the planet. She wouldn’t have lingered if she’d been capable of leaving on her own. They were strong. They wouldn’t have needed any help freeing themselves from this place. As sons of the Volirian Kings, their bloodline was strong, powerful. You’ll have to ask them that question. Ijina’s unconcern was typical. She didn’t care why they were here, just that they were. They’re very handsome. And their Spirits aren’t the usual arrogant fools that you’d expect to encounter. And how is that? Karissa had to smile. They didn’t try to make an appearance when I told the Princes I would Ice them if they hurt you. I could feel them, understand them. Their Spirits understood and respected my right to protect you. That was high endorsement from her Elemental. Karissa could understand why Ijina had been impressed. Most male Elemental Spirits would have reacted to the threat with a counter-threat, maybe even a show of force. Karissa slowly pushed herself to a sitting position. Her head pounded, throbbing from the flood of power that had engulfed her when she’d hit that wall. The pain would pass quickly. She just wished a headache was the extent of the effects from the spell. She could feel an impenetrable barrier between her and her magic. Separated from the power she’d had since she was a child, she felt vulnerable and exposed. She’d run right into the shield. She burned with embarrassment. She should’ve sensed some hint of the power from that spell before she came close to it, but she hadn’t felt a trace of it. Now she had to pay the price for her negligence. A few days without her abilities would be a very effective lesson in paying more attention to her surroundings. 13
  13. 13. Rebecca Airies She couldn’t blame them for putting up a shield to protect themselves. Considering that they’d probably landed here exactly the same way she had, there was more than enough reason for a shield spell and even stronger defensive spells. She wasn’t afraid of them. They weren’t a threat. Well, not to her physical safety. The interest she saw burning in their eyes was another matter. This promised an interesting introduction. She shook her head and focused. That spell had taken her power and they hadn’t even said “I’m sorry.” She turned her head and, as she slowly rose to her feet, looked at the two men—the Princes from the Volirian Realm. They weren’t the first Sobrin men she’d seen, but they were the first Sobrin twins she’d encountered. By the Waters, they were gorgeous. The two were almost identical. Their skin was blue-green, the most common Sobrin skin color, but these two men definitely wouldn’t get lost in a crowd. Purple hair hung to just below their shoulders. One man had it clubbed back and the other let it hang free. Their slanted, amber-colored eyes glittered as they returned her assessing stare. Her eyes ran over their faces in utter feminine fascination. Angles and planes combined with curves to arrange into visages of predatory beauty. Both men were of the same height, very tall. Their broad, muscled chests and corded arms drew her eyes. The man on the right wore a red tunic and the one on the left a muted brown one. Both tunics were skin-tight across their chests. Her eyes skimmed down, switching from one to the other and back again as her interest was sparked. Her gaze slid over their abdomens to powerfully muscled thighs. Both men wore tight black pants and she savored the view. Judging from the bulges at the crotches of those pants, they were well-endowed. For a moment, she allowed her eyes to linger. Her time here definitely wouldn’t be boring. The only differences she found came in their faces. The man on the right had a slight bump on the blade of his nose. The man on the left had a dimple in his left cheek and the line of his jaw was squarer than his brother’s. Karissa drew in a deep breath, watching them. They were tempting, but there were two of them. In the Frejan Court, she’d heard of ménage affairs as well as ménage bondings. She didn’t think she was ready to try handling two men just yet. And choosing between them wouldn’t be easy. Sin and temptation in flesh. That the two of them happened to have purple hair and blue-green skin was irrelevant. They were a woman’s fantasy come to life. Yes, tall, blue-green and packing. Ijina’s sultry purr rumbled through Karissa’s mind. Your mind might say “They are Princes of another Realm. It’s our duty to make sure they return home safely,” but your body says, “Jump them and let’s have fun.” Karissa managed to restrain the laugh that bubbled within her, but couldn’t contain the smile that curved her lips. With a few sentences, Ijina had managed to lighten her mood. She had been on the verge of anger, ready to rail at them for binding her powers. “I am Karissa Moshen of the Tengan House of the Frejan Court, Aliara to the Frejan Court.” She curtsied to the two Princes, bowing her head in respect to their titles. 14
  14. 14. Fire Princes’ Bride “I am Callan Forain, Prince of the Volirian Court,” the man on the right stated formally in a deep, resonant voice. “This is my brother, Tyral Forain, Prince of the Volirian Court.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aliara Karissa.” Tyral stepped forward, his smile wide as he greeted her, flashing his long, sharp canines. The dimple again appeared on his cheek, tempting her to explore it with her tongue. The sight of those fangs surprised her. As far as she knew, their sharp teeth only appeared at times of high stress. But she really didn’t know much more than the basics about Sobrin twins. They certainly didn’t look upset. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prince Callan and Prince Tyral of the Volirian Court,” she responded formally. A whiff of spicy scent swirled around her. Rich intan spice. She had no idea if it was cologne or their natural male scent, but she felt the strong desire to snuggle up to one of them and find out. “Tell me why you’re still here. There are two of you and you both have great power. You didn’t need the aid of another to help you leave.” “You took a long time to get here.” Callan’s smile was easy as he stepped up beside her. “What are you talking about?” Karissa was thoroughly confused by that cryptic remark. She doubted she’d have ever come to this planet if they hadn’t gone missing. “And why are you ignoring my question?” “We were following the suggestion of one of our fathers’ advisors. He told us to wait for something valuable. And I have to agree that you are beyond compare.” Tyral briefly took her hand between his large palms. “You were waiting for me.” She stared at them with wide eyes. Why would an advisor from the Fire Realm tell them to wait for her? She certainly didn’t mind meeting them, but she didn’t understand it. “Yes.” Callan’s hand cupped her shoulder. “Come. We’ll take you to our temporary home.” The warmth of his palm seemed to burn through the fabric of her shirt. His fingers brushed down her arm and in spite of the high-quality thick cloth, it felt as if they were actually touching skin to skin. Forcing herself to focus, she nodded. She took Callan’s extended hand. Her mind was racing. Why were they waiting to return to Vinganis? They were both extremely powerful. Even without her aid, they could rip a hole in that spell and get to a friendly world. They’d be able to take her with them without any difficulties. Once on a safe world, they could contact her family. Karissa stopped questioning what only they could answer. She decided to relax and enjoy her time here. In this situation, having sex with one or even both of them wouldn’t be seen as strange by even the staunchest matron. It wasn’t likely that she’d be given much more time before being sent on her Ra’Asien. She’d take what freedom she could find and revel in it. Ijina was always telling her to relax, to follow her passions. This was one time that she intended to try. 15
