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Imenco is a major manufacturer of subsea camera, laser and lights. Our cameras are produced with different housing depending on depth rating. Our standard version is a housing in Duplex steel for depth 3000 MSW, and in Titan for 6000 MSW.In the Imenco camera you will find the latest technology providing the best images.
Our latest version of digital still, the Tiger has 14 Mpix resolution, internal flash and Ethernet hub for uploading images during operation. As an option we can also provide a reference laser built ito the camera. For more information concerning Subsea camera & Lasers, follow the links to the right.
contact Al Cohen, MBA-VPof Business Development at 713-480-7777 or

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Imenco Today- March 2010

  1. 1. TODAY SMART NEWS - MARch 2010World classDiving vesselAcergy Havila, described asthe worlds most advancedDiving vessel, has Imencodiving control technology. Page 8 The first hot tap tee-clamp was put to test at Imenco, Haugesund four years ago. Odd Einar Lindøe (in front) and Arne Kinn are Imenco’s key collaborators in the development of the Retrofit Tee Clamp for Åsgard, as they were for Tampen Link tee clamps.Smart solutionfor Siri and DONGWhen cracks were discov- Diverless hot Tap clamps for Åsgardered at Siri oilfield, opera-tor Dong needed a smartsolutions. Imenco had theanswer. Page 5 Imenco has been awarded a 4 million USD contract from Statoil Petroleum AS for delivery of three off 20 x 12 inch Retrofit Tee clamps for Diverless hot Tap operation of 20 inch subsea pipeline at the Åsgard field in the North Sea. The manufacturing contract is subcontracted tions, but is very much like the one we made to Aibel AS. The first RT Clamp will be manu- in 2006, says Arne Kinn and Odd Einar Lindøe, factured as a prototype clamp used for inte- Imenco’s two key collaborators in the develop- gration testing, while the other two will be ment of the Retrofit Tee Clamp for the Tam- permanent clamps used for installation on an pen Link. Åsgard 20 inch flowline in conjunction with Tampen Link is the name of the project thatIn houston the planned subsea compression plant. supplies the UK with gas from the Statfjord/to stay - We are very pleased to be awarded this con- Gullfaks area. The Åsgard project will be de-Imenco’s message after tract. Four years ago we developed and per- signed for 220 Bar pressure with a flow tem-opening office in Houston formed qualification of a similar prototype for perature of 80 degrees centigrade. Imenco willis clear. - We are here to Statoil for the Tampen Link Hot Tap project. perform the engineering and testing work,stay, says Al Cohen The clamps for Åsgard will be designed for a and the manufacturing of the clamps will be Page 10 higher pressure and temperature specifica- at Aibel’s workshop in Haugesund.
  2. 2. Editorial Imenco tightening its grasp on foreign markets D uring the last two years, Imenco has established four offices, the first two of which in Bergen and Stavanger, The next Imenco office abroad is most likely to be in Brazil. In Asia, we have em- ployed a number of agents as our repre- Workshop 2010, to be organized in Haug- esund on March 10th and 11th, will to some of the agents be their first meeting with the last two in Houston and Aberdeen. sentatives in the Far East. their Imenco colleagues in Norway. With our customers operating all over the world, our internationalization and Being represented in China, Korea, Ma- I am pleased to note that so many of our localization send a clear crystal message laysia, Vietnam, Australia, Argentina and agents have time to participate at the that we would like to pay close attention Singapore, we are present in that part workshop. Getting to know key Imenco to our customers global market. of the world in which we believe our fu- personnel and establishing connections ture markets are likely to be found. The with people who are going to support It was natural for us to establish our growth of Chinese economy, along with them, our agents and foreign offices will first two foreign offices in Houston and the country’s demand for energy, makes have every possibility to succeed. Aberdeen. Houston is the undisputed en- China the very locomotive of this devel- ergy capital of the world, and gateway to opment, not only on their own continent America’s offshore activities. but worldwide. So far, the North Sea has been our major For our agents to succeed on their mar- Managing Director market, so it is strategically correct for kets, it is imperative that Imenco offer Geir Egil Østebøvik us to be located in Bergen, Stavanger appropriate training, product informa- and Aberdeen. tions, support