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By itself, Visual Studio 2012 included many compelling new features not available in prior releases. But Microsoft hasn’t stopped. Since the production release in August 2012, Microsoft has continued to release more new capabilities. In this session we’ll walk through some of the latest and greatest enhancements that you can use in your Visual Studio and TFS 2012 environment.

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  • By itself, Visual Studio 2012 included many compelling new features not available in prior releases. But Microsoft hasn't stopped. Since the production release in August 2012, Microsoft has continued to release more new capabilities. In this session we'll walk through some of the latest and greatest enhancements that you can use in your Visual Studio and TFS 2012 environment.
  • Talk to SPs vs Releases.What does 2 years mean in Tech? iPhone and Android released 2007-2008. During the timeframe of VS 2008.The original iPad was released in January 2010, three years ago and immediately before VS 2010.Azure – commercially available in Feb 2010. AWS launched in 2006 (don’t talk to that.)
  • A look at what was new, at least in the ALM space, as of three years ago.
  • And a look at what was considered new six months ago.
  • Adoption of agile practices… Continuous DeliveryProduct as a whole is on 3-week sprintsTF Service
  • …For update 2, they’ve already published 4 CTPs… The latest, CTP 4, was released about a week ago and includes a Go-Live license. It will be upgradeable to the final Update 2 final release (and must be before continuing beyond that). All of my demos today will be using Update 2 CTP 4.
  • Summary and partial list of enhancements taken from Brian Harry’s blog
  • BHARRY: Unit testing – One of the big problems with unit testing SharePoint is that most code requires SharePoint to be running and trying to run tests against a live SharePoint instance is a pain.  So we’ve built a SharePoint “emulator” using our new VS 2012 Fakes & Stubs capability.  This will make unit testing of SharePoint components WAY easier.Coded UI support – Our 2012 product was pretty close to supporting this but there were a few SharePoint specific issues that we weren’t able to address that made CodedUI (functional testing) not work well for SharePoint.  In our first update, we will have addressed those issues.Workarounds documented for Excel on Sharepoint 2010, Visio\\Powerpoint controls, and SharePoint Silverlight controlsLoad testing – We now support load testing for SharePoint out of the box.  This is more involved than you might imagine due to how dynamic SharePoint is.  You can’t just record a script and play it back – it won’t work because SharePoint generates and expects dynamic data (like GUIDs).  We’ve built the extensions to our load testing solution to parse the dynamic SharePoint data and include it appropriately in subsequent requests.  So now you can record a script and play it back and we will dynamically adjust it to match what SharePoint expects.IntelliTrace collection plan – While this won’t be in the first CTP, we’re building a custom IntelliTrace collection plan for SharePoint that helps filter out a bunch of the SharePoint “infrastructure noise” and lets you focus on events related to your components that are the likely cause of problems you are seeing.SOMA: SharePoint Development. Beyond the core platform support for SharePoint development available via “Napa” and the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio, with Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 we’ve invested in building out significant new application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities for SharePoint applications.  This work is primarily centered around multiple forms of testing: from load testing that enables the stressing of SharePoint applications with simulated load and network conditions; to performance testing that enables recording and running performance suites against SharePoint solutions; to unit testing that enables coded UI tests for simulating user interaction and that enables using the Microsoft Fakes Framework for stubbing out SharePoint dependencies in unit tests.  Update 1 also updates IntelliTrace to capture SharePoint logging information, in order to provide a rich analysis experience for SharePoint applications.
  • VS Blog:SharePoint Emulators provide a system of Fakes based shims implementing the basic behaviors of the SharePoint 2010 server object model. SharePoint Emulators are available today through a NuGet package feed. Perform a simple search of the NuGet official feed for “SharePoint Emulators”.SharePoint Emulators are easy to incorporate into existing tests. You can write tests against the SharePoint Emulators using only the SharePoint API. All that is needed is the wrapping of test code in a SharePointEmulationScope.
  • From VS Blog:IntelliTrace has been enhanced in Visual Studio Update 1 to include a PowerShell module for collecting trace logs from SharePoint, filters specific to SharePoint events and a new dialog that enables entering a SharePoint correlation ID that makes locating and solving SharePoint development problems much easier.
