The face 5th


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Guide to drawing the face in proportion for the 5th grade class.
Proportion, symmetry, face mapping, self-portrait

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The face 5th

  1. 1. Do Now • Open sketchbook to first blank page. • Write down the definitions • Symmetry – One half of an object is the same as the other half. • Proportion – The relation of one object to another with respect to size, amount, placement or degree.
  2. 2. The Face
  3. 3. What is the title of this painting? • This painting is probably the most famous portrait in the entire world! • It was painted by an artist named Leonardo da Vinci. • Leonardo was a master at making his paintings look like the person he was trying to paint.
  4. 4. I hope you guessed… The Mona Lisa
  5. 5. Leonardo Da Vinci • Leonardo once wrote, “Know the proportions in human beings and other animals and learn the forms of all things on the earth. The more you know, the better you will paint.”
  6. 6. Leo’s Notebook • Leonardo was constantly taking notes about the world around him. He filled many notebooks with sketches of animals, people, and nature. • He took many measurements and was always trying to find a perfect balance so that his art had proportion.
  7. 7. Another Drawing from Leo’s Notebook:
  8. 8. Face Mapping • Face Mapping is a technique used to set up the proportion of the features on a face.
  9. 9. • By drawing lines that act as guides, you can figure out where parts go and how large they should be. • This will help make your face look more realistic. • With some practice, maybe you’ll be the next Leonardo da Vinci!
  10. 10. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Eyes •What shape are eyes?
  11. 11. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Parts of the eye Pupil = Black part of your eye, located in the center of your iris, allows light into your eye so you can see Tear Duct = Little pink bump where your tears come out Eyeball = White part of your eye Iris = Colored part of your eye Click here to learn more about the human eye:
  12. 12. Eyeball Research
  13. 13. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Nose •A Couple of Nose No-No’s •This nose is for pumpkins only!!!
  14. 14. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Nose •A couple of Nose No-No’s •When drawing your nose from a front view do not draw your nose in profile or from the side.
  15. 15. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Nose •A Couple of Nose No-No’s •This type of nose is reserved for pigs!!!
  16. 16. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Parts of your Nose •Look at your nose in the mirror. •How are the parts of your nose shaped? •What makes your nose unique?
  17. 17. Drawing your Self-Portrait: •Eye Brows •Look at your eyebrows in a mirror. •What are unique about your eyebrows? •Look at the direction the hairs are growing on each of your eyebrows. Sometimes they grow up and sometimes to the side.
  18. 18. DO Now •No Talking •Write all of the tips for drawing the face that you have learned •What is wrong about this drawing when we talk about proportion •No Talking
  19. 19. "Taking a new step, utterin g a new word, is what people fear most." Dostoevsky.
  20. 20. Find the middle of each side. About 11.5 and 16.5 Trace the first circle so the two lines cross through the middle Trace two more circles on each side
  21. 21. Draw loosely the oval. The eyeline should be in the middle. Use a ruler to measure. The nose is the middle Draw the lines for the side of between the eyeline and the the nose. Use the edge of chin. the circle of the eye.
  22. 22. The ears line up to the top of the eye circle and the bottom of the nose. Draw the line for the middle of the mouth. Draw in the eyes.
  23. 23. Use mirror to find correct placement of hairline and jaw. Sketch in eyebrows Use mirror and handout to draw eyes and ears