and feedback. Agent Imenco with focus on china -For the past two years, Imenco has recognize our products. They are aware professional visitors attend CIPPE at participated at the china International of our strong position in the oil and gas 65,000 exhibit area at New China Inter- Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology industry. We have delivered numerous national Exhibition Center . and Equipment exhibition (cIPPE). Helicopter Refueling Systems to our Far East market. Also we have recieved many We are invigorated to be there again for inquiries about our Subsea Camera Sys- another successful exhibition in March tem, Saturation Diving System, and Spe- of this year. The response from the cialized Engineering Solutions. We are market is very positive and promising. determined to exceed our customer ex- Increasing demand for reliable, depend- pectations. Says Bjørn Brunborg, Direc- able and innovative products of Imenco tor of International Sales & Marketing at is abseloutely undeniable. Imenco. Jan Endresen (right) at CIPPE 2009 discussing Our continous presence accentuates our CIPPE is the largest oil and gas ex- IMENCO products with a potential client. Due dedication, commitment, and undevided hibition in Asia, and ranked fourth to the response IMENCO is back in Beijing for attention to Chinese market. Customers worldwide.1,200 exhibitors and 40,000 the third time.2
  3. 3. The official inauguration of the production plant in Grinde will take place on 16th of March 2010.Official opening in Grindecustomers, other business associates The mayor of Tysvær municipal, Harald Haugesund in 1979. Today Imenco hasand neighbours will be invited to the A. Stakkestad will undertake the official 90 employees, and offices in Haugesund,official inauguration of Imenco’s pro- grand opening of the production plant. Bergen Stavanger, Aberdeen and Hou-duction facilities in Grinde on 16th of Imenco’s CEO, Geir Egil Østebøvik will ston.March 2010. present a brief summary of the com- The turnover last year was NOK 300 pany’s history since the foundation in millions.New workshop at Killingøy BaseBased on marked demand, a new Imencoworkshop for service and repair isestablished at Killingøy.The workshop is offering differentworkmanship for the maritime industryand the deep sea quay close to theworkshop make the location favourablefor ship repair, maintenance andservicing. The workshop has a fully equippedmachine shop for carrying out mechanicaland hydraulic work, including maintenanceand repair of diving systems, O2 cleaning,pressure testing, and other repair work forthe offshore and maritime industry. CEOat Imenco, Geir Egil Østebøvik has greatexpectations to the new work shop. Thelocation at Killingøy is ideal for shippingarrival, and with skilled workman craftwithin mechanical, hydraulic service andrepair - we will fill a gap in the market saysGeir Egil. Christian Andreou (Right) and Andreas Kvale in the workshop at Killingøy. TODAY Editor: Bjørn Å. Brunborg | | Publishing house: DHR Reklamebyrå as | Journalist: Odd-Atle Urvik 3
  4. 4. Imenco refueling packagefor “Deepsea Atlantic”DSME (Daewoo) in Korea has awardedImenco the contract to deliver a com-plete helicopter refueling package for anew GVA 7500 platform. Buyer is OdfjellDrilling.The platform, named “Deepsea Atlan-tic”, is a sixth generation deepwatersemisubmersible platform. It is designedfor operations in harsh environmentsand water depths up to 3,000 meters.A loading capacity of 7,500 meter in alloperating conditions ensures efficiency.Full winterization may be provided forimproved working conditions in arcticenvironments. ”Deepsea Atlantic” is designed for en-vironmentally sensitive areas, and theutmost focus has been put on obtainingzero discharges, low emissions and elec-trical solutions, to reduce onboard oil The new sixth generation oilrig ”Deepsea Atlantic” will have å complete helicopter refuellingvolumes and associated pollution risks. system made by ImencoSeparate drain systems are installed inthe machinery area, drilling area and all package with our Test- and Recycle Unit. in “Deepsea Atlantic” will be very pleasedoutside clean deck areas. No drain water The personnel on board are now able to with our system. We have received veryis discharged without passing a cleaning do all sampling in a closed system, and positive response and feedback fromsystem which ensures acceptable oil con- recycle the jet fuel back to storage tank. similar installations we have done in thetent. Closed systems means there is no spill, past. The platform is now operating a After arrival in Norway, Imenco was and no exposure of fuel to the environ- long term contract with Statoil, Norway.asked to upgrade the helicopter refueling