Golf investment in Italy


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Prime Golf investment for a stand alone Golf Resort and Golf Course in the center of Italy

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Golf investment in Italy

  1. 1. Prime Golf development InvestmentWe are proud to present a prime Golf Investment Opportunity in the center or Italy, in theUmbria Region.For the wise investor group an investment in a 350 ha, 27 holes Golf Course in Europerepresent and intelligent objective, mostly if the project can be a new, unique, deluxe, standalone Golf Resort, in one of the most turistic regions of of Italy.Before presenting you the project let’s review the landscape of such investments, and see thereasons why an Investment in a stand alone European Golf resort in Italy, represents today avalid choice, with an appealing tournover perspective. Europe Golf course scenarioEurope’s 5,896 courses represent 47% of all courses not in NorthAmerica. Courses in the mainland have increased 80% in just tenyears and golfer numbers are growing at 5% annually.Of the Western European countries, Italy (363,000), Portugal(204,000) & Spain (170,000) are the most poorly supplied areas.With a lot of unexplored potential for Golf Investments, in newcourse development.In the last 14 years (1997 to 2006) the number of golf players inEurope (36 countries whose national Golf Federations areorganised in the EGA) grew substantially faster than the numberof golf courses.While the number of golf courses increased with about 21,3%, from 5.406 in1997 to 6.555 in 2006, the number of golfers (organised in clubs) increased from 2.857.004 in1997 to 4.275.935 in 2006, an increase of 49,7%. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  2. 2. Within Europe, the UK and Ireland claim 51%of all European golf courses and 43% of allregistered European golfers, yet only 15% of the European population. Actual numbers say thaton the continent, the “Big Four” in the golf market are Sweden, Germany, France and Spain.These four countries have 68% of all golfers and 61% of all golf courses. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  3. 3. 2. Investing in an Italian Golf Course is SexyThe KPMG Golf Benchmark Survey 2007 finds that the business performance of golf courses in theSoutheast Mediterranean region should be excellent (31%) or good (69%) versus that in Western Europe,where results indicate a performance of good at 56% and excellent at 17%.Globally, the number of golf courses is growing by 3% annually, with a 5% growth in the number ofplayers.Year Round GolfThe climate in Italy is ideally suited to year-round golf. Average winter temperatures in southern Italyaverage 14C.Currently in Italy the turnover of the sector isabout 350 million euros.Currently in Italy there are 200 golf courses,a figure considered too small by the Government,especially given that the international tourism linkedto the sport generates aturnover of 28 billion euros and produces apositive effect in terms of employment, withabout 700 thousand jobs created, providing arevenue of 14 billion euros.According to industry statistics, every golf course,on average, provides job opportunities for 100people, not to mention the employmentopportunities arising from the works of constructionof facilities and accommodation attached.According to data from Palazzo Chigi, who choseour country to take a golfing holiday is agedbetween 54 and 65 years and spends an averageof 90 euros per day (excluding room and board)against 53.83 of the other tourists.The lovers of the green and holes are people who have considerable financial resources andwhose passion for this sport in Italy, produces a turnover of around 350 million euros, while inEurope the figure is around 50 billion euros.A tourist market, one related to golf, which grows continuously throughout the world, reaching arate of 8 per cent per annum, with 25 million tourists who annually travel to play.In Europe, the increase in the number of players in the last 15 years shows an increase of 108%,while, on the infrastructure front (made new fields) there is a +75 percent. In Italy there are over 180 golfclubs with regulations 9 to 36 holes, 43 facilities that offer promotional fields from 3 to 9 holes and 59practice fields. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  4. 