  • VS Blog:While it is recording don’t be alarmed by all of the requests listed in the Web Test Recorder window, the requests for ScriptResx.ashx, blank.htm and others will be removed once the recording is stopped.One of the things you’ll notice right away is that the site names have already been extracted for you:SiteName1=sp2010pillars SiteName2=Projects SiteName3=M300DigitalCamera SharePoint specific extraction rules
  • From Soma:Agile Teams. With Visual Studio 2012, we introduced a wealth of features to support agile teams, from stakeholders to developers to testers to project managers, and Update 1 further builds upon this focus.  The update includes many usability improvements to enable user productivity while managing projects in the web-based interface for Team Foundation Server, such as with new ways to navigate around the UI, more cases where dragging and dropping is relevant, and a much improved source viewing and diffing experience.  Update 1 also includes Kanban support: in addition to the existing Scrum and task board support, the Kanban support offers a new range of project tracking options, including a Kanban board and a cumulative flow diagram.  In fact, Update 1 includes for Team Foundation Server most of the improvements made to Team Foundation Service in recent months.  Visual Studio now also includes a new visualization feature, Code Map, which enables developers to dynamically build views of relevant areas of a code base in order to understand and navigate its relationships quickly.VS BLOG:Track project progress with a Kanban board ( tasks to user stories through drag and drop in the taskboard ( ownership through drag and drop in the people view of the taskboard ( building code maps to easily understand relationships and navigate between disparate locations BHARRY:Kanban support – You may have seen the new kanban feature we introduced on our cloud service recently.  In our first update, we’ll be bringing that and some additional improvements.  This will give you an even broader set of choices for managing your project.  You can use our Scrum based Agile Project Management tools, Kanban or Project and Project Server – or a combination of them.Usability improvements – Every sprint, on the hosted service, we announce a set of small improvements – like drag & drop assignment of tasks, counts on links & attachments tabs, etc.  They are each a small thing but together they add up to increased usability and productivity.  Our first update will include plethora of these kinds of improvements.
  • VS Blog:
  • VSALM:Code Analysis for Windows Phone applicationsVisual Studio Premium and Ultimate 2012 can use the full Code Analysis rule set to analyze Windows Phone Applications to discover potential issues in your code, such as non-secure data access, usage violations, and design problems. With Visual Studio update 1 we have tuned these rules to reduce the quantity of false warnings; including CA2149 Transparent code must not reference security critical itemsData driving Windows Store unit testsData driving has now been added to the Windows Store unit test library. By adding multiple DataRowattibutes to your test method you now create multiple test iterations. In the following snippet is an example a data driven unit test by specifying two test iterations.Eg.[DataTestMethod][DataRow(1,2,3)][DataRow(4,5,6)]Windows Store C++ unit testing enhancementsYou can now add references to C++ Windows Store executables and custom XAML controls in you C++ Windows Store unit test libraries.NOTE: We also plan to release a helper library for asynchronous tests on Visual Studio GalleryARM native dump debugging supportNow debug dumps of native C++ apps from ARM powered computers and devices with the same dump debugging functionality that you are accustomed to on x86 or x64.  To get started, just open the dump file in Visual Studio and click on the action link to start debugging!The ability to group by trait information in the Visual Studio Test Explorer The ability to filter by traits was enabled in the last CTP.  In this CTP we now enable filtering by user definable traits for Windows Store unit tests and Native unit tests.From Soma:Windows Development. A big focus area for us when designing Visual Studio 2012 was in enabling developers to build stellar apps for Windows, and that trend continues with Update 1, with which we’ve improved Windows development in a variety of areas.  Back in June, we announced we would enable C++ applications to target Windows XP from Visual Studio 2012, and that support is now available as part of Update 1. For Windows Store applications for Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 includes support for both mixed-mode managed/native debugging and for native ARM dump debugging.  Update 1 also includes improved diagnostics and testing support for Windows Store apps, such as with a JavaScript memory analysis tool, support for data-driven unit tests, and C++ unit testing enhancements. Additionally, for developers building apps for Windows Phone 8, we’ve enabled code analysis to help improve the quality of their phone apps.
  • VS Blog:The JavaScript Memory Analysis tool enables developers to inspect the memory usage in their Windows Store Applications written primarily in JavaScript and be able to diagnose potential leaks.See the MSDN content: Analyzing memory usage in Windows Store apps (JavaScript)Analyzing memory usage in Windows Store apps (JavaScript)The JavaScript Memory Analyzer is available in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 to help you understand memory usage and find memory leaks in your Windows Store apps built for Windows using JavaScript. The JavaScript Memory Analyzer can do these things for you:Help you quickly find memory usage issues in your app by emphasizing the most relevant data.You get this data in snapshot summaries that show the differences between two snapshots, and that provide links to more detailed views.Provide views of dominators, types, roots, DOM elements, and Windows Runtime objects to help isolate issues.Reduce non-actionable information in the JavaScript heap data.Objects that aren't created directly in your app code are automatically filtered out. You can also type identifier names to further filter data.