ment. We believe that the crew on boardAFGUARD® contribution to aviation safetyImenco is proud to introduce FAUDI’s lat- We have AFGUARD® in stock. as specified by the Energy Insti-est and most innovative product, now Hazardous areas Certifica- tute. This area code covers in-joining the array of well proven FAUDI tion. stallations handling flammableAviation fuel filtration elements -The After undergoing test and fluids, and is a well-establishedAFGUARD® - water sensor. The technol- development phases, the and internationally acceptedogy reflects the next generation of avia- AFGUARD® has gone into se- publication. It provides meth-tion fuel filtration and monitoring, and rial production and is being odologies for hazardous areasis an important contribution to aviation implemented at large fuel classification around equip-safety, while meeting the demands of handling plants. We know ment for storing or handlingadvanced progress. Some of the innova- that it will successfully show flammable fluids in the produc-tive features are: -Intrinsically safe - Dual what the future of aviation tion, distribution and retailchannel scattered light turbidity sensor fuelling needs. Topping off sector and should be applied-Continuous monitoring of aviation fuel our research is the fact that by process safety practition-flow -Detection/monitoring the perform- we received the hazardous ers involved in hazardous areasance of filter/water separators & moni- area certification for zone 0/1 and zone classification. Our AFGUARD® displaystors -Reduction of faulty areas in avia- 2, qualifying it for use in all hazardous the sensor technology which will replacetion fuel filtration areas worldwide. This most important other means of chemical detection in theAFGUARD® uses a light scattering/light certification shows that AFGUARD® ful- future, because it works with much bet-blocking method which gives very low fills the requirements according to the El ter accuracy and is most cost effective inmaintenance and long durability. Model Code Safe Practice Part 15 (El 15) its applications.4
  5. 5. The monitoring system with eight cameras to monitor cracks at 60 meters deep at the Siri-plattform. This was Imenco’s smart solution to solveDONG’s problemSmart camera solution to DONGIn connection with the yearly ROV in- ered in a subsea pressure bottle, whichspection of the Dong Siri platform last also supplies power and individual lightautumn, cracks were discovered in the signal to each camera. The bottle con-tank under the platform at 60m depth. verts the signals into digital (IP), andcontact with Imenco was established, a transfers them to the surface by fiberfew phone calls, and Jan Wulsberg, head optic through an Ethernet hub. Topside,of electronics at Imenco, was on his way the signals go through a switch to a PC Imenco’sto copenhagen and Dong’s headquar- with software with recording specially man on top of theter. made for Dong. Before the main cam- situation, Jan era construction was made, Imenco de- Wulfsberg.To solve the situation, a specific project signed a prototype and performed a sub-center was established counting people sea installation with assistance from a Contact information:from different disciplines. The objec- ROV. The test was a success. As a result, Jan Wulfsbergtives for the project team were to obtain DONG issued a PO, and the main camera E-mail: jan.wulfsberg@imenco.noa rapid solution and to establish a system system was delivered 11 days later. Phone: +47 52 86 41 00that could monitor the cracks and poten- Imenco personnel assisted the installa-tial future developments. Imenco’s solu- tion at Dong Siri, which was successfully This is a typical project where Imencotion was to monitor the cracks by using completed, without any complications can apply all its knowledge within subsea8 cameras with integrated lights, type whatsoever. Imenco supplied the cam- camera & surveillance, combined with 30Imenco mini L, each mounted on a tripod era, cables, subsea pressure bottle, fiber years experience in subsea intervention,with magnet. optic cables, topside receiver, PC and says Jan Wulsberg, Manager for Imenco The signal from the cameras was gath- software. Electro/Electronics. Open Day, Imenco UK Ltd. Aberdeen On Thursday March 25th Imenco Ltd Ab- Wire anchors etc. We will be open from erdeen is going to keep open house, invit- 12 noon till 6 pm, and will be serving food ing existing and new customers to their and drinks. new premises at the Enterprice Centre, - We are looking forward to being able Science and Energy Park, Bridge of Don. to receive our customers in our new of- The building is situated right across the fice, with our CEO Geir Egil Østebøvik road from the exhibition hall in which present, together with other representa- Offshore Europe takes place. tives of the group management, says The reason why we do this is to market George Flaconer of Imenco UK Ltd to Im- Imenco in Aberdeen, exhibiting a repre- enco Today.George Falconer with open house at Imenco sentative selection of our products, suchUK Ltd in Aberdeen as cameras, ROV Shackle, Latch, Guide 5