  15. 15. Rebecca Airies ***** Their temporary home on this little prison planet was in an underground network of caverns, much like the Volirian Royal Palace on Baezid. Although she’d never been there, she’d heard tales of it from Frejan Aliars who had visited Volir. “We only use this room, a bathing room and a bedroom,” Tyral offered as they led her into the large main room. “We only furnished these three rooms. Anything that you need, we’ll provide.” The main room had been scattered with colorful rugs and lamps hung on the walls and from the ceiling to dispel the darkness and the appearance of darkness caused by the dark stone of the ceiling, walls and floor. A large, round, walled fire pit occupied the center of the room and the smell of roasting meat that permeated the air around it made her mouth water. There was a red couch off to one side and also a few cushions as seating. Everything here had likely been conjured. If they needed something more, they could just conjure that too. Karissa knew they were watching her as she paused in the doorway to the bedroom. The bed area grabbed her attention. When she’d first glanced over, there’d been two separate beds. Now, a moment later, a huge bed had replaced them. Draped in silky black, red and yellow coverings, it had to be the largest bed she had ever seen. The rest of the room was furnished with a spare hand. Shelves for clothing stood along one wall. Scattered around the room, a few red and yellow rugs added color to the nearblack stone of the floor. The bed switch did cause her more than a few moments of alarm. They wanted to sleep in that bed with her. For just an instant, she could see it. Both of them with her, Callan’s lips at one her breast while Tyral’s mouth wandered over… She swallowed and took a deep breath and tried to ignore the tingle of excitement stirring low in her belly and the slick moisture between her thighs. She wasn’t a virgin, but she hadn’t ever had time for more than the odd court liaison. She took a deep breath and thought again about being sent to the other Realms on her Ra’Asien. There were too many within the Frejan Court who feared her power for her freedom to last. She would use this chance to explore, to do as she liked. It was almost a certainty she’d be searching for a mate—if not mated—before the year’s end. By the Veil, she wouldn’t let a little fear stop her. She stepped into the room and placed her bag on one of the shelves along the wall. Certain of her decision, she turned and walked out to join the two men in the main room. She’d taste as much of life as she could before she had to find a husband. “Come, sit.” Tyral’s dimple flashed as he smiled at her and gestured to a long, lowslung couch in the open main area. Karissa’s mouth kicked up into a small smile, a little relieved to be doing something so normal. They weren’t going to press her, to rush her into anything. From the long, slow appraisals and the defined ridges against their pants, she knew that they wanted 16
  16. 16. Fire Princes’ Bride her. While she found them very attractive as well, she needed a little time to adjust her thinking. She walked over to the muted red couch and sat in the middle of it. It was a deliberate choice, an invitation. She may be nervous, but she knew what she wanted. Tyral sat to her right and Callan on her left. It might have been easier to talk to them had they conjured some chairs and sat opposite her. She could have kept her gaze on both of them, but this was about more than what was said. This was about allowing herself to relax with them. “Tell us of your family, Karissa.” Callan touched her cheek. She drew in a sharp breath as his slightly callused fingers trailed along her jawline. Her nipples hardened and the normally soft fabric felt rough against the sensitive crests. She was glad her shirt hid her intense reaction to that simple touch. Her gaze swung to him. “My father is Gervis, Laquir of the Tengan House of the Frejan Court. My mother’s name is Taina, born of Miskal House of Frejan. When I was young, Mother was almost always at our home, watching over me as I was taught the arts and how to commune with my Elemental. Later, she joined Father when he went to the Frejan Court.” “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Tyral smiled as she caught his eyes. He lifted his arm and slid it behind her back, letting his fingers rest on the fabric just above the swell of her buttocks. “I have four brothers. Markan, he is the oldest—very serious, a fitting heir to my father. Niels and Carik, twins like you, but they couldn’t be more different from each other. Niels is relaxed and slow to anger, filled with laughter. Carik, I always think of him as the warrior—very fierce, protective and when he sets a course there is no stopping him. Tovan, he’s two hundred years older than me. He’s very intense and loyal. My brothers call him ‘the Defender’. He lives to protect those weaker than him.” Karissa smiled as she thought of her brothers. At times, they fought among themselves, but they were utterly loyal to each other. “And what about you? Where do you fit in among them?” Callan drew her eyes back to him with a soft brush of his hand across her shoulder. “I’m the youngest child and the only girl. My brothers tell me that I was spoiled, that Mother and Father were easier on me than they were with them.” She smiled. “I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I remember that I had a lot of fun. Now, tell me about your family.” Karissa turned her gaze from Callan to Tyral and back again as she waited for them to speak. “We don’t have a large family such as you do. Our mother was capable of having only us. She very nearly died bringing us into the world. Our fathers decided they wouldn’t risk her life again, although my mother longed for more babes,” Callan explained. “Our fathers, King Marit and King Tovin, taught us the skills of a warrior and gave us the wisdom to know when to fight and when to wait. Their strength, their patience 17
  17. 17. Rebecca Airies always astounded me. The only person I know whose patience even comes close to theirs is Callan.” Tyral smiled and moved a little closer to her on the couch. “Did you learn of it while they were trying to teach important lessons to two boisterous boys who’d rather be doing anything else except learning those boring lessons on the Veil and the Balance?” Karissa asked with a sly smile. She jumped when Tyral’s fingers slid beneath her shirt. Heat streaked out from each point of contact. Her eyes collided with his and widened when she saw the flash of male satisfaction in his eyes. Did he know how much his touch affected her, how hard she had to focus to just keep up with the conversation? “As a matter of fact, I think the first time I noticed it was when they were trying to teach us about the rising of the Veil and the need for Balance.” Tyral’s eyes glittered with good humor and his body angled toward hers. Karissa smiled. She could just imagine their disinterest in learning of the Veil and the Balance of the Spirits and their hosts. Depending on who was telling the tale, it could be boring. The Rising of the Veil had permanently separated the Realms with magic users bonded with Elemental Spirits from the Realms without Elementals. For a time after the Veil rose, the Elemental Realms had been divided along Elemental lines with little mingling between them. It had taken the near destruction of all the Elemental Realms before the need for Balance had been seen. Now, every family mated outside their Realm after a few generations. “Tell me about your mother,” she prompted. “Our mother, Maya… I’ve never met anyone else like her.” Callan took one of Karissa’s hands and stroked his fingers across her knuckles. “She’s cheerful, can soothe those who are hurt, and can bring a smile to the sad. She’s so gentle and generous, but she’s also strong.” She couldn’t help returning his smile as she saw the pride on his face and heard it ringing in his voice. “Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.” His hand covered hers, turning her palm up. His fingers traced the lines of her palm lightly, slowly. Heat was building low in her abdomen. Her desire increased just from that touch and the thoughts of the pleasures she might find with these two men. “A kiss?” Callan tugged lightly on her hand, urging her closer to him. “Yes, a kiss.” Karissa leaned toward him. He made no move to initiate the kiss. He’d given control of the action to her and that helped her relax. Karissa’s breasts slowly flattened against his chest as she leaned closer. Her hands skated up from his waist, running over the warm, muscled breadth of his chest and shoulders as she brought her mouth to his. Her lips played over his, nibbling and plucking at his, running her tongue across them until he finally gave her access to the depths of his mouth. Her tongue dove into the recesses of his mouth. A spicy tang, like rich intan spice, flooded her senses. It was invigorating, arousing and addictive. She stroked her tongue 18
