List of personal protective equipment to have


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Protection is every person’s personal insurance for safety and with all the potential dangers lurking around, it is important that individuals practice safety efficiently and effectively.

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List of personal protective equipment to have

  1. 1. Personal Protection Equipment Can Save Your Life Protection is every person’s personal insurance for safety and with all the potential dangers lurking around, it is important that individuals practice safety efficiently and effectively. Many dangers can be unpredictable, but with the help of personal protective equipment anyone can stop a threatening pursuit. The must have equipment for personal protection are stun guns, protective handguns, pepper spray, and home surveillance/alarm devices. Why are these the go to safety products and how are they suitable for everyone? Each product serves a variety of purposes which promote safety for a vast variety of individuals participating in different jobs/professions/activities. A Stun Gun A stun gun is one of the most popularized safety devices for individuals traveling on foot or at home. Stun guns are used to immobilize individuals or animals that pose as a potential threat. Some of the perks of this device are that it supplies electric current to the threat without serious injury and is easy to disguise. Many stun guns have been modified to appears as cell phone devices and flashlights. This device is perfect for night joggers, single home/apartment owners, afternoon workers, and anyone looking to protect themselves against strangers of minimal-moderate threat. A Self Defense Handgun A personal handgun is a more contrivance resource when it come to personal protective equipment. Protective handguns are one hand devices used to immobilize threats with the likelihood of injury inflicted upon impact. Since a handgun may be considered a powerful weapon, this device has laws and restrictions that users must abide by for the safety of themselves and others. Any owner of this device may use a handgun to protect him/herself, but should keep in mind the threat of his/her situation to avoid unnecessary fatalities. Handguns pose as a suitable device for individuals looking to protect their household/family, defense against robbers, defense against attackers/vicious animals, or anyone looking to maximize their protection. Pepper Spray When is comes to personal protective equipment, pepper spray is a efficient and effective device used to disable threats. It is so effective that authority figures such as policemen and security guards utilize this device to subdue offenders. Pepper spray is an aerosol spray that is administered through the eyes or inhaled causing overwhelming inflammation and burning sensations which incapacitates offenders. Use of this device may cause possible respiratory or optical injuries making this safety device a very formidable weapon. This device is suitable for anyone in potential danger with a human threat, however may not prove as effective with animals due to physiological discrepancies. Print web pages, create PDFs 1 of 2 6/29/2014 6:15 PM Alarms Another appreciable series of devices in personal protective equipment are surveillance/alarm devices. These devices don’t pose as offensive weapons like the ones previously mentioned, however they are the ultimate defense devices for safety at home and other facilities with unexpected guests. Surveillance devices such as cameras help monitor the surroundings of any facility being recorded within the camera’s reach. This helps identify robbers/threats that may be lurking around and serve as a preemptive warning to prepare for intruders. Other devices such as alarms serve similar purposes to that of surveillance cameras. Motion detection alarms indicate intruders are active within the parameters of the device. Alarms such as house security/door alarms indicate if an intruder has entered the facility. This is suitable for anyone wanting to relax and feel secure in his/her home or workplace. Personal protective equipment is the essential commodity of personal safety. No person should live in fear or vulnerability to undesired dangers. Civilians now have the opportunity to take control over dangerous threats with the help of protective equipment. These must have devices can help anyone secure their lives or even save them. Follow Me Josh Wann at Josh Wann is an average joe who loves the outdoors and spending time with his family. He has dogs and loves kids as well as travelling abroad. Follow Me Latest posts by Josh Wann ( ) - June 15, 2014 - June 12, 2014 - June 7, 2014 Print web pages, create PDFs 2 of 2 6/29/2014 6:15 PM