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5 intuitive ways to pamper your pet bond


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The best ways to pamper your pet involve spending quality time with him, keeping him active and feeding him well. Here are 5 intuitive approaches to indulge your pet-bond.

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5 intuitive ways to pamper your pet bond

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  2. 2. 5 Intuitive Ways to Pamper Your Pet-Bond As the saying goes, ‘love is a four-legged word’. Though it doesn’t necessarily have to do with a creature having four legs, but pets occupy a certain section of our heart that nothing else can replace. Coming back home to your furry friend is a different feeling altogether and perhaps it’s only a pet owner who can best describe the invaluable moments they spend with their dogs, cats, birds and even fishes. Understanding pet emotions is not an arduous task. All it requires is communication with them and growing up as you study them on a daily basis. To pamper your pet-bond, you can try these: Train everyday Though the basics are taught by trained personnel, but you can inculcate the most beautiful ways of building and improving your connection with your companion if you train him or her in a language that both of you are accustomed to. Most importantly, understanding pet emotions include scope for ‘positive reinforcement’. However, training is a very natural process. So, it’s better to keep it that way instead of dealing with coercion. Study the body language So what if your pet lacks the ability to talk? Communication is not akin to conversing. The act of talking and listening, thinking and feeling is well conveyed by pets through their body language. Making an attempt to study them is actually taking a step closer to identify pet emotions. Getting along with your companion won’t be that difficult after you continue with this activity. Respect them for what they are Pets have their own set of likes and dislikes. While few may respond best when cuddled, others can prefer to have their own space. All pets crave for affection but the way they like best are unique to each other. In much the same way, diet patterns, sleeping habits may also vary. In order to connect with your pet, it’s vital to respect these. Spend some quality time together It could be something as your regular play session or hugs’ time or simply when you talk to your pet, but ensure that some time is focused on them exclusively. Even when you choose to take them out for a walk, it must be quality time and not when you choose to devote on some other pursuit of life. Become the source of everything
  3. 3. It might not sound too feasible but there’s no harm trying to be the sole source of life’s joys to your pet. From feeding to presenting lovely toys, include some tricks before moving on to a routine life. These are ways of building pet emotions and you become the provider of the best things in your friend’s life. Now you won’t be at a loss for ideas when pampering your companion! "