  18. 18. Fire Princes’ Bride over his in demand of a response. A chuckle rumbled against her lips as his tongue stroked along hers. He soon dominated the kiss. His hands framed her face, tilting her head as his tongue dove deep into her mouth. Their tongues tangled and stroked and Karissa lost all thought of what she was doing. Callan drew back after a few moments and his tongue lapped over her lips. Karissa let her eyes run over his face once more before she turned toward the warmth of the man on her other side. He reached out and his hands settled loosely around her waist. Tyral smiled as he tugged her to him. Her hands skimmed over the fine cloth of his shirt up to his shoulders. She twined her arms around his neck and her fingers laced into his hair. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she leaned into him. Karissa groaned as her nipples scraped against the fabric of her shirt. The tips were hard and sensitive and she ached to feel more than cloth against them. Her lips slid over his in a brief salute. Tyral’s teeth nipped at her lip as she drew back, her eyes moving over his face. Karissa responded with a smile as her lips opened over his. Her tongue glided over the seam of his closed lips, probing, nudging, asking for admittance. She gasped in surprise as his arms tightened at the same moment that his mouth opened under hers. His tongue swept into her mouth, thrusting that same heady intan spice taste deep into her mouth. Her tongue parried and taunted and then danced into his mouth. His tongue dueled with hers as his hands smoothed up and down her back. She arched into him, wanting more than kisses and the innocent touches. She wanted to feel their hands on her tingling breasts and her pussy. She wanted to touch and taste them— everywhere. Tyral’s teeth nibbled at her lips as he drew away from her. His lips trailed over her cheek to her ear. He briefly drew her earlobe into his mouth, nibbling and sucking on that soft flesh. Karissa shivered as he tugged on her earlobe and she felt an echoing pulse in her cunt. ***** Tyral drew in a ragged breath. By the Fire, just kissing her made him as hard as firetempered metal. As much as I’d love to lose myself in the delicious taste of her, brother, we have to go slowly, Callan cautioned. She is young and her Spirit said she’s inexperienced. Inexperienced does not mean she’s not ready, Ahvin offered. Tyral could feel the Elemental’s desire to take the relationship to the next level. He had sensed the Spirit’s interest in the alluring Ice Elemental. He leaned toward Karissa, his breath brushing 19
  19. 19. Rebecca Airies against the shell of her ear. “Time to eat, te tana.” He couldn’t resist calling her his sweet one. “Eat?” Karissa murmured, sounding confused. “Yes, tana, the food is ready.” Callan urged her from the couch which was much too tempting at this point. Tyral looked up at Callan before he rose from the soft cushions. He saw the tenderness on his brother’s face and knew the word felt just as natural to him. They guided her toward the fire pit. With a wave of Callan’s hand, a low table appeared, with cushions surrounding it. Another wave set the table with fine plates and goblets. “Let us serve you tonight, Karissa. Tomorrow, we can all work together.” Tyral’s hands settled on her shoulders and with gentle pressure encouraged her to sit on the cushions. Tonight was for her—to help her relax, to allow her to come to them at her own pace. She sat and watched as they went to the fire pit. They dug the pan of cillo from the fire and took the skewered topi from the spit over the fire. They placed the sizzling meat on the platter with the cillo gourds nestled around it. Bringing the platter to the table, they began to spoon the food onto the plates. “You are served, Aliara of Frejan.” Callan placed a plate in front of her. The hot juicy meat was accompanied by the delicious orange chunks from the roasted cillo. “And for your thirst, nectar of the local fruits.” Tyral filled her goblet with a flourish. “Thank you, Princes of Volir.” She smiled and bowed her head to them. “It smells delicious.” Do you think she realizes that this is more than just a brief affair, Callan? Tyral filled a glass for his brother and one for himself as he raised a brow questioningly. Somehow, he didn’t think she did. She was much too at ease with them, too casual. He wanted to show her. There’s but one way to know for sure. Callan lifted the glass and cast a meaningful glance at Karissa. “Tell us of what you’ll do when we leave here.” Tyral sat down on Karissa’s left, taking the plate that Callan handed him. “I’ll probably try to keep out of the advisors’ sights. Maybe I’ll be able to find something that will take me out of the Court again.” Karissa shrugged. Her answer earned her two nearly identical perplexed stares. “Why would you want to stay out of sight, take an assignment that would draw you away from the Court?” Callan asked. This wasn’t one of the answers they’d been expecting. “They think I’m too powerful. The advisors are afraid. I’m twenty-five, barely an adult in most people’s eyes, but it’s almost certain that I’ll be sent on my Ra’Asien before 20
  20. 20. Fire Princes’ Bride the end of the year. If I can be gone long enough, I might be able to stretch that out a bit. They don’t care that, by custom, I should have nearly two hundred years more before I think of joining with someone.” Karissa speared a piece of meat with a two-tined fork. She hasn’t felt the bonding of our spirits. Callan caught his brother’s eyes. She’s probably uninformed on Sobrin mating customs. It will be interesting enlightening her when the time comes, but now it would cause her to try to distance herself from us, to fear her attraction to us. Tyral smiled at the thought of that future conversation. When they did tell her, she’d probably be very angry with them. After the meal, Tyral and Callan were careful not to rush her to bed, although their instincts urged them to claim her. They wanted her relaxed, not panicked. She wanted them. The scent of her arousal was a sweet, strong perfume in the air, a lure and a torment. 21
  21. 21. Rebecca Airies Chapter Three The waiting was making Karissa nervous. They’d returned to the couch and for some time the two men had been talking of inconsequential things. She hadn’t been paying much attention especially as her anxiety grew. Who says you have to wait for them to make a move? Ijina chuckled. You want it. Go get it. You already know that they’re interested. A low chuckle rolled in the back of Karissa’s throat. Ijina was right. They wanted her and they were about to get her. Callan looked up sharply at that sexy sound. Karissa caught the confusion in Callan’s eyes and smiled as she turned and looped her arms around his neck. Her lips slid over his, her teeth nibbling on his lips before her tongue prodded the sealed flesh. With light, lapping strokes, she sought entry into the warmth of his mouth. Her tongue drove into his mouth when his lips parted. The rich intan spice taste flowed into her mouth as his tongue stroked into hers. She took his wrist in one of her hands and urged his palm to her breast. Almost automatically, his fingers tightened on the full mound, squeezing and lifting. “I thought we were going to take this slow and let her relax.” Tyral didn’t sound upset with the change of plans as he moved up behind her. “We forgot to tell her.” Mumbled against her lips, the words were indistinct. Callan moved his hand as Tyral’s fingers came around and began to play with her long nipples through the smooth, green material of her tunic. Karissa moaned against Callan’s lips as his callused fingertips rolled and pinched her nipples. “Did we forget that there are two men who want your sweet body, my Ice Lady?” Callan brushed kisses along her jaw and then back to her lips. “No, I didn’t forget. It just feels good.” Karissa moaned and arched pressing her breasts into those talented hands. “I think we’re going to need more room than this couch allows.” Tyral pressed his hard shaft against her back, letting her feel how much he wanted her. Tyral pulled her with him as he rose to his feet. He swept her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. “This first time, sweet Karissa, we’ll have the comfort and room of a bed. As you’re obviously ready to begin, there’s no reason to delay.” Her arms looped loosely around his shoulders. Her lips nibbled at the column of his neck. They wandered up to his left ear, her tongue roaming over his pointed ear before she began nibbling on his earlobe, moving to the rim of his ear. 22