  6. 6. The Bergen team: From left: Martin Tveitnes, Knut Eknes, Svein Moldskred, Jean-Maurice Paput, Arnstein Arnesen and Stein Andre Wolden.Riser Pull-in system to PetrobasImencos engineering team at the branch - Delivery will take place in the end of Solutions. The 73 blocks and sheavesoffice in Bergen are about to complete June. The Riser Pull in System has been a are parts of Aker Pusnes riser pull-in sys-the engineering work for the fairleads challenging project, and we have learned tem™.for the Riser pull-in system for Petro- a lot, since this is our first contract for P-55 will be built in Turkey, to be installedbras Rig P-55. Production of 73 blocks the Brazilian continental shelf. in the giant Roncador field 130 km north-is taking place on several workshops in - It is “tailor made”, and we benefit from east of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. TheNorway and Poland Imenco’s 40 years experience with lifting combined oil and gas field is one of 55 technology. It is our hope that the de- in the Campos Basin. The water depth- As the contract was signed, it was the livery of this system Petrobras Rig P-55 at Roncador is approx 1,800m, and thebiggest one in Imenco’s history, and so will give us new contracts when similar semi-submersible rig will have a produc-far our team has used approximately smart solutions is required on other rigs tion capacity of 180 thousand barrels/10.000 engineering hours, says Manager and FPSO’s, says Tveitnes. day and a compression capacity of 6 mil-Martin Tveitnes at Imenco’s office in Ber- The contract is close to US$ 4 millions, lion cubic meters/day of natural gas.gen to Imenco Today. and Imenco is a subcontractor for Aker Growth in Bergen It is only two years since Imenco opened a branch office in Bergen, but since then the number of employees has grown from three to six. However, General Man- ager Martin Tveitnes foresees that the staff might double from 6 to 12 during the present year. - We have not been affected by the fi- nancial crisis, if the number of inquiries and contracts we receive are anything to go by. The situation is rather the op- posite; we need more personnel. We’re on the look-out for civil engineers and engineers, particularly engineers with experience within project management,Imenco Bergen need more personnel. Tveitnes says to Imenco Today.6
  7. 7. Project managers, Rune Bringedal (right) and Jan Erik Hustveit were pleased with the succsessful autdit. Units for helicopter refuelling systemsunder production are lined up in the production hall.Good feedback from Bristow–It is always nice to get positive feed- Bristow auditors reported they were re- North Sea, the standards mentioned inback, but when it comes from the audi- ceived in a very professional manner. OLF Helideck Manual and CAP 437 weretors of one of the worlds leading heli- followed. The fuelling systems were alsocopter companies, it makes us proud. Well prepared inspected once a year according to OLF.Project Manager Rune Bringedal and - The company was well prepared for the No “non conformities” were found dur-Jan Erik hustvedt at Imenco production audit and had allocated relevant person- ing the inspection, the auditors report-plant in Grinde knows that a positive nel to guide the auditor through their ed.audition report from Bristow helicop- Company. The company has solid experi-ters means a lot. ence in both building and inspecting off- heavily expantion shore fuelling stations. They have expe- Imenco holds an ISO 9001 approval andFor helicopter companies safety is the rienced a good growth in the market and an ATEX approval. They have expandedmost important issue, and when they seem to have good economic bases for heavily the last 5 years into several dif-are pleased with the way Imenco manu- their enterprise. The company is deliver- ferent areas. The part that makes and in-facture the aviation refuelling systems, ing systems all over the world especially spects offshore fuelling stations consistBringedal and Hustvedt and their col- to the Far East (Singapore, Korea) and to of approximately 12 persons and is alsoleagues have every reason to be proud. the United States. They are also repre- supported by other departments in the The Bristow audit was performed in sented in some of these countries either production phase.accordance with Bristow internal