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Opus presentation


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Opus presentation

  1. 1. v/Iver Engebretsen og Hans Bull-Tornøe
  2. 2. Our responsebility:53.000 inhabitants5 municipalities
  3. 3. Adult Career Studenteducation guidance Workshop
  4. 4. Career guidance Career guidance became a part of our activity in August 2009 Career guidance is an offer to inhabitants over 20 years of age, and also for companies/enterprises in the 5 municipalities Ringerike, Hole, Sigdal, Modum og Krødsherad A part of the EU agreement
  5. 5. Career guidance (2)Individual:  Information about education, profession and about our community  Describe possibilites  Subscribe self understanding  Subscribe competanse of selecting
  6. 6. Adult rights - from the year one turns 25 Adults who are seeking adult education and has completed primary school or equivalent, will from the year they turn 25 have the right to free prior learning assessment and secondary education if they have not previously completed such training. The right is enshrined in the Education Law § 4A-3 The training is free, but each pupil must cover costs of materials with the exception of the loan of textbooks and digital tools (depending on the course of training)
  7. 7. Validation of competenseFrom the Norwegian Education law – «Opplæringslova»:” The assessment will show whether the prior learning is equivalent to a competence that is defined in the curriculum of each subject”
  8. 8. Offers by OPUS Ringerike Autumn 2011 We have started: 1 class in the Health Worker course (Hønefoss) (12 pupils) 1 class in the Health Worker course (Rosthaug) (17 pupils) 1 class in Children and Youth work (joint VG1) (12 pupils) 1 class VG3 General Studies (43 pupils) 1 class of General subjects in the vocational branch (28 pupils) In addition, we offer online courses to our pupils. Important that the pupils make a lot of effort to make this work. Basic education in reading, writing, numeracy and ICT for adults in collaboration with their employer ( VOX program, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning, is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.)
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention!
  10. 10. Career advising/-guidance(3)Public and privat sector:  Information about the education system  Assist in competanse diagnostics og competanse development of the employees  Cooperate in network
  11. 11. Career advising/-guidance (4)OPUS Ringerike Career Centre will also: Contribute to fewer wrong choice in education Encourage lifelong learning Encourage flexible vocational training and education services Contribute to an inclusive workplace Participation and operation of collaborative networks
  12. 12. Student Workshop Cooperate with libraries in municipalities  Career guidance  Support of self-study  Literature searching  Writing diploma  Borrow a PC  Training - basic skills (VOX)  General information about community services (rights and duties)
  13. 13. Higher education-NOKUT NOKUT - recognition of higher education from abroad - the application process is now - 3-4 months processing time NOKUT = Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - there are separate application forms
  14. 14. General University admissions – 23/5 rule 6 subjects: Norwegian, Be at least 23 Social, (samfunnsfag) years old and have 5 years of Mathematics, documented Science,(naturfag) experience English and History + Documented work experience Good knowledge is essential, especially in Norwegian and English
  15. 15. The «road» to Craft sertificate - PracticeCandidate Craft examination – Craft sertificate Written exam Theoretical Practical training in the teaching is discipline of working in 5 voluntary, but years (60 months) an advantage Elementary school
  16. 16. The «road» to Craft sertificate - pupil Craft examination – Craft sertificate Written exam The practice of the subject Practical training in the as an apprentice the 3. and discipline at work the 4. year 3., 4. and 5. year In addition to teaching and the requirements Secondary school 2. year for passing the exam / positions in Secondary school 1. year Norwegian, social studies, mathematics, science, English and Elementary school Physical Education