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Flowers by Ewasko


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Flower Series by imagemaker Tommy Ewasko.

Published in: Art & Photos
  • The series of images titiled : "Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe" by is one of my personal favorites ..And I am proud to say they sold out in our Gallery Show in New Orleans where we offered 5ft x 5ft limited edition prints! Georgia O'Keefe was a huge influence in my Art! I studied her work while attending Rochester Institute of Technology. Saturated Color and incredible attention to detail of her subject matter separated Georgia from the rest of the Artists of her time. On the other side of the spectrum of influences from particular Atrists .. Jackson Pollock taught us there were no rules in Art! But that's another discussion .. I can say that my Tommy Ewasko "The Blacklighter" series shows Jackson's influence in a Warhol kinda way! I will post a few from that series sometime soon. Enjoy! Tommy
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