audit by own offices or local representatives. Imenco’s production unit has movedprogram and an agreement with the The Company had systems in place both into brand new facilities at Grinde. Thecompany Imenco AS. The audit was done for training, building fuelling stations, facility had plenty of space with all dif-according to the standards outlined in testing and servicing/inspecting the in- ferent tooling systems and stands linedOLF Helideck Manual and CAP 437. The stallations. They were also interested up after each other in clean and dry en-following items were audited: in keeping a close relationship with the vironments. There was also test facilities helicopter operators to ensure conform- where a full scale function test could be• Quality System ity to standards. done in-house before the installation• Training of personnel was sent to the customer.• Training Records Qualified vendors The audit was performed by Audit Team• Inspection System The company is listed as qualified ven- Leader Per Skalleberg from Bristow• Inspector Qualifications dors of offshore fuelling systems and in-• Inspection Records spections in HCA (Helideck Certification• Production Standards Agency). When delivering systems used• Facilities for the Norwegian and UK sector of the 7
  8. 8. – Acergy havila, mostadvanced DSV in the world- “Acergy havila” will probably be the now are completed, and the final tests diving bells built for operation down tomost advanced diving support vessel in are being conducted. GDV 163 will accom- 400m depth. Imenco supplies for thisthe world. The diving system is designed modate 18 divers. vessel are more extensive, amongst oth-to accommodate 24 divers, and the ship Imenco have also delivered the diving er including automatic surveillance ofwill be delivered next year, says Project system for GDV 164. However, the ship diving chambers. The vessel is built to beManager Moss Mustafa to Imenco To- was sold without the system installed able to operate under tough conditionsday. on board. anywhere in the world. What makes “Acergy Havila” the state- Through last year’s acquisition of Nor-The 120 meter long hull has been built in of-the-art Diving Support Vessel (DSV) is wegian Universal Technology AS, Im-Turkey, and towed to Norway where she the high quality, and the computerized enco has become a leading supplier ofwill be completed at Havyard in Leirvik in control system. complete diving systems for customersSogn. The last months have been busy in - That gives safer operations, and all worldwide. Imenco is cooperating withthe production facilities in Grinde as div- relevant information is registered, says German corporation Dräger about theing control systems for three diving ves- Mr. Mustafa. supply of these systems.sels has been in production at the same ”Acergy Havila” is equipped with twotime. - The 24-man, twin bell saturation div-ing system will be certified for Norwe-gian regulations, and will utilize thelatest technology. The ship will offer avery high standard of accommodationfor a crew of 120. The design will reflectAcergy’s 30-year experience within div-ing operations in harsh environments.Imenco (NUT) is proud to be involved insuch a state-of-the art diving system,says Production Manager Einar Løvfallto Imenco Today. Within a few weeks GDV 163, the firstof the three diving support vessels with Diving controlImenco (NUT) diving system on board, system underwill be delivered from Bergen Yards. production at Moss Mustafa says all installations Imenco8
  9. 9. Agents Workshop in haugesund 2010On 10-11 March, Imenco is organizingthe “Agents Workshop 2010” in haug-esund. As a result of the internationalfocussing of Imenco, the number ofagents has increased considerably.This strategy now needs to be followedup in terms of training and education. Inorder to enable our cooperating partnersworldwide to do a good job, they need anunderstanding of the Imenco concept,says Bjørn Brunborg, who is responsiblefor marketing and following up agentsand offices abroad. - We are planning an active workshopwith visits to Imenco Workshop at Grindeas well as the Imenco HQ in Haugesund. There will be a lot of product informa-tion, but it is also important to meet Agents and foreign representatives at Agents Workshop in Haugesund. From left: Mr. Firdausand get acquainted with the agents and Azhar, Malaysia, Mr. Soo Bong, Choi, Korea, Mr. Wenlin Wang, USA, Mr. Al Cohen, USA, Mr. Seungtheir market situation. We will be gath- Woo, Tak, Korea, Mr. Stuart McConnell, UK and Mr. Edwin Yang, Singapore.ering Imenco’s sales agents in Asia, theUS and Europe, allowing them to meetpersonnel in charge of diverse products In addition to its offices in Haugesund, nam and Singapore, says Bjørn