  22. 22. Fire Princes’ Bride A harsh groan tore from his lips. “You don’t know what you do with that mouth of yours, tana.” She blinked. They’d called her that before and other words that were obvious endearments, but she had no idea what any of them meant. Right now, her need was too great to work out the significance of those words. “I want you.” Karissa nipped at the earlobe, holding on when he lowered her onto the soft yellow sheets. She’d never wanted anyone with this intensity, this soon after meeting them. “Not nearly enough,” Callan corrected as he stood at the edge of the bed. “We want you naked and as hungry as we are.” The feel of his hand on her swollen aching breast distracted her. She arched her back, lifting the mound into his large palm. With one hand, he tugged her arms from around his neck and urged her back onto the bedding. The fingers of his other hand circled the hard tip straining against her tunic. Her eyes drifted closed in bliss as his fingers closed over the nipple. Without warning, his hands were gone. As her eyes snapped open, she saw him back away from her, but he was already too far away for her to grab. Callan came to stand beside him. “I think she’s wearing too many clothes.” “We all are.” Tyral raised a brow. “Do you want to do it or shall I?” “Go ahead,” Callan urged with a shrug. Karissa didn’t care about clothing. All she cared about was getting those two in bed with her and they were taking too long. Tyral stepped back, spread his hands wide and then brought his hands together in a resounding clap. Between one blink and the next, both he and Callan stood naked before her. With a glance down, she noticed that she was also stripped of clothing. Karissa stared at the two men for a few moments. They were gorgeous. Their muscled blue-green bodies had very little body hair. She could see only a patch at their genitals other than the hair on their heads. All that muscled flesh on display made her fingers itch to touch and hold. “Quite the showman,” Karissa purred. She raised her brow as her lips tilted in a small smile, amused at the showy display. “I’m not interested in your magical skills. I want something more.” Karissa’s eyes fell to their cocks amid the nest of purple hair. Long and thick, their rounded heads were dark blue. Would she be able to take them in her mouth? How would they taste? Their blue-green skin was so different from all she had known before, but they excited her. “You want us?” Callan caught the direction of her gaze. “You want this?” His fingers circled his cock. “Yes.” Karissa nodded, her hands wandering over her stomach and then lower, to the swollen folds of her sex. She could feel the moisture on her pussy. She needed to be 23
  23. 23. Rebecca Airies touched, to be fucked. Her legs shifted on the sheets, splaying, revealing the glistening lips. “You’ll get what you need…twice over.” Tyral’s eyes fastened onto the lush mounds of her breasts and he licked his lips. “Do you want to taste me, tana? We will ensure you find your pleasure too.” Karissa licked her lips and nodded. By the Ice Storm, she wanted him in her mouth. Tyral stepped onto the bed. He sat and leaned against some pillows propped against the wall. Karissa rolled over onto her stomach, and feeling very predatory and slinky, crawled over to him and between his spread legs. She wanted him in her mouth. As she crawled up the bed, she dipped her head ran her tongue over his thigh. His cock jerked, a bead of fluid gathered at the slit. Karissa wet her lips, opening them to briefly take the head into her mouth to collect that tantalizing pearl of pre-cum. It was a little salty, but with the same intan spice taste as their mouths had. She hungered for more of it. She swirled her tongue around the head and then explored the length of his cock, sliding her mouth lower and lower on his thick shaft. Tyral groaned, his fingers threading into her hair. Callan’s arms came around her, his hands cupping the generous mounds of her breasts, and Karissa stiffened and jerked at the unexpected touch. Her mouth left Tyral’s cock with a wet pop. She could feel the heat of Callan’s body behind her. He leaned forward, pressing his cock against her buttocks. The long, hard evidence of his arousal heightened her own. “Two, tana,” Callan whispered, laughter lurking in his voice. “That means while you suck him I can fill my hands with your breasts or fill your pussy with my cock.” Those words sent a flash of heat through her. Callan’s hands were magic, kneading her breasts and plucking at the hard, reddened nipples. He slid one of his hands down over her stomach to her pussy. His fingers brushed over her clit as he moved his hand down between the plump, smooth folds. Two large digits probed at the rim of her slit, teasing, rubbing at it before he slid them into her quim. She closed her eyes and felt her pussy clench around his fingers as they stroked her inner walls. A nudging pressure on the back of her head gained her attention. Slanting her eyes up at Tyral, she saw how taut and tense his facial muscles were. It thrilled her that she could make this big man crazy for her. It made her feel sexy and powerful. Karissa heeded his urgings and again took his cock into the warmth of her mouth. She lost herself in his taste and the sensations bombarding her—the feel of him in her mouth and Callan’s fingers in her slit. Her eyes caught Tyral’s as her mouth left his cock, her tongue again swirling around the head. She stared up into golden eyes that almost glowed with his need. He looked so hungry, and he actually trembled when her silver-blonde hair brushed against his legs as her mouth lowered on his shaft. Callan stroked his fingers into Karissa’s tight pussy and his thumb brushed over her clit. Inhaling, Karissa found her senses inundated with the taste and smell of intan spice and she loved it, craved more of it. Her hips rolled, rocking down onto his fingers. 24
  24. 24. Fire Princes’ Bride Karissa moaned as Callan’s fingers drove into her, momentarily distracting her from her attentions to Tyral. A shiver raced through her. Callan’s thumb flicked over her clit. Her mouth left Tyral’s cock with a wet smack as the fingers within her twisted and drove into her. Her hips pushed back into his touch and her head raised. Her eyes locked with Tyral’s. “Give it to her, Callan,” Tyral urged, staring into her glazed green eyes. “I’ve never seen anyone as sensuous as she is.” Delicious whimpers erupted from her mouth and a gorgeous red highlighted her skin. A groan tore from Tyral’s lips. “Hurry, Callan, I want her to find pleasure before I do.” His thick fingers thrust deeply, pressing against the slick walls of her pussy. She rode them hard, focused on the tight pleasure building inside her. She arched as she pushed back, trying to take as much as she could. Callan’s thumb pressed on the hard hood of her clit and her breath caught. She thrust her hips back, a keening cry rising from deep within her. Hot sizzling bliss raced through her, spreading to her arms and legs—even her fingertips tingled with fiery pleasure. Callan’s fingers continued to move within her and surprisingly the heat of passion again rose quickly. Her pelvis rocked, demanding more. “Give Tyral pleasure, te thali.” Callan stroked his thumb across her clit as she shivered and lowered her head to Tyral’s cock. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to give him pleasure. She was eager, her lips and tongue moving over him. He was longer than any of the men she’d had before. The first time she tried to take him down her throat, she gagged and had to draw back. She didn’t let her inexperience stop her and kept trying. She wanted to make him feel as much pleasure as she had just experienced. Karissa groaned around Tyral’s shaft as she felt the rounded head of Callan’s cock probe at her slit. When he slid into her, stretching her, her eyes rolled back. She arched back against Callan’s stroking shaft. It felt so good—she was filled, stretched. Tyral’s hips punched up, his hands pressing against the back of her head as he came. A long, harsh groan rumbled from his lips and his body tensed as his seed erupted into her mouth in hot jets. She swallowed eagerly, her tongue collecting any drops that tried to escape her mouth. With a last swipe of her tongue over the head of his cock, her mouth left his shaft. Karissa wriggled, frustrated. Callan had stilled as Tyral came. Now he began to move. He thrust until he was seated to the balls within her. “You’re perfect, tana.” Callan’s arm tightened around her as she ground back against him. “Fuck me, Callan,” Karissa moaned. “I want you.” Callan took one of his hands from her hips, sliding it around to her mound and slipping his fingers between the slick, swollen lips to rub her clit. The sound and feel of their flesh meeting increased her ardor. He drove into her, hard, fast, desperate. His 25