  • VS Blog:
  • From Soma:Continuous Quality. Last but not least, enabling continuous quality is a key focus area for Update 1, beyond the Windows and SharePoint testing features already mentioned.  This spans testing at all levels, from the management of tests to their execution.  For example, code coverage is now supported for manual testing of ASP.NET applications, enabling testers to analyze which areas of a code base are used during manual testing (similar to the support already enabled for automated tests).  Cross-browser testing is now supported, with the ability to record tests on Internet Explorer and later replay them with most modern browsers.  Test Explorer in Visual Studio has been augmented to enable custom “traits”; these traits are specified in the tests, allowing developers to specify how tests should be grouped and run.  Microsoft Test Manager has also been enhanced in several customer-requested areas, such as with support for pausing/resuming of manual test sessions and automatically creating an image log of all actions performed during an exploratory testing session.VSALM:The ability to group by trait information in the Visual Studio Test Explorer The ability to filter by traits was enabled in the last CTP.  In this CTP we now enable filtering by user definable traits for Windows Store unit tests and Native unit tests.Terje:Using Traits and Projects for groupingLet us start with a MSTest based example.  In a sample project we add 3 tests, and put them into separate categories.  This is done by adding the TestCategory attribute to the method, and the name of the category as a string. Using more trait conceptsAs mentioned above, Traits can also be based on some other properties.   Owner and Priority are explicit and straight forward enough,  whereas TestProperty gives you a property-value system.  That means you can extend the Traits with your own concepts using TestProperties.
  • Code Map – Code Map is a super cool new feature in the architecture tools that allows me to incrementally build up an architecture/dependency diagram as I explore code.  It makes walking into an existing code base and exploring it WAY easier than it ever has been before.  You can incrementally lay out a diagram one element at a time (class, method, etc) as you explore the code.  You can “query” to expand the diagram – like adding all derived classes or all referencing methods, etc to incrementally understand the code dependencies.
  • VSALM:
  • VSALM:Create an Image action log from exploratory testsOne of the exciting features in Visual Studio 2012 was the ability to create an image action log in coded UI tests and for exploratory tests –when targeting Windows Store applications.  With this CTP we have added the capability to capture an image log for any exploratory test.
  • VSALM:Create an Image action log from exploratory testsOne of the exciting features in Visual Studio 2012 was the ability to create an image action log in coded UI tests and for exploratory tests –when targeting Windows Store applications.  With this CTP we have added the capability to capture an image log for any exploratory test.
  • From VS Blog:We have added a three new features to Coded UI tests: the ability to configure search properties for recording on web applications, handle unexpected error/dialogs with playback retry mechanism and the ability to enable/disable HTML logger using APIsThere have been a few changes in Visual Studio 2012 how Coded UI Test are run & how to enable logging. Now we can have both .NET v4.0 & v4.5 type Coded UI Test projects. Note this is an extension to previous blog on enabling tracing for Coded UI Test which is also applicable for Coded UI Test as well.Below are various ways for enabling logs in Coded UI TestScenarioMethod to enable logTarget framework version v4.0 & no App.config file present in the test projectOpen <Visual Studio Installation Folder>\\Common7\\IDE\\QTAgent32_40.exe.configModify value for EqtTraceLevel to the log level you wantSave the fileTarget framework version v4.5 & no app.config file present in the test projectOpen <Visual Studio Installation Folder>\\Common7\\IDE\\QTAgent32.exe.configModify value for EqtTraceLevel to the log level you wantSave the fileApp.config file present in test projectOpen App.config file in the projectAdd following entry under configuration node<system.diagnostics>    <switches>      <add name="EqtTraceLevel" value="4" />    </switches>  </system.diagnostics>Enabling logging from Test code itselfPlayback.PlaybackSettings.LoggerOverrideState = HtmlLoggerState.AllActionSnapshot;Please refer to MSDN These same settings are applicable for Visual Studio 2012 Test Agent as well.