4. Golf development Investment. Why a stand alone Golf Course - A closer Look - Orvieto - the landscape Take Umbrians and Etruscans, both sides of the river Tiber. And then – again – Romans, Lombards, Guelphs and Ghibellines, mercenaries, kings and emperors, popes and cardinals. Mix them together well for three thousand years. Add the most inspired artists, the sons of the land and those who were attracted like a magnet to this land and its beauties. Serve on a dish of hills covered withvineyards and olive groves, bordered with the greenest mountains, these scored withenchanting valleys.Flavour with a few wild corners, where nature still dictates and animals roam free, quiteundisturbed by humans. Moisten all with theimpetuous waters of the Marmore Falls. Seasonwith the strongest and most genuine flavours yourpalate can taste.Decorate with the Chant of Francis, the Monk whofound here his deepest inspiration.Here we are, everything is ready. The Province ofTerni, from the Nera Valley to Orvieto, is asurprise recipe.If Umbria is the green heart of Italy, theProvince of Terni represents its mostsuccessful synthesis.In a not so vast territory, within a few kilometresfrom one another,are found the intense green of the Appenine mountain woods, those of ochretones, and the colours of the cultivated hillside lands typical of the countryside of central andSouthern Umbria.Then, in the middle, the valleys scored by the main rivers in the region – theTiber and the Nera- which, with the lakes, mark and distinguish the Province of Terni almost asif it were water, surrounded by land. The river parks of the two most important watercourses, guarantee total immersion into the world of nature, with the Alviano oasis, thevalley below the Corbara Lake, kingdom of migratory birds, and above all the stunningMarmore Waterfalls, created by the ancient Romans which, throughout the course of centurieshave enticed special tourists – artists, poets and writers who have sung of its “horrid beauty”. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  5. 5. Appealing tourist attractions:Most relevant are: Pienza, Montepulciano, Torrita di Siena, San Quirico dOrcia,Chiusi,Cortona, to say few, while Orvieto remains the main attracion of the Terni provenceOrvietoAt about 25 km away. The city of Orvieto, in symbiosiswith the tuff cliff on which it stands, is an outstandingexample of integration between nature and man.Awareness of this relationship between nature andarchitecture is expressed explicitly, as the inscriptionaffixed to the famous well of St. Patrick which reads"quod nature munimento inviderat industry adiecit"clarifying precisely, that "What nature had denied to thedefense - in this case water - the added human activity. "Visiting this city is like going through the story, becausewe can find, layered and concentrated, the traces of allages for almost three millennia, from the findings thattestify to its Etruscan origins and medieval Renaissance to the many testimonies. In addition to theCathedral of Orvieto, a masterpiece of Italian Gothic, are to visit the Well of St. Patricks was builtbetween 1527 and 1537 and designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. The Fortress ofAlbornoz was in 1364 and was built by the Cardinal of the same name. The Belvedere is theTemple of the fifth century. BC, the Peoples Palace, built around 1157 is in Romanesque-Gothicstyle. Seven of the Palace was built in the thirteenth century, one of the more importantmagistracies of the city. The Town Hall was built during the establishment of the Free Town, in thelate 500 subjected to a radical restoration of Hippolytus by Barefoot. Numerous other buildings andmonuments, make this unique city. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  6. 6. 3.The core proposal La casella projectAdvantages of Investing in Golf·Climate favourable for year-round golf·Significant unmet demand, huge potential for growth·Available land amid spectacular settings·Well-developed tourism infrastructure to complement the golf experience·Ideal location to attract both dedicated and recreational golfersThe Italian government has identified tourism infrastructure development as a prioritytarget and encourages the development of new golf courses throughout the country.Golf is one of the most promising investment sectors in Italy today.Three suburbs around the “la Casella” Area, haveaccepted the development plan of the GolfCourse!All is set and ready to let this investment growfast and stable.… And There is a reason why it is called the Center of Italy.The region is easly accesible from the main capitals and airports, becoming an easygateway for international golfers. Roma: Km ca. 120 - Firenze: Km ca.120 - Milano: Km ca. 450 - Napoli: Km ca. 400 Halfway between Rome and Florence, along the motorway A 1 exit at Fabro, turn left towards Parrano. After 7 km, before beginning the ascent of this small medieval town on the right is a message for the mailbox. Again 6 km of gravel road and youre there. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  7. 7. Golf competitors in the area.Already chosen by other less unique golf resorts. This makes the marketing of a new projecteasly accepted by the accostumed golf tourism, investing in an already developed Golf location.At the moment 8 golf course all of 18 holes are populating the area.Per se a unique 27 holes Golf resort with the possibility to have independet turistic venue willhave no competitors... We know that investing in a Golf Course and a Golf Resort is like taking care of a human being, and just like a human being can give tremendous satisfaction, so if you are not in love yet with the idea of investing and creating a Prime Golf Course and Golf Resort in the area, continue reading to find out about the numbers... Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  8. 8. The Project- core 2. The creation of a Golf Course - 27 holes - located in the valley of the river Chiani and in the municipalities of Ficulle - is a unique opportunity for an investment: The main features are: ● the central location compared to the main international airports and cities of Italy; ● a large and luxurios terrain of 350 ha; ● the region which is well equipped to further develop tourist infrastructures; ● the cooperation of the main regional public organs; ● the already developed turistic private hotel “La Casella” as part of the deal On top of this features, it is well clear that the Territory will benefit from this new realization, drawing direct advantages. What comprises the area of Poggi, with the urban sectors identified for some time and absent, and La Casella, whose future tourism development accommodation has already been programmed, makes them relevant planning instruments of the respective municipalities.In the City of Parrano, that new sports facilities will support the important initiatives of hotel andtourism development on the territory of the Principality in the light of the expected and desirablethermal activation.Once in operation, will be a key element in tourism development receptive of the OrvietoDistrict.The project in question essentially provides the first implementation of five villages each ofwhich express a different range of tourist accommodation both for quality and service and that,together, these genereraimo offers an integrated offering.The property in question covers about 350 hectares in the municipalities of Ficulle and Parrano(TR) and includes the first. *see picture folder for landscape Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  9. 9. MORE ON LOCATION, ACCESS ROADSAND INSIDEThe property lies in the towns aforesaid, it Orvieto,between the motorway exits (A1 - Autosole) Orvieto andFabro, halfway between Rome and Florence.Aeroport reference: Perugia at 50 minutes, RomeFiumicino and Rome Ciampino 1 hour and 15 minutes.Railway Stations: Chiusi and Orvieto intercyti to 25minutes, Fabro / Ficuile for local and local fast 15 minutesAccess is:a) through the first street called Box that coiiega Ailaprovincial Ficulle (Umbria-Casentino) at step of the MonteKite, b] of the road called Mill Parrano that connects tothe provincial Fabro Scalo - Parrano The internal roadCompany is provided by a set of local roads of mediumwidth, unmade, and maintained such that sufficientenable transit in normal conditions for any type of vehicle.From this network. you access to all the houses in thesame. Deepening the Orvieto Golf & Country Club - Building possibilityFurther more exist another agreed protocol/ 11 / 2009 and subsequent approval of the provincialgovernment of Terni - Resolution 249 of 3 / 12 (2009 and supplemental agreement dated 13 /10 / 2010 and the Municipalities of Ficulle Parrano and Penta County to move on the grounds ofThe Box and the provision of other construction of a 27-hole golf course assigning a volume thesame tourist-accommodation of approx. 25000 cubic meters. new construction. The astonishing Total cubic area available for development is 48.000 cubic meters that will add to the existing one developed on 4.300 m2, boosting the mixed existing infrastructure with and potentially new private villas, suite, public places! - see below for details. Total value of the above mention area, already licensed for construction of 48.000 mc + the existing 4.000 mq of construction and the 350 ha is 20.000.000 euros. Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  10. 10. The key point: Turnover 1.AssumptionsLet’s have a look at the assumptions created following the leader RCI standardturistic stats, and with the maximum use of the available 43.000 m3 area forbuildings:numbers of unit avg smq x unit60 suite 4530 ville 15030 ville 12080 suite 8560 suite 8040 suite 72public areas includes: reception, bar, 3.800restaurant, spaFurter and more detailed assumptions:80% occupancy rate for the year (52 weeks x y) and boarding of 0.60 per pers;Maximising the investment and planning the sale of timeshare vauchers, we generatedtotal: ● 2086 beds x year ● 297.782 total timeshare vaucher; ● avg 17.44 sul/Pl (gross surface/person) ● avg 816 daily occupancy Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti
  11. 11. Assumptions on the golf course created a 50% use on occupancy projection, withtotal 8660 golf users x year. With this assumptions a gross1 Break Even Point reached only at the 12.000 user of the timeshare&golf ticket package! 2 A unique opportunity indeed to exploit the untapped potential of Italian and Europeanstand alone Golf investment market.Further details available on request. Investment opportunity brought to you by:1 maintainace and marketing excluded2 see advanced files for details Via Panama, 100 – 00198 Roma Tel. +39 – FAX +39 – - Una rete internazionale di agenzie immobiliari autonome ed indipendenti