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How SEO Helped Me Close My First 100K Deal


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This presentation shows you how to leverage SEO to obtain quality leads.

Published in: Sales
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How SEO Helped Me Close My First 100K Deal

  1. 1. How Helped Me Close My First 100K Deal Michael Georgiou Co-founder and CMO, Imaginovation, LLC. SEO
  2. 2. Award winning turn-key development company that creates custom web and mobile applications driven by UX/UI strategy and data security. About Imaginovation @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  3. 3. A few facts about me… @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  4. 4. Why am I Speaking to You Today? ▹ Built a successfultech company with 40+ employees in just over 5 years. ▹ I know what it’s like to start from nothing. ▹ Landed my first 6-figure deal before the age of 30. ▹ Worked with large clients such as MetLife, CREE, and Channel Advisor @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  5. 5. 6 Steps that Landed My First Big Sale ▹ SEO established credibility. ▹ Passion and professionalism. ▹ Transparency and responsiveness. ▹ Gettingin front of the customer – put a face to the name. ▹ High quality and thorough proposal. ▹ BE PATIENT! Don’t rush the process. @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  6. 6. How SEO Helps Sales ▹ Supplies qualified inbound leads that already want to connect. ▹ If you have the right tools, you can know which keywords they were looking for when they arrived at your website. ▹ Website optimization and UI/UX design is essential. ▹ Targeted brand message on your website. ▹ SEO, like sales, is a numbers game. @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K Increased Qualified Leads Organized Sales Process Increased Sales + =
  7. 7. Land Your First Big Deal Using SEO in 4 Easy Steps! @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  8. 8. Step 1: Pull Them In Pull Marketing ▹ Inbound sales approach. ▹ Get the customer to come to YOU instead of the other way around. (Push marketing rarely works in today’s generation). ▹ Provides leverage to sell at a higher price point. ▹ Provides credibility in proving value and competitive differentiation. ▹ Examples include media promotions, word-of-mouth and…SEO! @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  9. 9. Step 2: Stalk Them (but not literally) SEO allows you to get valuable information on your potential client: Do Your Research & Planning ▹ What were they searching for? ▹ Which link did they click on to get here? ▹ Did they visit any other pages on my site? ▹ How many times did they visit my site? @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  10. 10. Step 3: Vet Them Having a lot of leads is a good problem to have! Your SEO and website is working as intended! Questions to ask: ▹ Will this lead benefit from our service or product? ▹ Can this lead afford our service or product? ▹ Which other services/products can this lead benefit from? (i.e. video services) @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  11. 11. Step 3: Vet Them Having a lot of leads is a good problem to have! Your SEO and website is working as intended! Tools for Vetting Leads ▹ Lead Forensics ▹ LinkedIn ▹ Hubspot @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  12. 12. Step 4: TRAP Them! Transparency Responsiveness Aggressiveness Patience @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
  13. 13. After the Deal ▹ Check in throughout the process – at the end of the day, it’s not just a sale, it’s a long-term relationship. ▹ Create a support and feedback process. ▹ There is always room for upselling at the right time. ▹ Ask for reviews/referrals. @Mgeorgiou22 #Imagin100K
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