  • VS Blog:Integration with System Center for IntelliTrace analysis of APM exception alerts enables opening of APM exception events from Visual Studio IDE as if the exception was captured during the IntelliTrace historical debugging session. See What's New in System Center 2012 SP1 - Operations Manager for more information.Integration with Team Foundation Server 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2012To speed interactions between operations and development, it is essential to quickly detect and fix problems that might need assistance from the engineering team. System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Operations Manager can integrate with development tools, such as Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio, enabling deep troubleshooting and streamlining communications between developers and IT operations. You can synchronize Operations Manager alerts and Team Foundation Server (TFS) work items. Operations Manager integration with TFS introduces a new work item type definition, Operational Issue, which can be embedded into any of your organization’s engineering processes. After enabling synchronization, IT operations can manually assign alerts to the engineering team. Assigning an alert to engineering creates a new work item in Team Foundation Server. The workflow tracks and synchronizes changes made to TFS work items and changes made to associated alerts in Operations Manager.Compared to the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Work Item Synchronization management pack, SP1 features include:Shipped as part of Operations Manager, included in the SP1 MediaImproved security – synchronization account no longer requires TFS administrative rights Improved design of the Operational Issue WITDImproved design of the configuration WizardIntroduced support for TFS Area PathSupport for default Team ProjectsSynchronization for new APM alert types from IIS8 web applications, WCF, Windows Services, and also for non-APM alertsLocalization of Wizard UI and MP elements, and compatibility with localized versions of TFSSynchronize file attachments that can reside on a network file share or appended to TFS work items.Automatically route and close alerts to TFSIT operations can open TFS work items directly from the Operations Manager console using built-in integration with TFS web UI.Conversion of Application Performance Monitoring events to IntelliTrace formatThis new monitoring capability allows for opening of APM exception events from Visual Studio IDE as if the exception was captured during the IntelliTrace historical debugging session. Developers can stay within their familiar environment to examine complete exception call stack, for example: method parameters captured at the time of exception, and can navigate between the source code modules that participated in the exception call chain. Tightly integrated with TFS Work Item Synchronization Management Pack, this capability instantaneously brings generated IntelliTrace logs to TFS work items assigned to engineering. This can result in streamlining communications between IT Operations and Development and enriching the development experience with analysis of root causes of the application failure, reducing the mean time to recovery (MTTR) for the problems detected by APM.Features include:APM exception events can be saved in IntelliTrace file format directly from Application DiagnosticsDebug Symbols can be late-bound in Visual Studio 2012 allowing developers to navigate through source code, even when the production environment has no symbols loadedDevelopers can see one level of parameters that are converted and visible in the Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Locals window, and displayed in the context of the selected call stack frameDevelopers can see additional method specific information (i.e. a connection string for ExecuteReader() method) in the Visual Studio 2012 Locals window in the context of the selected call stack frameTraces are automatically attached to APM exception events and can be automatically added to TFS work items or stored on a network file share. Developers can open traces using Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and troubleshoot application problems while staying in their development environment.Collecting Historical Traces Using IntelliTrace Profiling Management PackSystem Center 2012 SP1 – Operations Manager includes IntelliTrace Profiling Management Pack. This management pack lets you capturing historical traces directly from the Operations Manager console. These traces can help developers investigate problems by giving them visibility to application execution history without the developers needing access to the servers where the applications ran. Developers can use Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate to open collected traces.IntelliTrace Profiling Management Pack automatically deploys the necessary infrastructure, IntelliTrace Collector, to the designated servers. When traces are collected, they are uploaded to a network file share and attached to Operations Manager alerts. Traces are uploaded to the management server using the same secure Operations Manager channel that agents use to communicate with the management servers. By configuring Team Foundation Server (TFS) synchronization, traces can be automatically added or linked to TFS work items.
  • VS Blog:
  • Blend for VS 2012 – We’ve added back Blend for VS 2012, including support for WPF, Silverlight and Sketchflow.
  • Zain Blog
  • VSALM Blog
  • From Soma:Finally, though unrelated to Update 1, if you’re looking for even more functionality in Visual Studio 2012, consider installing the recently released and free Productivity Power Tools add-in from the Visual Studio Gallery.  Created by individuals on the Visual Studio team, this is a pack of extensions focused on further streamlining the developer experience within Visual Studio 2012, with features like colorized parameter help, a custom document well, automatic brace completion, an enhanced scroll bar, and much more.
  • Want to know more?
  • Want to know more?