Brun-areas such as Diving Systems, Helicopter Grinde, Bergen and Stavanger, Imenco borg, referring to a map on www/imenco.refuelling Systems, Subsea products, has offices in Houston and Aberdeen. no for a complete overview of the placesLifting and Handling and Surveillance Moreover, Imenco is represented through in which Imenco is represented.CCTV Systems. agents in China, Korea, Malaysia, Viet-New welding workshop in GrindeThe new welding facility at the produc-tion plant in Grinde means more effi-ciency and improved hES standard. Theskilled personnel have a key function inthe production of Imenco’s refuellingsystems for helicopters.Imenco has personnel and knowhow todo nearly all kind of welding techniqueson various materials such as steel, stain-less steel and aluminium and also finemetals. The capacity of the welding workshopis also sufficient for Imenco to offer allkind of welding services to customers inand outside the Haugesund area. The new welding facilities have a cen-tral position in Imenco’s new productionplant in Grinde, 15 km east of Hauge- Imenco’s new welding facility in Grinde have capacity to offer welding service to customers insund. the Haugesund area. 9
  10. 10. Imenco has focus on Houston:–We are here to stay!–Imenco’s strategy in the USA is crystal clear: We are here to stay. Our new houstonoffice is perfectly situated between Beltway 8th and 290. We have chosen a marketoriented strategy involving frequent meetings with customers. During this phaseit is important to us to communicate with our costumers, presenting our productsand services.This is the daily task of Al Cohen, VP Busi- central position, says Brunborg.ness Development-USA. In the course - We are proud of being active par- Al Cohen will be Imenco’s man in Houston,of two months we are participating at ticipant at OTC, DOT, & UI this year. We and the customer’s man in Imencothree important exhibitions, says Bjørn have clear vision set by our leadershipBrunborg, responsible for the Houston team. We are marching toward the big and long enough, we will be rewarded.activities together with Al Cohen. picture of internationalization by com- Our point of departure is positive, and On February 2th to 4th we participated bining direction with perspective. At we are happy to have Al Cohen direct-at Deep Offshore Technology (DOT) at Imenco-Houston, we have a desire that ing our Houston department. He is thethe George B Brown Convention Centre feeds our passion and steels our deter- external representative of our companyin Houston, where several Oil & Gas com- mination to deliver “Smart Solutions” in Houston, and the customers’ internalpanies represented. We received a lot of to this part of the world. We have built representative in Imenco.positive feedback from visitors. our reputation on offering reliable serv- We are also installing a professional The subsequent week we went on to ice and dependable products for past 30 video conference system between ourNew Orleans to participate at the Under- years, and in Houston we live by our leg- main office in Haugesund and our officeswater Intervention (UI) from February endary commitment, says Al Cohen, head abroad. These facilities allow our cus-9th to 11th. In focus this time was Subsea of the Houston office. tomers in the US to talk directly to ourand diving systems; Imenco is known as At the OTC, focus will be on Aviation engineers at the head office and, if nec-one of the companies producing satura- Fuel Systems, Diving Systems and our ad- essary, our production unit at Grinde andtion diving systems. vanced camera systems for both subsea ingenieering office in Bergen. However, our most important promo- and topside. Moreover, we have several Similar systems will also be availabletional campaign in the US this spring is products such as ROV shackle, Guidwire later on in Aberdeen, as we considerour presence at the Offshore Technology anchors and latcher, already subject to a them a cost-effective asset to ourselvesConference (OTC) in Houston on May 3th lot of attention from the market. as well as our 6th. Last year, we were not fully satis- Brunborg describes the three US exhi- Imenco is co-located with an otherfied with our stand allocation at the OTC, bitions as excellent opportunies for the Norwegian company, Adventec Houis-so this year we are making alterations in marketing of Imenco in North America. ton Ltd., whose head office is located atorder to get a larger stand with a more - If we do the right things frequently Stord, Norway.Imenco meetsINTSOK-USAJan Endresen and Al cohen in a meetingwith Intsok US, represented by Johnhurter (in the middle)Imenco’s internationalization is ontrack, which is important in order to getcloser to our customers. John