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The Best Packaging Design In 2011


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An overview of some of the best package designs in 2011.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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The Best Packaging Design In 2011

  2. 2. funkin MIXERWhen it comes to spirit innovation, the UK is at the forefront. The adult beverage market is becomingincreasingly convenience-centric as we see the mushrooming of pre-mixed drinks sold in convenienceoutlets, and now the introduction of exotic cocktail mixers such as Funkin Mixers.Deviating from the trends in the spirit world, the sleek designed pouch is reminiscent of a stillbeverage, with its colorful yet clean design, and simple, yet get-the-job-done typographic style. It’sportable, is practical, you know immediately what it is, and the scalable design language readsconsistently throughout all of the SKUs.
  3. 3. Compass BoxCompass Box is renowned for their very high quality, award winning scotch whisky.We believe that their beautiful package that so appropriately captures we “joy” and “innovation” thatthey use to describe their brand. From the artfully chosen art-nouveau style fonts, to the luxuriousnames that roll off your tongue, Compass Box’s packaging reflects an old world sensibility withmodern style. It’s elegant, romantic, experiential, and eye-catching. We give it a 10!
  4. 4. Old SpiceOld Spice was struggling with consumer misconception that the fragrancessmelled, well, old. The new package design conveys the refreshed scents in away that makes them appear youthful and palpably fresh. Top marks forattempting to change consumer perceptions.
  5. 5. Johnny Walker Blue LabelIn collaboration with Diageo and Porche Design Studios, Johnny Walkerlaunched The Blue Label Collection in commemoration of Alexander Walkers1867 Old Highland Whisky. It’s rare character and big flavor is furtherbrought to life through this rich packaging design that demonstrates just howmuch of an “unrivaled masterpiece” this product really is.
  6. 6. KohbergKohberg, the Danish bread manufacturer that partners with a the The Danish CancerSociety in its fight against breast cancer created this jaw-dropping package to increasebrand awareness and channel funds to the cancer society. The cleverly, tongue-in-cheek,packaged rye bread rolls are both eye catching, clever and beautifully simple. Top marksto raising awareness for a good cause while giving us a good giggle.
  7. 7. RamlosaRamlosa gave us a great example of how packages and their functionality canadd value for the consumer. With the redesign of their bottle we can practicallytaste the crisp and refreshing water the new bottle holds. The angular, icy designis suggestive of where the water hales from. Oh, and did we mention it reducescost and waste?! Top marks for making us thirst for this gorgeous bottle.
  8. 8. www.imagemme.com