  • The Newest of the New with Visual Studio and TFS 2012

    1. 1. Imaginet Presents The Newest of the Newwith Visual Studio and TFS 2012 Dave McKinstry, ALM Practice Manager Imaginet and ALM: Efficiently Build Better Software
    2. 2. Agenda• The New Meaning of “New”• The First “New” for 2012• The Next “New”• Other “New” things• “New” Considerations• Summary
    3. 3. The Old Definition of “New” Visual Studio Version Product ReleaseVisual Studio April, 1995Visual Studio 97 February, 1997Visual Studio 6.0 June, 1998Visual Studio .NET (2002) February, 2001Visual Studio .NET 2003 April, 2003Visual Studio 2005 November, 2005Visual Studio 2008 November, 2007Visual Studio 2010 April, 2010Visual Studio 2012 September 2012 Microsoft has been releasing Visual Studio every two years on average
    4. 4. Existing ALM Capabilities in Visual Studio 2010 Operate Define •Monitor •Requirements •Support •Validation •Upgrade •Prioritization •Release Plan Develop •Iteration Plan •Develop •Test
    5. 5. New ALM Capabilities in Visual Studio 2012 Operate Define •Monitor •Requirements •Support •Validation •Upgrade •Prioritization •Release Plan Develop •Iteration Plan •Develop •Test
    6. 6. Microsoft’s Evolving Release Cadence Visual Visual Visual Visual Visual Visual Visual VisualVisual Studio Studio .NET Studio .NET Studio Studio Studio Studio Studio 97 Studio 6.0 (2002) 2003 2005 2008 2010 2012 ~2 years Broad adoption of agile practices 3 Weeks Releases for TFS Releases for Team and Visual Studio Foundation Service
    7. 7. Visual Studio Releases – Quarterly “New” Visual Studio Version Product ReleaseVisual Studio April, 1995Visual Studio 97 February, 1997 The old “New”Visual Studio 6.0 June, 1998Visual Studio .NET (2002) February, 2001Visual Studio .NET 2003 April, 2003Visual Studio 2005 November, 2005Visual Studio 2008 November, 2007Visual Studio 2010 April, 2010Visual Studio 2012 September, 2012 The new “New”Visual Studio 2012.1 December, 2012Visual Studio 2012.2 Soon!Visual Studio … Est. 2Q2013Visual Studio … Est. 3Q2013
    8. 8. Agenda• The New Meaning of “New”• The First “New” for 2012• The Next “New”• Other “New” things• “New” Considerations• Summary
    9. 9. Visual Studio 2012 Update 1• Released November 26, 2012• Affects both Visual Studio 2012 and TFS 2012• Bug fixes• Many new features!• Usability improvements for Version Control • Sharepoint testing improvements • Code Map – Incremental discovery and visualization of your • Associate multiple bugs with a checking at once in • Load testing support for SharePoint application architecture and dependencies the Add by ID field (i.e. comma separated) • Unit test emulator for SharePoint • Toolbar button to show/hide deleted items in the • Coded UI test support for SharePoint • IntelliTrace Integration with System Center source control explorer • Intellitrace collection plan for SharePoint • Copy the name of a changeset/shelveset from the • Unit testing improvements Changeset/Shelveset Details page • Manual testing improvements • Windows Store C++ unit testing enhancements • Find a Shelveset by name from the Find • Editing of test cases from inside the test runner • Windows Store Unit Test library enhancements Shelvesets page • Code coverage support for manual testing of web • Traits support for all adapters • Include/exclude all items except those that are apps • Unit Test Grouping and Filtering in Test Explorer selected • Hierarchical query support Window • Know if my detected changes are adds or deletes • Pause manual testing session and later resume a before clicking the link test case • Easier installation of unit test adapters on TFS build • Navigate to an item in source control explorer • Deep copy of a test plan to better support release machines using Nuget from pending changes page management • Undo changes to a file from the editor context • Publish test results to TFS from command-line • Multiscale image support for manifest content menu • JavaScript Memory Profiling • Coded UI testing improvements• TFS web access usability improvements • Cross browser testing for coded UI testing • Mixed Managed/Native Debugging Support for Store Apps • Drag and drop queries and query folders (IE, Chrome, Firefox, …) • Drag/drop between User Stories and People in the • Usability improvements for Coded UI tests • ARM Native Dump Debugging Support Taskboard • Drag a task to a person to assign it in the • SCVMM 2012 SP1 support with Lab Management for • Enable XP targeting with C++ Taskboard Windows 2012 hosts • Expand and Collapse the left navigation pane AND MORE… • Remember the state of the splitters • VSUpdate support for Microsoft Test Manager for automatic • Animate Taskboard tiles on drop update notification • Next/Previous arrows on WIT form • Updated navigation styling • Extend TFS server side path limits from 260 characters to • Links and Attachments in WIT form shows counts 400 characters• Kanban support in TFS Web Access • Integrate Blend Windows Phone Tooling