  25. 25. Rebecca Airies breaths came in ragged gasps and hers echoed his. With each thrust, she pushed back to meet him, arching to take his cock. She needed him deeper, tried to take more of him. She couldn’t hold back. Her body was on fire. She needed him to move harder, faster. Desire raged through her with such intensity that it neared pain. Never had she felt this burning need. “Please…” she moaned. “More… Give me more.” Callan thrust his hips hard against her buttocks. “What do you need, te thali?” “Faster, Callan! Fuck me faster,” Karissa whimpered brokenly, so near orgasm she could taste it. She craved it. Every part of her ached for release. Callan pressed his fingers hard against her clit as he withdrew, then drove forward with such force that her hands slipped on the yellow sheets. She collapsed onto her elbows, her head resting against Tyral’s thigh. Crying out wildly, she thrust back into Callan, the rolling motion of her hips grinding her against the fingers at her clit. Her body was taut, primed beneath his hands. Karissa screamed as his slamming thrusts sent her over the edge and into ecstasy. Her eyes slammed shut as starbursts of color and sensation hit her. Satisfaction raced through her. Tremors shook her, every part of her tingling with excitement and delight as wave after wave washed over her. Callan surged into her. His hips thrust against hers and he pulled her against him as he came, his semen spraying into her womb. He roared his release, his body shuddering all the while. Karissa relished the satiated languor she felt. She could feel his hand moving against her sweat-slicked hip. As she lifted her head from Tyral’s leg, she saw he was getting hard again. A slow smile spread across her lips. It would seem he hadn’t been boasting. She would find what she needed twice over. Callan withdrew from her tight cunt. He turned her, urging her onto her back so she lay across the bed between them. As he saw her full, firm breasts jiggling, his cock began to harden, rising as hunger stirred. Karissa was amazed at the speed of their recovery—and that she was the one who’d inspired it. Tyral flowed over the bed toward her and his mouth latched onto the dark crest of breast nearest him. His tongue flicked over the nipple before he began a drawing suction. Her body rolled beneath him and her mewling rang out in the silence of the room. He chuckled as her hands latched onto his shoulders. Callan licked his lips, then lowered his head and took the neglected crest into his mouth, nibbling on the succulent red nipple. One of her hands moved to clutch at his shoulder, excited whimpers falling from her lips. Callan rubbed his hand over her stomach and down to her mons. Her hips were already moving restively beneath his hand when he brushed his fingers over her clitoris. She jerked when he plucked at that hard hood. As a searing flash of pleasure streaked through her, she was awed by the strength and ferocity of her response. 26
  26. 26. Fire Princes’ Bride Tyral grasped Karissa by the waist. He lay down on his back and pulled her over him, settling her pussy onto his hard cock. She sank down, engulfing his shaft in her hot sheath. Delicious tingles ricocheted through her as her channel stretched to accommodate him. A rolling moan—almost a purr—tore from her lips and her eyes closed as she arched her back. Tyral ran his fingers up to where they were joined, gathering some of the slick juices that spilled from her. Drawing his fingers back to the tight rosette of her anus, he ran his fingers around the entrance. He felt a shiver course through her and an increase in the fluid that surrounded his cock. His fingers gathered more nectar until that puckered back entrance was slick. “Ride me, tana,” Tyral urged. Karissa’s mind was hazy. No one had ever touched her anally. She hadn’t ever imagined that being stroked there could be so arousing. Their touch was amazing, but when Tyral began to press upon her back entrance it was as if another level of desire had opened for her. Karissa rocked her hips briefly against his before raising herself and slowly lowering her hips until she’d taken his entire length. She established a slow rhythm on top of him, savoring the feel of his hard cock moving within her, the full, tight feeling it brought over her. She burned to feel more. She needed. When Tyral sank one finger into the tight channel of her ass, Karissa slammed down onto him, shuddering in a near-orgasmic jolt of pleasure. A whimpering moan fell from her lips as she ground against him. She raised her hips and felt his finger partially withdraw and then slide smoothly back into her as she sank down once again. “You like that, te thali?” Tyral asked as a shiver ripped through Karissa’s body causing her muscles to clench around his finger and cock. “By the Veil…” Karissa cried, increasing the pace of her undulating hips to meet her body’s demand for more. “Come for me,” Tyral demanded, his finger twisting within her. Karissa screamed as she came. A wave of searing heat hit her, squeezing tears from her eyes as she arched, driving her pelvis into his as everything within her clamped and released again and again. He came as she reveled in the tremors of her climax. His hips arched beneath her, his hot cum spurting into her as he shuddered with pleasure. A harsh growl tore from his throat. Movement to the side of her drew Karissa’s eyes away from the man beneath her. Callan turned Karissa’s lips to his. Her mind was still pleasure-fogged and she opened her mouth to his. His tongue tangled with hers as he picked her up and sat with her on his lap. “That was such a beautiful sight that I want you to ride me, too.” Callan nibbled at her lips between words. 27
  27. 27. Rebecca Airies He tugged her forward as he lay back. Two of his fingers sank into her pussy. Karissa knew what he was going to do and the very thought sent a wave of anticipation and a dark thrill through her. A gush of honeyed desire flowed from her even before his fingers touched the tight ring of her anus. His fingers circled that tight back hole, spreading her warm juices around the opening. She squirmed as again and again he gathered the slick moisture. She needed to move, yet he held her still with just one hand as he prepared her. When his fingers pressed for entrance, she gasped as a flash of sensation near pain ran through her. “Push out, thali.” Callan waited until she’d followed his suggestion. Slowly, her tissue stretched around his fingers as he slid his fingers into her in short strokes, going a little deeper each time. With two fingers buried to the knuckles in her ass, Callan urged Karissa to take his cock into her pussy. His shaft was hard, long and warm as it pushed deep into her. Karissa lowered her hips until he was fully seated. Karissa rose over him until only the rounded head remained within her and then sank down onto his hard rod. She froze when two arms came around her and large palms cupped her breasts. “Ride him, tana,” Tyral encouraged, his fingers plucking and twisting her nipples. Karissa’s eyes fluttered closed as she set a slow, rolling pace, her hips undulating as she rode him. She was panting, a light film of sweat glazing her body. With the attentions of both men focused on her, her lust rose quickly. Callan’s hips thrust into hers as she sank down onto him. Tyral’s mouth wandered over her neck, the sharp points of his fangs scraping across the sensitive skin, leaving a tingling trail of fire. Karissa moaned pushing her hips against Callan’s as she fucked him. Tension coiled within her, centered on the pleasure ricocheting through her body. Her body arched, grinding her clit into Callan’s pelvis and thrusting her breasts into Tyral’s hands. “Faster, tana.” Callan thrust his fingers deep into her clenching back passage. Karissa obeyed, her hips rising and falling in a rapid rhythm. She moaned in delight at the feel of his thick shaft shuttling back and forth in her cunt as well as the dark pleasure of his fingers stroking within her anus. Tyral’s hands massaged and kneaded her breasts and tugged at her nipples as her passion rose. Sharp, almost painful pleasure ripped through her at each drawing pull. Callan came a breath before she did. He shouted her name, his hot semen pulsing into her as his hips thrust up. Karissa felt his cum spraying into her. She ground her clit into his pelvis and came, her head thrown back against Tyral’s solid chest as she shook from the powerful climax, groaning as her body pulsed with wrenching pleasure. The sensation rolled through her, swept away all thought and left her trembling. Karissa felt Tyral’s hands moving over her before she regained the strength to even open her eyes. Those stroking hands moved in soothing gliding sweeps over her back, hips and stomach. The touch drew Karissa from the stupor of physical satiation. 28