L. Hurterat Intsok was honored for his support toImenco in the US market. The Imenco team pays strict attentionto details when it comes to product de-sign and availability, manufacturing, Jan Endresen, Imenco (left), John Hurter from INTSOC-USA (middle) and Al Cohen, Imencocertification & support. We are a people- (right).oriented company that listens to the Due to customer demands we now focus on developing and coaching everyvoice of the customer, and uses that have offices and agents in more than 10 single team member to provide reliableknowledge and expertise to meet cus- countries around the world. We shall products and dependable service. Aftertomer expectations and exceed industry succeed in building a network in assur- all Imenco’s motto is: “Smart Solutionsstandards, says Al Cohen, VP of Business ance of superb quality and outstanding and Smart People”Development in the US. service. Our Imenco leadership team will10
  11. 11. Kjetil Eriksen is employed as an engineer at Imenco as from 1 March 2010. A graduate mechanical engi- neer of Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund (College of Stord/ Haugesund), Kjetil is 27 years old, unmarried and lives in Kopervik, where he grew up. One of his former employers is Østensjøs Rederi AS. He will be working at the engineering de- partment at Imenco HQ.New workshop Christian Andreou is appointed workshop manager at Killingøy. Thomas Vestveitmanager at Killingøy Olsen has been hired as aChristian Andreou has been appointed position, and I’m anxious to see how we welding engineer.Workshop Manager for Imenco’s work- can increase activities in the workshop. He will have the re-shop at Haugesund offshore base at The goal is to have a modern service sponsibility for theKyllingøy. He will assume full responsi- workshop for hydraulics and mechan- welding workshopbility as from April 1st. Until this date he ics within diving, ROV and other related and for following up sub-contractors.will work closely with the present work- work scope, says CEO at Imenco, Geir Egil Thomas is 34 years, married, and has twoshop manager, Andreas Kvale. Østebøvik to Imenco Today. children. He comes to Imenco from Nemo- I wish Christian all the best in his new Engineering, where he was responsible for materials and welding. He was also a welding coordinator at Nemo’s HaatechFocus on Subsea products workshop.and ccTV SurveillanceKjell Ole Pedersen (59) started at Imenco StuartSeptember 2009, and will in his positionfocus on subsea products, especially McconnellCCTV surveillance. He has a background has joined Imencofrom operational offshore related work, Aberdeen office,having worked for Decca/Racal, Fugro, January 2010.Stolt Nielsen Seaway and Statoil. His Stuart is working un-most previous position was as a project der the guidance ofmanager at Statoil Pipeline Operation George Falconer inDepartment at Kårstø, where he dealt Aberdeen, and is a Mechanical Engineer.with major offshore pipelines. Since his completion of his engineering Kjell Ole has a long-standing onshore apprenticeship, and Technical educa-and offshore experience (vessels and tion, Stuart has been involved in theplatforms) having been involved in a direct sales of tooling solutions withinnumber of pipeline projects on land, top- Kjell Ole Pedersen (59) Sivil Engineer, has the Oil & Gas equipment manufacturing,side and subsea projects in the North Sea started at Imenco. and distribution companies. Stuart is 45and internationally, e.g. Turkey, Azerbai- yrs of age and has interests in variousjan and Iran. His background gives him a markets, either through our branch offic- sports such as football , golf , squash, &good knowledge which fits in nicely with es abroad, or through our agents around hill walking . With an HNC in Mechani-Imenco’s products, and this is my best the world. Some of our clients operating cal Engineering, Stuart shall bring hisasset in my new position, says Kjell Ole. in the North Sea are also present interna- enthusiasm along with his direct salesGiven Imenco’s international strategy is tionally, but there are many new custom- capability to promote the Imenco brandimportant to get access to and serve new ers whose doors we should knock on. within the UK. 11
  12. 12. WE HAVE CUSTOMERS WORLD WIDE Svalbard Norway Sweden Karlskrona Canada Great Britain France North America Mezzano Italy Korea Asia Houston Shanghai Egypt India Alexandria Mumbay Thailand Vietnam Nigeria Visakapnap Vong Tau Sata Hip Africa Singapore Angola South America Rio de Janeiro Australia Perth Cape TownSOME OF OUR COLLABORATING PARTNERS: OLLERODDEN Imenco as | Stoltenberggt. 1 | P.O. Box 2143 | N-5504 haugesund | Norway | Tel +47 52 86 41 00 | Fax +47 52 86 41 01 | e-mail. OLLERODDEN 12