    10. 10. Were any bugs fixed?Entity Framework Tools fails with an index violation. Studio 2012 RC.• Entity Framework designer may overwrite facets of C-Space properties based • Decreased performance when you use the complex identity or group • Localization on facets of S-Space properties. membership topography. • Some IntelliSense texts are not translated.• Build the solution fails after you add an empty ADO.NET Entity Data Model. • Version Control in TFS ASP.NET Data• The .tt files stop generating after you nest an .edmx file under the project • Query plan in the prc_CheckIn process causes large memory estimates. • Data Sources window is disabled after you build a project. Additionally, a "data folder. • "Cannot insert NULL value (QU1)" exception in the TFS 2012 service, and the sources are not supported by the current project" warning is displayed.ASP.NET Editor VC++ UpdateLocalVersion command fails. Code Analysis• HTML tag is not closed when you type a starting <script> tag in Visual Studio .NET Runtime • "MSBuild could not locate the Code Analysis tool" error when you run code 2012. • "Code Analysis errors of the same type - CA2149 Transparent code must not analysis in Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop.• IntelliSense gives a warning when you mix user controls and controls in a same reference security critical items" error when you create a new application by Agile tagPrefix node. using the default "Windows Phone XAML and Direct3D" project template. • No feedback when you cannot create stubs or shims for an assembly by using• CSS code examples cannot work in .less files. F# the Fakes function.• Visual Studio 2012 cannot insert a closing tag in HTML files automatically. • The sort algorithm of the FSharp.Core.dll assembly may produce incorrect My WorkWeb Tools results, and you cannot deploy the applications that contains F# code to • You encounter crash and data loss issues in the code review workflow.• Web Platform and Tools (WPT) packages are affected by a time stamp signing Windows Store. • The work items that are under the selected area path do not show in the issue. ClickOnce "Available Work Items" section of MyWork.• Dirty flag is displayed after you save a file in Visual Studio designer. • "Not a valid Win32 application" error when you try to use ClickOnce to deploy a • The feature enablement infobar does not go away when you upgrade TFS 2010• Too much memory is used after you add a new entity model that is generated Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application to Windows XP. to TFS 2012. from a database. C++ Compiler Debugger• A local Internet Information Services (IIS) Express instance is displayed when • Incorrect code is generated for bit field swap on the ARM compiler. • 764861: Visual Studio 2012 crashes when you try to debug a native x32-based you browse from a web page that is in a cloud service project. • Debug Interface Access (DIA) ARM stack unwinder displays empty stack when application.(• "Application/JavaScript" content of JavaScript files is not registered to Visual the CPU contains an invalid address. 1) Studio 2012. • WinCE default entry point is _stdcall instead of _cdecl. • 760468: The remote endpoint is not reachable, and you cannot start or attach• Right-to-Left is not supported in JavaScript Windows Store app templates. • The image base symbol name of WinCE is ImageBase instead of the debugger in Visual Studio• Visual Studio 2012 does not support the WinJS Software Development Kit CeImageBase. 2012.( (SDK). • Single VC++ file takes a long time to compile. • "Exception 0xC0000005;VSDEBUGENG.MANIMPL.DLL!" error when you debug• Visual Studio 2012 crashes when you save a read-only manifest and then • No sign targets are called for the vcredist_x86, vcredist_x64, or an application in Visual Studio 2012. select Cancel to dismiss the dialog box. vcredist_arm files. • The application may crash or data corruption occurs when you debug optimizedWeb Publish Installation native ARM-based binaries.• You cannot install the Web Deploy component when you set up Visual Studio • "Microsoft XP support for Visual Studio" error when you install the XP targeting • The brand name is incorrect in the remote debugger installer dialog window. 2012. package. • "Exception rxoejih3rskjez4xxwpxudkcppwjodng;• Web Tools Extensions (WTE) website publish operation does an unnecessary • C++ Editor VSDEBUGPRESENTATIONPACKAGE.NI.DLL!" error when you debug an precompilation. • You may lose the property sheet changes in Property Manager. application in Visual Studio 2012.Build Automation in TFS • "Exception 0xC0000005; SQLCEOLEDB40.DLL!unloaded" error when you run • You cannot debug ARM-based VC++ applications for late-breaking Windows• A Build Scheduling job fails two times in TFS. VC++ applications in Visual Studio 2012. hardware changes.• "TF50620: The Team Foundation identity scope A5BD927E-17AE-41F9-B8F3- • "Exception 0xC0000005;MICROSOFT.VISUALSTUDIO.CPPSVC.INTERNAL.DLL!" • You cannot step in a dynamic SQL script file by using the debugger in Visual 34BE44653408 does not exist" error, and you cannot upgrade to Visual Studio error when you run VC++ applications in Visual Studio 2012. Studio 2012. 2012.1. • You encounter a deadlock between the Devenv.exe and VCPkgSrv.exe files. • You cannot uninstall the app package after you debug an installed app• Message queue settings are lost. package. • VC++ project system does not support transitive closure of SDKs.• You cannot scroll in web browsers for the summary and log views of build files Standard C++ Library • The Wait dialog box is not helpful when third-party networking software blocks in Team System Web Access (TSWA). local 64-bit debugging. • Potential branding issue during installation. IntelliTraceCloud Intelligence and Admin in TFS • Application intermittently crashes when you create an async operation with• Visual SourceSafe (VSS) installer compliance issues. • "Microsoft.VisualStudio.TraceLogPackage.TraceLogPackage, Parallel Patterns Library (PPL). Microsoft.IntelliTrace.Package.11.0.0, Version=, Culture=neutral,• Visual Studio 2012.1 milestone information in ReleaseManifest.xml. C Runtime (CRT) PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a package did not load correctly" error when• "Object doesnt support this property or method" error when you access the • Replace mempcy function for ARM CPU with a faster version from Windows. you debug a new project in Visual Studio 2012. Team Profile page. • Visual Studio Fundamentals Code MapCollaboration in TFS • NetFx payloads are not the re-signed version in TFS and in team agents. • Flag icons on Code Map are not updated.