  28. 28. Fire Princes’ Bride “We need a bath and then to go to bed,” Callan said. Karissa had never felt as pampered as she did during that bath. They washed her, their hands smoothing over her and not allowing her to do anything—although she longed to return the favor. They scooped her from the warm water of the large bathing pool and dried her with a soft, fluffy toweling sheet. When she was dry, they carried her to the bed and tucked her in, settling her between them. 29
  29. 29. Rebecca Airies Chapter Four Karissa paced down the hallway, intent on getting some space. She needed time to herself. The absence of her power suddenly seemed all too real. At first, while she’d definitely known her magic was gone, the reality hadn’t actually hit her. Then she’d gotten involved with Tyral and Callan. When she was the focus of their attention it was too easy to forget everything but pure, hot sensation. Now there wasn’t anything to distract her. She’d woken and known it was the middle of the night. Discovering she was a little thirsty, she’d slipped out of bed to get something to drink. The pitcher had been empty and she’d automatically tried to conjure some wine, but nothing happened. No rise of power or rush of energy had accompanied her desire. Then she’d remembered. Her magic had been bound. She’d felt utterly powerless, unable to do even the most basic of things. Without a word to Tyral and Callan, she stalked out of the cavern and through the tunnel to the moonlit path outside their home. Karissa looked around at the indistinct shadows of the trees and bushes only a few paces away. Clenching her jaw, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to scream or hit something. Anger continued to rise inside her as she thought about her situation. There were infants who could do more than she could. You’re being overly dramatic. Ijina stirred within her. Karissa could sense the symbiote’s hope of talking some sense into her. You know it’s temporary and that you’re far from defenseless. I won’t let anything happen to you. I hate feeling helpless. Karissa stared into the darkness. Right now, I couldn’t even conjure a decent ball of light if I wanted to go for a walk in the woods. Never mind protecting myself—even the most basic of skills is out of my reach. Going to start crying or just throw a tantrum? Ijina asked sweetly. I don’t need the sarcasm right now, Ijina. Karissa frowned. It didn’t help that Ijina’s taunts hit a little too close to the truth. She certainly felt like throwing something. You’re pouting, Ijina snapped. Patience wasn’t one of her virtues. You have two men in there willing to do anything for you. All you have to do is ask. You don’t need your powers. You say that because you can still use all of your powers. Karissa rolled her eyes. Ijina had no idea what it felt like to suddenly be unable to call on talents that had been at her control for years. Wallow in your self-pity, Ijina stormed and settled in to fume. 30
  30. 30. Fire Princes’ Bride Karissa sighed. She’d probably have to apologize, but right now, she wasn’t ready to be reasonable. Feeling powerless was new and she hated it. She leaned back against the rock to the side of the entrance and tried to let the night calm her. A small scraping noise drew her eyes to the right side of the entrance tunnel. A shadowy figure leaned against the outer wall as if waiting for her to notice him. Barechested, he’d obviously just thrown on some pants before he’d come after her. She didn’t need to see his profile to know it was Callan. From what she’d seen of their behavior, Tyral wouldn’t have just been standing there. Tyral acted first. Callan tended to think things out. He faced her and seemed relaxed and calm, with one ankle crossed over the other, but she knew that was a façade. He was angry. “I don’t need your company.” Karissa raised her chin and turned away from him. She plucked a leaf off a nearby bush and began twirling it in her fingers as she waited for him to leave. Tension grew as she listened for his footsteps, but only the soft rustle of leaves in the wind came to her ears. She sighed and frowned. Why was he being so stubborn? She didn’t want to talk to him. “I’m not going anywhere so you might as well turn around and talk to me.” Callan sounded a little amused and too confident that he’d get his way. Karissa decided to ignore him. If he wanted to stand there, he could. She hadn’t asked him to come after her. She didn’t need his help or want his company. “Did something bother you, tana?” Callan didn’t seem to notice that she was ignoring him—or maybe he was too stubborn to let it matter. Karissa frowned, her fingers moving along the outer edges of the smooth, rounded leaf. Eventually he’d see she wanted to be alone and leave. She was angry and she wasn’t ready to be coaxed out of it yet. With a sigh, she stared into the darkness. “You know you’re beautiful when you’re angry, but it’s late and we all need our sleep.” His tone was as soft and soothing as a gentle breeze. Karissa opened her mouth, but then closed it with an audible click. If he was tired, he could go back to bed. She wasn’t keeping him here. “I know why you’re angry,” Callan said. Karissa narrowed her eyes. That wouldn’t be a hard guess. She thought he was over at the wall. His voice hadn’t gotten any closer as he spoke. She didn’t want to turn around and check. He’d probably take that as encouragement. “No one likes to feel weak, eli moru.” Callan’s words hit her like a boulder plunging into a pond. She swung around and gaped at him. He couldn’t seriously expect her to believe… “What would you know of how I feel? What do you know of being weak? Alone you are stronger than most men. With Tyral at your side, I doubt anyone could beat you.” Callan chuckled. “I’ve been just as you are now. Without magic and only my symbiote should I need aid. Both Tyral and I spent sixteen days like that.” 31
  31. 31. Rebecca Airies “But…how?” Karissa strode forward, wanting to see his face when he answered. “Both of you are so powerful. I wouldn’t have thought that anyone could do such a thing to you.” “It was a lesson—a hard one.” Callan grimaced. “We hated feeling…less than what we knew we were.” “What could they hope that you’d learn without your powers?” To do this as a lesson bordered on cruelty. As an accident, it was regrettable, but not anyone’s fault. “Humility and perception.” Callan’s smile kicked up one corner of his mouth. “We’d flown through our lessons, mastering them with ease. We were overconfident, arrogant and certain we could handle anything we encountered. In short, we were in need of a fall to teach us the truth.” “So your instructors took your magic away just to show you that it could be done?” Forgetting her anger for the moment, Karissa reached out to him, running her hand over his bare chest. “That’s cruel.” “My instructors didn’t do it. They let a student deliver this lesson.” Callan captured her hand and brought it up to his lips, brushing a kiss across the back of her fingers. “One of our friends set the spell right outside our room. We walked into it when we left it.” “Why?” Karissa was becoming frantic. She felt as if half of her was gone, and the knowledge that her magic would eventually be back wasn’t much comfort. “Awareness.” Callan smiled. “That spell doesn’t require much power. Before the lesson, we were relying on the strength of our power to defeat any who came against us.” “As long as you defeat them, does it matter?” Karissa frowned. Stopping the opponent had to be the most important thing, not how it was done. “I can tell you haven’t spent much time around warriors. It’s better to outthink your opponents. Sometimes you can accomplish more with subtlety than you can by slamming them with power. There is also the fact that a man can drain his ability fast if he only relies on power.” Callan ran his thumb across her palm. “At least you knew Tyral was going through the same thing you were,” Karissa offered. She couldn’t help but lean close to him as a breeze blew over them. “I feel so alone and angry. I know you set the spell for protection and I don’t blame you—” “Thali, you think you’re bad-tempered right now?” Callan laughed and tugged her against his chest. “My behavior makes yours seem ladylike and restrained. I was reckless, foolish, rude, arrogant and foul-tempered in the extreme.” “What did you do?” Karissa relaxed against him, slipping one arm around his waist. He was so warm. His body was solid, muscled and, somehow, reassuring. “When our friend confessed what he’d done, I punched him and then I left the palace and went for a ride.” Callan slid a hand down her back. 32
