Getting Started with Visual Studio’s Coded UI Testing: Building Your First Automated Test


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This training seminar demonstrates how to record tests run against various types of application user interfaces using Microsoft Visual Studio’s Coded UI Tests and how to replay them at any time. Additionally, we explore how to embed validations, either simple or elaborate, to ensure your application is producing the correct results. Learn how to improve the quality of your applications by having a repeatable set of Microsoft Coded UI Tests available to ensure defects don’t go unnoticed!

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  • Getting Started with Visual Studio’s Coded UI Testing: Building Your First Automated Test

    1. 1. Coded UI Testing with Visual Studio 2013 Writing Your First Coded UI Test
    2. 2. Colin Dembovsky ALM MVP East London, South Africa @colindembovsky
    3. 3. Agenda • What is Coded UI? • Supported Technologies • Reverse Engineering an Action Recording • Recording Actions • Adding Validations • Finding Controls • Refactoring • Running Automated Tests • Coded UI Tests for Windows Store Apps
    4. 4. What is Coded UI? • “Unit Tests” that interact with a User Interface • Used for Functional Testing • Allows you to find controls, inspect control properties and interact with controls • Includes namespaces like Mouse, Keyboard and Gesture • Coded UI Tests are just “code”
    5. 5. VS 2013 Coded UI Supported Technologies Technology Support .NET 2.0 and up (Requires .NET 4 to operate) Windows 2008 R2, 7, 8, 8.1 Windows Store Apps Only on Windows 8.1 IE 8 and up Only in Desktop Mode Chrome / Firefox Only latest versions Windows Forms 2.0 and up Fully supported WPF 3.5 and up Fully supported SharePoint / Dynamics CRM Web Client Fully supported Win 32 / MFC / Dynamics (Ax) 2012 Client Partially supported Citrix/Terminal Services / PowerBuilder Partially supported SAP / Office Client Apps None Opera / Safari None Silverlight / Flash / Java None
    6. 6. 2 Methods of Creating Coded UI Tests Run Manual Test with Action Recording Let VS 2013 Generate Code from Recording Start Manually Use Action Recorder to Record Actions Use Action Recorder to Add Validations
    7. 7. Running Automated Tests • (Run from Visual Studio or MSTest.exe) • Run from Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) • Requires Associating code to Test Case • Run as part of a Team Build • Requires Build Agent to run in “Interactive Mode” • Run as part of Build-Deploy-Test Lab Workflow • Requires Associating code to Test Case • Requires a Lab Environment with Coded UI enabled
    8. 8. Want to know more...?
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    13. 13.