• PowerPoint Storyboarding stops working when you uninstall Visual Studio • Test professional and feedback client Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) are not T4 2012.1. included in the list of the Visual Studio 2012.1 bundle. • You cannot debug the T4 template by using the Entity Framework templates.Services Framework in TFS • The message on the Visual Studio 2012.1 "uninstall finished" page uses the Lab Manager• "An error occurred while executing the following script: information icon instead of the warning icon. upd_IdentitySnapshotToDev11M36.sql. Failed batch starts on the line 242. • You cannot create network isolation environments on Microsoft Windows 2008 • ProjectReference and SKURef are not updated for the Visual Studio 2012.1 MSP R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) hosts. Statement line: 2." error when you attach a collection to a Visual Studio 2012.1 with WDExpress core MSI file. server. • You cannot create the TestEnvironment.xml file by using Build Verification • Visual Studio 2012 does not contain the TFS_ServerCore.msi package. Testing (BVT) scripts.• You cannot upgrade to Visual Studio 2012 if the database collation name contains "90" and this instance is hosted on Microsoft SQL Server 2012. • Threaded wait dialog title bar colors do not work well with a custom Microsoft • LoadTestScenario case fails in the BVT rolling build. Visual Studio 2010 color theme. • "Specified cast is not valid" exception when you try to stop recording for an• Rebranded URLs (for example are not supported in the Visual Studio 2012 client. Visual Studio IDE editing task scenario.• "Exception of type • Crash occurs when you try to close Visual Studio 2012. • You cannot obtain VC++ runtime from Visual Studio 2012 remote store. Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.HostShutdownException was • "Exception 0xC0000005; DEVENV.EXE!CDevEnvAppId::Run" error when you • Test-signing time is too long in Visual Studio 2012. thrown" error when you try to delete a project of an offline collection. change the default installation path in Visual Studio 2012.• LocalScopeId value is not changed in tbl_GroupScope when you change the • Chrome does not automatically appear in the list of the Browse With dialog in Server ID. Visual Studio 2012.• You cannot detach and reattach a cloned collection database instance, and it • You cannot start .VSIX setups after you install the July 2012 update in Visual
    11. 11. SharePoint Development Enhancements• SharePoint improvements – Unit test emulator – Coded UI test support – Web Performance test support – Load test support – IntelliTrace collection plan
    12. 12. SharePoint and Unit Testing[TestMethod]public void ScheduleAppointmentReturnsTrueWhenNewAppointmentIsCreated(){ using (new SharePointEmulationScope(EmulationMode.Enabled)) { //Arrange SPSite site = new SPSite("http://localhost"); string listName = String.Format("List{0}", Guid.NewGuid()); // create a new temporary list Guid listId = site.RootWeb.Lists.Add listName, listName, SPListTemplateType.GenericList); SPList list = site.RootWeb.Lists[listId]; Assert.IsNotNull(list); // add fields to list list.Fields.Add("Name", SPFieldType.Text, true); list.Fields.Add("Date", SPFieldType.Text, false); list.Update(); // prepare string errorMsg = string.Empty; DateTime date = DateTime.Now; BookAnAppointmentWebPart webPart = new BookAnAppointmentWebPart(); // Act bool success = webPart.ScheduleAppointment(site.RootWeb, list.Title, "My Name", "888-888-8888", "", "23", date, out errorMsg); // Assert Assert.IsTrue(success); // cleanup list.Delete(); site.Dispose(); }}
    13. 13. SharePoint and IntelliTrace
    14. 14. Agile Enhancements• Taskboard: – Drag-n-drop assignment of tasks to user stories – Drag-n-drop assignment of tasks to people• Cumulative Flow diagram• Initial Kanban board implementation
    15. 15. TFS Enhancements• Team Web Access – Navigation enhancements • Persistence of the state of the splitters • Styling improvements and Animations • Previous/Next navigation on work items • Removed backlog items are hidden from the backlog – Displays links and attachment counts – Drag-n-drop queries and query folders – Expand / Collapse the left navigation pane – Version control usability• Version Control – Support for server paths up to 400 characters
    16. 16. Window Development• Windows Store Applications – ARM Native Dump Debugging Support – Mixed managed/native Windows Store Applications debug support – Windows Store C++ unit testing – Data-driven Windows Store application unit tests – JavaScript Memory Analysis tool• Windows C++ Development – Target Windows XP from Visual Studio 2012• Windows Phone 8 – Static Code Analysis
    17. 17. Windows Store Applications and JavaScript
    18. 18. Test Explorer EnhancementsAbility to easily filter testsusing “Traits”• TestCategory attribute (implicit)• Owner• Priority• Other TestPropertiesExplicit using Search (e.g.,Priority:”1”)
    19. 19. Exploring Code using Code Maps
    20. 20. Manual Testing Enhancements• Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) – Image logs for Exploratory Testing – Code coverage for manual testing against web apps – Edit Test Cases during test execution – Pause and resume test execution – Test suite population using hierarchical queries – Deep copy of test suites via command line – Automatic MTM and Feedback client updates• MTM Lab Center – Lab Management support for Windows 8 environments (Requires SCVMM 2012 SP1 which enables Windows 2012 and Windows 8 lab management support.)