  32. 32. Fire Princes’ Bride “Without your magic, you were vulnerable to any attack.” She knew a spell did protect the royal family from assassination specifically, but it was still possible to kill them—especially in battle. “I wasn’t thinking. My fathers’ men finally caught up with me and I wasn’t happy about it. Sacred Fire, I was furious. I’d worked out that my instructors would have only done that with my father’s approval.” Callan chuckled ruefully. She listened intently, interested in spite of her desire to be alone. Curiosity played a huge part in it. There was a group in the Frejan Realm that paired two men with one woman, but she hadn’t ever met any them. She’d just never been at court when they were there. She really didn’t know much about them or even how it worked. Karissa tilted her head back and saw him shaking his head. “So did your fathers yell at you?” “We all did some yelling,” Callan admitted. “I was in a rage and paced around their Audience Chamber… Let me just say that I’ve never spoken to my fathers with such disrespect before or since then. I acted like a spoiled child denied his treat.” “I bet you apologized even before your powers came back.” She settled her head against his chest. She loved how he smelled. “Once I had time to think, I saw what they were trying to teach me. It took a few days, but I did learn. And yes, I apologized for acting like a brat.” Callan’s fingers wove into her hair and massaged her scalp. “Before that though, I was an utter beast. Rude and inconsiderate. I made life hard for everyone around me.” “And what about Tyral?” Karissa looked up at him. “Well, he’s more hot-tempered than I am and he can be especially stubborn and blind.” Callan grimaced again. “He raged longer than I did, but eventually he realized why they did it.” “You two argued about it?” Karissa slid her hands over his chest and up to his shoulders. “Not argued—when he still showed all the manners of an ill-tempered savage by the twelfth day of our lesson, we fought.” Callan looked down and must have seen her disbelieving look. “We’re twins, but we don’t always agree.” “You just seem so…in accord with each other.” Karissa shook her head. At most times, they didn’t even need to speak to each other as they worked. They just seemed to know what the other was doing. “Even when we agree, we have different ways of doing things.” Callan tipped her head up so she was looking at him. “You do, hmm?” Karissa smiled. If he thought she saw them as only one person, he needn’t worry. They may look like each other, but she had never doubted she was dealing with two men. Callan lowered his chin to the top of her head. “Are you ready to go back inside now?” 33
  33. 33. Rebecca Airies “Yes, I’m ready.” Karissa knew she’d just been talked out of her anger, but at least now she didn’t feel so alone. He really did understand what she was going through. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.” Callan curled an arm around her waist as they walked back through the tunnel into their temporary home. He guided her through the main room and into the dimly lit bedroom. In the low light, she could just make out the shape of Tyral. He lay on his side. “You took a long time soothing her temper.” Tyral’s voice conveyed his impatience as he watched them cross the room. “It would have been easier if you’d have let me go.” Karissa chuckled, actually able to see some humor in this. “No, it wouldn’t. I’m sleepy. You two are going to have to save the argument for tomorrow.” “Still in a difficult mood, are you?” Tyral’s eyes followed her every move. “If I was still in a difficult mood, would I be here?” She felt like teasing him a little bit, but she didn’t know how long she could keep playing. The day’s events were beginning to take their toll. “You should have just picked her up and carried her back here. We can handle her temper.” His eyes traced down her body, lingering on her breasts and her hips. “That would have made things worse.” She stopped and put her hands on her hips. She couldn’t mistake the hunger in his eyes. “And that’s why I came after you.” Callan laughed, urging her the final few steps toward the bed. She crawled into bed and snuggled down into its softness. She felt the warmth of Callan’s body pressing against hers. Drowsily she closed her eyes. They snapped open as fingers brushed across her jaw. Tyral’s fingers turned her face toward him. “Don’t leave the caverns without us, thali.” After delivering that command and staring intensely into her eyes, he stretched out beside her and went to sleep within moments. How could he do that? Karissa stared at him, startled by the intensity she’d seen in those golden eyes. He was a strange man. It took her some time to go to sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about that severe look. It made no sense. Why would he care if she went for a walk? ***** Tyral slanted a glance toward Karissa. Standing on a limb above him, she seemed to be totally at ease in the leafy branches. She appeared to be in a tractable mood today. She hadn’t argued when they’d told her she would have to be with one of them at all times. He was glad she was in a good mood, but he wasn’t too sure about the way she kept moving around in the tree. The telina fruit wasn’t worth a broken arm. 34
  34. 34. Fire Princes’ Bride They’d expected an argument—a loud one—but she’d dressed in a long-sleeved ice-blue shirt and black pants and calmly asked what they’d be doing as she’d pulled on her boots. They’d silently decided to take her agreement as a gift and not question it too much. Tyral looked up at her. From this angle, he had a nice view of her ass—a very fine ass that just begged to be held, stroked and spanked. She was lovely, but he’d like to get her out of the colors of the Ice Realm and into those of the Fire Realm. What does clothing matter? Ahvin ranted. She needs to see that you’re her mate. So make her see it! Tyral resisted the urge to snap back at the Elemental. He wanted Karissa to see him as her mate just as much as Ahvin did. The woman seemed blind to the fact that there was more than sex going on in their relationship. “So what exactly about being sent on your Ra’Asien upsets you?” Tyral watched her face closely. Finding out would enable them to help her resolve her problems and accept the future. Karissa sighed. “I suppose a little of it is envy for the freedom others have, the extra time they’re given. What really makes me angry is the way there are two standards— one for men, another for women.” Tyral didn’t understand. Men and women were different, thus they were treated differently. “What do you mean?” “I know that I’m not the first or the last woman to know she’ll be sent on her Ra’Asien long before it is normal. That’s fine. I can understand that they don’t want to lose anyone from the powerful bloodlines to the chomak, to allow them to change into a monster, but they hardly ever show the same diligence in their interference in the lives of men.” Karissa flung out a hand and swayed before she caught a branch and steadied herself. His heart pounding wildly, he swallowed the need to get her down from there. “You have a problem with the way the advisors watch over the women and men?” Tyral raised his brows and caught the fruit she dropped down to him. “A friend of mine, another Aliara, was sent on her Ra’Asien at twenty-five because her power was almost as strong as mine is. Her older brother, the second son, was well over four hundred years older than her. He nearly turned chomak before anyone noticed his need.” Karissa’s voice rose in irritation. “It isn’t all that unusual for such things to occur.” Tyral shrugged. The sages couldn’t keep watch over everyone. “I understand that men need to be trained first, yet even afterward, no one pays attention to them. They don’t have a set age to begin a marriage hunt. The most powerful women go to other kingdoms, yet the most powerful males, the ones who provide for the future of the Realm, are ignored. Some even turn chomak due to the neglect.” Karissa’s voice became clipped and her words tumbled out in a passionate rush . 35
