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ImageWorks Creative Marketing and Branding Agency


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Learn about ImageWorks Creative custom web design solutions, online and traditional marketing, and branding services.

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ImageWorks Creative Marketing and Branding Agency

  1. 1. PDF BrochurePDF Brochure
  2. 2. ImageWorks Creative is an award-winning branding and marketing agency located in the fast-paced business hub known as the DMV (Washington DC, MD, Northern Virginia). Since our founding in 1996, our mission has been to provide measurable full-service branding and marketing solutions to small and midsize businesses. We do this by working closely with our clients throughout the year to achieve both branding, web experience, and marketing goals. Then, we help the brand to grow and evolve by leveraging customer data and continually refining. We are experienced in most industries and strongly believe in leveraging our clients’ expert industry knowledge with our brand and marketing expertise, to create brand experiences and marketing strategies from the outside looking in (customer’s viewpoint). Our team includes designers, developers, copywriters, search and social media marketers, specialty vendors, and project managers who are all committed to doing everything we can to make sure your business thrives and truly expresses your inner awesomeness. About ImageWorks
  3. 3. How We Work with You We have 3 ways to price and manage your project: “Evolutionary” Brand Building and Marketing Plans | Almost two decades in business has taught us that the best way to work with our clients is to provide flexible, intelligent, and measurable plans that allow us to create and optimize incredible user experiences - all reinforced by goal-oriented marketing and advertising strategies. ImageWorks has the in-house talent to bring it all together; your own creative department at a fraction of the cost of even one full-time employee! Project Based | Based on our discussions and your business needs, we will create a proposal with each deliverable and estimated number of hours to complete. Most of our work is priced hourly, as each business’ needs are unique and evolving, but we do offer some fixed pricing whenwe can accurately forecast requirements and output. We also provide a full-time project manager to keep you on track and on budget. Subscription/Monthly | Lead generation, marketing, and advertising services are generally subscription-based plans that allow you to manage your budget and grow your business at a rate suitable for your size and industry. These include SEO/SEM, PPC, blogging and content marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and other lead generation services. 1 2 3
  4. 4. Fast Cheap Great Free Trash You get what you pay for Just in time to be too late and mediocre Dipped in ugly sauce with haste and carelessness Impossible Utopia Try Again Go Away The Value of Marketing & Branding
  5. 5. Discovery An honest and straightforward assessment of your business provides the perfect foundation. Via our intake form and online/ in person meeting, we ask you to share and discuss your:  Business mission and history  Revenue model and sales process  Competitive benefits and unique value propositions  Descriptions of your products and services  Details about your target audience and core customers How We Do It From this we:  Review your current online marketing efforts  Review any provided materials  Review competitor sites  Plan a refreshed marketing and branding strategy (see below)
  6. 6. Web design is unique because it is a mash-up of both branding and marketing. The user experience created from web design and applications is critical to all businesses.  Web Design  Website Templates  User Experience Optimization  Web Development & CMS  HTML Animations  Hosting Web Services
  7. 7. Branding is the art of defining who you are while becoming likeable and trustable. It translates into brand assets and starts with what we refer to as the “brand experience.”  Strategy & UX Planning  Logos, Naming, & Taglines  Copywriting & Storytelling  Business Collateral  Brochures  Video Packages  Infographics  Trade Shows Or just about any other media your organization has a need for! Branding Services
  8. 8. Marketing & Lead Generation CHECK OUT OUR PLANS! CLICK HERE! Marketing is the art of making others aware of what you do, boosting awareness and sales. Marketing drives in customers that have a need and want to learn more about you.  Search Engine Optimization  Blogging & Content Marketing  Online Advertising  Local SEO Pages  Social Media Marketing  E-mail Marketing  Tradeshow Marketing
  9. 9. View our portfolio and judge for yourself! Compare our work with other companies and you will see a clear and distinct difference, not only in the design but also in the information architecture, content, and engagement and conversion strategies. Our philosophy is simple. It’s the 4 “I’s:  Impress  Intrigue  Inform  Interact Want to See More of Our Work? We have experience in most industries and do not specialize in any particular market segment, as we feel this leads to re-worked and stale ideas, rather than the fresh and “outside-looking-in” perspective required to deliver measurable results.
  10. 10. Now that you have some insight into our core services and process, please contact us for more information or a custom quote. Address 3859 Centerview Drive, Suite 400 Chantilly, Virginia 20151 Phone 800-308-8573 703-378-0000 x102 Web E-mail Contact Us