    21. 21. Exploratory Testing with Image Logs
    22. 22. Automation Testing Enhancements• Coded UI Tests – Cross Browser support via Selenium – Enhanced HTML logging support – SharePoint 2010 support• Web Performance & Load Tests – Load tests use LocalDB by default
    23. 23. Other Changes• New Visual Studio start page videos• Customized IntelliTrace collection plans• System Center SP1 Management Pack for TFS Work Item integration• System Center SP1 IntelliTrace collection• Improvements for loading symbols and source• Shut down MSBuild processes when Visual Studio shuts down
    24. 24. IntelliTrace and System Center
    25. 25. DEMONSTRATIONUpdate 1:Select New Features• Code Map• Coded UI Tests
    26. 26. Agenda• The New Meaning of “New”• The First “New” for 2012• The Next “New”• Other “New” things• “New” Considerations• Summary
    27. 27. Visual Studio and TFS Update 2• Four community technology preview (CTP) releases since the beginning of the year• Current release is Update 2 CTP 4• CTP 4 has a “Go-Live” license• Like it’s predecessor, numerous fixes and enhancements!• Final release isn’t available so specifics may change.
    28. 28. Team Web Access Enhancements• Work Item Tagging• Send Work Items via Email• Test Hub in Web Access• Version Control experience
    29. 29. Automated Testing and Unit Testing• Microsoft Fakes move to Visual Studio Premium edition• Test Explorer – Group unit tests by class – Playlists• Unit Testing support for Windows Phone apps• Windows store app testing – [UITestMethod] cause a unit test to run on the UI thread• Coded UI Tests – Improved cross browser– Extended “Title smart match” injects JavaSciprt for difficult to automated test steps
    30. 30. SharePoint Enhancements• Further SharePoint Load Testing improvements – Additional support for InfoPath, Excel services, Office Web Companions, workflows, etc.• SharePoint 2013 support – Coded UI Tests – Unit Tests – Web Performance Tests – Load Tests – IntelliTrace
    31. 31. Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Enhancements• Visual Studio Blue Theme• XAML designer performance improvements (load)• Command-line Build/Deploy for Windows phone apps• New Team Explorer “Connect” page• Profiler events timeline for Windows store HTML/JS• Blend returns, including support for WPF, Silverlight and SketchFlow• Code Map integration with the debugger• LightSwitch support for HTML 5
    32. 32. Blend for Visual Studio 2012
    33. 33. Code Map / Debugger Interactions
    34. 34. DEMONSTRATIONUpdate 2:Select New Features• Team Web Access – Kanban Board – Tags – Code – Test – Email• Test Explorer• LightSwitch (template)
    35. 35. Agenda• The New Meaning of “New”• The First “New” for 2012• The Next “New”• Other “New” things• “New” Considerations• Summary
    36. 36. Beyond the Updates• Visual Studio Gallery (a few from Microsoft) – Storyboard Shapes Libraries [5/31-9/12/2012] – Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools [11/9/2012] – Team Foundation Power Tools 2012.1 [9/12/2012] – Visual Studio Tools for Git (Preview) [3/6/2013]
    37. 37. DEMONSTRATIONAdd-ons as “New”
    38. 38. Agenda• The New Meaning of “New”• The First “New” for 2012• The Next “New”• Other “New” things• “New” Considerations• Summary
    39. 39. Lots of “New” stuff – When should I adopt?• High compatibility between client and server components• Try to keep server components in sync – Build and Test servers – Lab environments• Always best to upgrade in a test environment
    40. 40. Summary• Microsoft has increased their release cycles from every two years to quarterly• Updates target both TFS and Visual Studio tools• Include both bug fixes but and valuable new features• Prereleases are being made available including some with “Go-Live” support• You can and should control how and when you choose to upgrade
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