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Lebanon logistics assessment italy presentation imdad

  1. 1. LEBANON Logistics Assessment September 2011 Contents Geography, Population, Political & Economical Situation and Logistics Overview References www.customs.gov.lb www.finance.gov.lb www.economy.gov.lb www.public-works.gov.lb www.lfs-lb.org www.bdl.gov.lb www.cia.gov © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011
  2. 2. Background & General Information  Geographic Location o 10,452 m2 bounded by Syria from the East & South, Israel from the North and the Mediterranean Sea from the West with 225 km coastline  Population o Estimated population of 4 million comparison to the world: 127 © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011
  3. 3. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 Political Situation o The country is recovering from long years of war o Though arms are still to be collected and Militias to be fully dissolved, nowadays the peace is reigning in general and the country is once again viewed as the prime touristic destination it used to be Background & General Information
  4. 4. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 Economy o Small Economy of GDP 32 Billion USD growing at 7% yearly o Free Economy, fully open to Foreign Investment suffering from high taxes and fees and heavy State Liabilities(21 Billion $ external debt) o No restrictions on money exchange and transfers o High Imports of 17 Billion $ o Exports of 4 Billion $ Background & General Information 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 2006200720082009 Imports in Billion $
  5. 5. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 Economy (…continued) o Strong Banking Sector with Domestic Deposits of 100 Billion $. Lebanese Banks have opened branches all over the MENA region o Lebanese Franchises and Media companies are becoming very popular in the MENA region o Local Freight Forwarders are in their turn establishing a good presence in the Levant and GCC Background & General Information
  6. 6. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 Economy (…continued) o Deficit in the Balance of Payments partially compensated by Tourism and other services especially Banks o Main compensation of the BP Deficit comes from Immigrants transfer inflows to the country, noting that Lebanese Population being only 4 million, Lebanese Immigrants in Europe, GCC and the Americas exceed 15 million (10% of the Brazil Chamber of Deputies are of Lebanese origin) Background & General Information
  7. 7. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 Once the Storage and Transit Hub of the Middle East, Lebanon is striving to regain its past position Logistics Overview Seaports Beirut & Tripoli Main Commercial Activity Sidon & Tyre Small Commercial & Fishing Jounieh for passengers Byblos, Amchit & Batroun Fishing Chekka Cement Oil & Gas Warehouses present in Dora Tripoli Zahrani and Jiyyeh receive directly in their tanks, oil & gas cargo and have customs offices on location Port Name Activity tons/year Beirut 11,000,000 Tripoli 3,600,000 Other 800,000
  8. 8. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Airports Beirut International passengers & cargo 5 million passengers/2009 Tripoli/Kleyat internal flights Postal Parcels 600k$/year Airport Activity tons/year Beirut 100,000 Other 0
  9. 9. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Landports Open through Syria to Iraq, Jordan & GCC from the East, Turkey and Europe from the North Masnaa (east) Kaa (east) Arida (north) Abboudie (north) Land port Activity tons/year Masnaa 3,400,000 Kaa 35,000 Arida 365,000 Abboudie 1,050,000
  10. 10. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Free zones and Transit Special Free Zone Open for all companies operating in transit, export and international trade to lease a land parcel and build their own warehouses Public Free Zone At Beirut Seaport and Airport, warehouse spaces for rent Transit Activity tons/year Port & Airport 20,000
  11. 11. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Railroads Railroad infrastructure was completely ruined during the war and still is to the present date. Overland Transport Fleet Old fleet of trucks and insufficient for the national overland activity, trucks mainly from Syria are filling the gap. Efforts are being focused on unifying axis of vehicles and max loads and border fees between Arab Countries
  12. 12. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Tariffs (average figures) Loading/unloading vessel 2-5$/ton Charging/Discharging trader 2- 4$/ton Forklift 15 ton 10$/hour Transport 0.05$/ton/Km Port fees on containerized av. 200$/20ft 350/40ft Additional Storage at Port 50$/20ft/15 days Storage outside port 6$/month + 200$ handling/20ft
  13. 13. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview Freight Forwarding o 126 listed companies in the Forwarders Syndicate o Estimated Total Market Gross Margin 200 million$ o Competition includes Customs Clearance Agents working directly with shipping agencies o Forwarders are opening businesses all over the Arab countries, current main focus is on Syria o Forwarders are expanding vertically and going into third party logistics (warehousing and transportation) all Beirut Special Free Zone warehouses were built by forwarders. o Forwarders consortiums are being formed in this regard e.g. Net Logistics warehouses at the Free Zone area
  14. 14. © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011 (…continued) Logistics Overview 3rd Party Logistics o Estimated warehousing spaces in Lebanon 8 million m2 o 3rd Party warehousing spaces currently available = 80 thousand m2 only o 3PL is still under developed . Additional investment should be sought in the near future especially with the current trend for 3PL worldwide Last Word Even though being a relatively small market, yet Lebanon could still be regarded as an attractive destination for Logistics Investments.
  15. 15. Thank You © Logistics Yard sarl Sept 2011