  35. 35. Rebecca Airies “You do have a point.” Tyral raised his brows. What she said was true, all of it. The most powerful men were being allowed to risk their very existence. “The council does have a responsibility to watch over the males as well as the females.” By the Fires, Tyral, stop making idle conversation. Just tell her that you and Callan are her mates. Frustration coated the Elemental’s every thought. Ahvin, we have to let her come to see it on her own. I don’t like it any more than you do. I’d rather just sit her down and tell her that she’s our mate, but all that would do is raise her resistance to the idea. She wouldn’t see it. Tyral pushed a hand through his hair and kept his eyes on her. “I have a point, but nothing will change. The men will still be left to decide when they seek their mate—if ever.” Karissa frowned and allowed Tyral to help her from the tree. “After what happened to my friend’s brother, I worry about my brothers. They’re all extremely powerful and two of them are old enough to be in danger.” “Do you have anything against actually mating with someone?” Tyral pressed, needing to know how resistant she was. “No.” Karissa grinned. “I want to feel the closeness to another that I’ve seen in other marriages. It’s just…” “It’s the fact that it was thrust upon you that makes it unpalatable.” Tyral fully understood her viewpoint. Being forced or told that you had to begin looking for your mate wouldn’t raise much enthusiasm for the search. There wasn’t much they could do to change her feelings. The Frejan Council was right. She was much too powerful to chance losing. They couldn’t give her more time to roam free. She was too precious to them. ***** Ijina chilled the glass of fruit juice in Karissa’s hands. Karissa smiled as she took a sip of the mixture of telina and molit juice. It tasted so much better cold. She took a seat on the couch and waited for Tyral and Callan to come join her. She was enjoying her time with them and really didn’t want to think about returning to the Frejan Court. From what they’d told her of that binding spell, she estimated there was a full day, maybe a day and a half, before her abilities returned. Once they did, there would be no reason to delay their departure from this prison. They’d have to break the spell. They all had family waiting for them and neglected duties in their respective Realms. Karissa looked over as Callan fussed with the metal grating over the glowing coals. There was still quite a bit of time before the fish he’d caught would be ready. The fillets were cooking slowly in leaf packets. When it was ready, the herbed fish would be moist and tender. What do you think of them? Ijina purred. 36
  36. 36. Fire Princes’ Bride Karissa could sense the Elemental was more than just curious, but Karissa wasn’t interested in discovering just what Ijina expected. They’re nice, sexy. I think we’ve covered this. Is that all they are? Karissa didn’t have time to think of answer. Callan turned and walked over to join her. Callan came and dropped onto the couch beside her. He plucked the goblet from her hands and took a long drink of the juice. “That’s good.” “I thought maybe you liked yours warm.” Karissa took her cup back and chuckled as she noticed all the juice was gone. “I prefer wine, nectar and many other things cold.” Callan flashed her a feral grin, his eyes roaming to the V-neckline of her ice-blue tunic. “I’ve never been accused of being cold,” Karissa chuckled. “Do you want to play, tana?” Tyral stalked over to stand in front of her. Karissa caught the flash of anticipatory hunger in his eyes. She hesitated, a little cautious, but reminded herself that this was her chance to experiment and it wasn’t going to last long. Within just a few days she’d be back in the Frejan court. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that soon she’d be sent on her Ra’Asien. She’d take her freedom while she had it. “Is it the kind of game I can win while I have no real magical abilities?” Karissa smiled up at him and reached out to finger the soft material of his yellow shirt. “It’s the kind of game we all win, eli moru.” Tyral extended his hand and drew her to her feet. “Undress for us, te thali.” Callan got to his feet and watched her. The challenge flaring in his eyes set her imagination flying. Karissa stepped away from them and, smiling, began to slowly remove her clothing. She wanted to entice them, to tease them. Her ice-blue tunic came first, removed in a slow peek-a-boo fashion as she watched their reactions. Their eyes locked on her, the fire building with every bit of flesh she revealed and then hid. Her boots came off easily and she was able to move on to her pants without too much awkwardness. She unlaced the fly of her pants. Pushing down on one side of the gray fabric, she offered them a glimpse of the curve of her hip. She turned her back to them. As she did, she pushed the fabric down below the swell of her buttocks. Bending from the waist and wiggling her butt, she slid the pants down to her ankles before she stepped out of them. Nude, she turned to face the two men. Their amber eyes blazed with desire. She loved how they reacted to her slightest provocation with fierce need. It made her feel powerful, feminine, a goddess. With them, she felt like the ultimate seductress. “How much do you trust us, tana?” Tyral asked. 37
  37. 37. Rebecca Airies “I trust you. If I didn’t, Ijina would be your constant companion.” Karissa smiled and watched them. She’d given them her body when she had no power. If she hadn’t decided that she could trust them, she’d be sleeping in a separate room. “The game we’re going to play will test your trust. Do you think that you can take it?” Callan asked. “See what happens when you test me.” Karissa lifted her chin and her eyes sparkled with challenge. As she watched, she saw Tyral smile. Her aggressive behavior excited him. The hard ridge of his cock pressing against his pants was blatant evidence. Karissa had been with men who’d been intimidated when she’d shown any strength. She could tell that he wasn’t afraid of a little female aggression. This man didn’t mind her pushing him. His strength and confidence drew her, excited her. “On your hands and knees.” Tyral pointed to a spot in front of him on the soft red and yellow rugs. Karissa raised her brows, but stepped forward and dropped to her hands and knees without question. Callan paced around her, disappearing behind her. She tensed a little, surprised and frightened by the sudden blackness when a soft, thick blindfold settled in front of her eyes, but she made no move to remove it. Listening intently, she wondered what they were doing, what they would do next. “Rest your upper body on the ground.” Tyral smoothed a hand over the golden skin of her shoulder and back. “Put your hands at your sides and relax them.” Karissa complied, a little anxious, but very excited. She could feel the warm, slick, creamy liquid of her arousal on her thighs. Anticipation was forming a tight knot of desire low in her stomach, a pulsing need in her clit. She felt a large, warm hand clasp her wrist, pulling it up and behind her. Soft cloth wrapped around her wrist and then her other hand was lifted and bound in the same silent, gentle manner. She tugged against the binding, but it was secure and strong. A light frisson of fear coursed through her as she realized her helplessness. She tensed, struggling against the soft ties. The supple material at her wrists held her and moved with her but didn’t loosen. The care they were taking to see to her safety suddenly became apparent. This was no normal rope. The soft bindings were specifically made to ensure her pleasure as well as her comfort. That calmed her a little. They weren’t going to hurt her or let her be hurt. She relaxed, her cheek pressed against the plush rug. Karissa jerked in surprise as she felt something warm and hard slide between her labia. It was definitely not a real cock. Too unyielding and too slick to be flesh, it pushed easily through the juices spilling from her slit. The rounded head vibrated a little as it brushed over her clit. Karissa pushed back, moaning as the warm rod retreated. 38