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Basement Jaxx


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Basement Jaxx

  1. 1. Basement Jaxx
  2. 2. Album Covers
  3. 3. Remedy Remedy is the first full-length studio album by British house duo Basement Jaxx, released in 1999. It includes the single. The producer of the album was Felix Buxton, Simon Ratcliffe The front cover is a bunch of mixed race people lying close to each other naked. The album cover is suggestive in the way it may suggest that the only remedy is love. ( sex) The album cover use’s the famous Basement Jaxx typography In comparison to Daft Punk the cover isn't minimalist and suggests a lot relating to the heavy upbeat house music the band produce’s
  4. 4. Rooty Rooty is the second studio album by British house duo Basement Jaxx, released in 2001. The singles released from the album were "Romeo", "Jus 1 Kiss", "Where's Your Head At?" and "Get Me Off". "Do Your Thing" was also released as a single in Australia in 2003, and in the UK in 2005, after the release of their compilation album The Singles . It contains more rhythmic influences than Remedy . The name is taken from Basement Jaxx's regular club event held at a small pub in Brixton. The cover art features Copito de Nieve, the world's only albino gorilla. Using the same typography and busy background the same suggestion is that They are using the same typography for the album for the house factor aswell as The busy background The album art also intertwines with the name of the album with the Copito eating a Root The album cover is random and this may also mean that the bands music is random Crazy.
  5. 5. Kish Kash Kish Kash is a the third studio album by British house duo Basement Jaxx. It reached number 17 on the UK Albums Chart and won the Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album in 2005 The typography used is again similar to the rest of the album’s and yet again there Is still a random busy background , the only difference is that there is more going on In this picture and it has more electronic dance influence’s than the previous two
  6. 6. Scars Scars is the upcoming fifth studio album by the British dance/electronic duo Basement Jaxx. It is due for release on September 21st, preceded by the first single "Raindrops" released on June 21, while the second single "Feelings Gone" will be released in the UK on September 21, 2009. The track "Twerk" features lyrics adapted from Michael Sembello's song "Maniac". The same typography but a different style in art , similar to Kish Kash suggests A possible change to the band , the fact that it shows an image of the grand Cannyon could mean freedom , eagles are free and the rest of the image could Be just to keep the trend of the random album covers up.
  7. 7. Overall <ul><li>Overall non of the album covers are depressing which relates to the upbeat. </li></ul><ul><li>They all have significant memorable images which is a good selling point </li></ul><ul><li>Every title name has a relation to the album art on the cover. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Posters Basment Jaxx’s poster is unique , this is because there is a picture of a dog with it’s body as a radio. This suits the title on the poster , crazy itch radio and the typical typeface of Basment Jaxx is being used. The poster is colourful and eye catching making it a very useful piece of promotional material.
  9. 9. This is a gig poster for Basement Jaxx , this is a lot duller than the usual Basement Jaxx and the typeface isn't the same as the other posters/albums. The random images are still their and the so is the relationship to the other posters because the title ugly duckling and the image of the water. This poster isn't as appealing as the previous one but still would grab attention.
  10. 10. T-Shirts. This is an official Basment Jaxx T-shirt , it shows a range of the Singles off the album Rooty being named in a world Cloud on the front The fonts used as well as the Images are a good relation to the Basement Jaxx genre, random The typeface is also exactly the Same as the rest of the typeface Used throughout the Basement Jaxx work