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Community Life Project Presentation


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Last night, members of Imagine!’s SmartSupports team met with representatives of The Community Life Project. The Community Life Project, a local parent-organized group, has been meeting for a year to research and plan a nonprofit housing cooperative for adults with autism, including those who aren't eligible for developmental disability services or who are on a waiting list, and those who receive services but need more support. The two groups met to discuss how technology could be used in the projected housing. Here’s an outline of what they discussed.

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Community Life Project Presentation

  1. 1. Community Life Project April 7th, 2013
  2. 2. Presenters•Kevin Harding – Director of Information Technology•Sterling Wind – Project Manager•Alex Andrews – Technology Architect
  3. 3. Agenda•Accessibility •Endeavor Desktop •Social Media•Independence •Remote Monitoring •Parental Controls•Technology Application •Assistive Technology Lab •Screening Process •Using iPads in Childrens Services •Supported Employment Task Prompting
  4. 4. Accessibility•Endeavor Desktop •AbleLink Technologies ••Social Media •Really, it’s more than Facebook…
  5. 5. Independence•Remote Monitoring •GrandCare Systems • •Parental Health, MISTY ••Parental Controls •Net Nanny •
  6. 6. Technology Applications•Assistive Technology Lab•Screening Process•Using iPads in Childrens Services•Supported Employment Task Prompting
  7. 7. Questions?