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Image Pro Communication_Change Happens


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Image Pro Communication_Change Happens

  1. 1. CHANGEhappens
  2. 2. DID you know that?60.000 years ago people started to speak 3.500 years ago people started to write 600 years ago people started to print43 years ago people started to “Internet “
  3. 3. Once upon a time …people made small, local communities …in 3000BC only 5 communities existed
  4. 4. Then an alphabet, pictographs and hieroglyphic writing improved communication between communities 3000BC 2000BC 1000BC
  5. 5. …technology innovations – made the way that people of communities communicated better … Gutenberg invents a Henry Mill Pheidippides printing press receives the transmitted the with metal first patent for news running movable type a typewriter. Home pigeons First wooden Camera Samuel Morse announcing the printing Obscura creates the first winner of the presses invented - long distance Olympic invented in primitive image electric Games to the China - making telegraph line. Athenians symbols carved on a wooden block
  6. 6. …and better… G.Eastman Movietone patents Kodak system of roll film. Thomas recording film A.Strowger Edison sound on an patents the demonstrates audio track direct dial the first talking right on the film telephone. motion picture. invented.Alex.Graham Marconi The iconoscope ComputersBell patents transmits the (cathode-ray (Harvards the electric first radio tube) invented Mark I) put into telephone signal to cross by V.Zworykin public service - the Atlantic - first television the age of Ocean camera. Information Science begins
  7. 7. …and much better… ARPANET - the first First cellular Apple Internet - phone Macintosh started by MIT. communication released. The floppy disc network IBM PC AT is invented. started. released. Transistor The First IBM PC American invented - microprocessor sold. government enabling the is invented - First laptop releasesminiaturization called a computers sold control of of electronic “computer on a to public. internet and devices. chip” WWW is born - making communication at lightspeed.
  8. 8. So…print media brought people … … the News and the Brands
  9. 9. …and Radio gave voice …
  10. 10. …and TV combined voice with picture…
  11. 11. Then, Internet changed a lot of things!
  12. 12. A New World rose.New Opportunities appeared.
  13. 13. We enjoyed the Monologue.
  14. 14. CHANGEhappens
  15. 15. The Dialogue has begun!
  16. 16. One more time, people make small communities …and discuss about the News and the Brands
  17. 17. Are You Ready? … to change your habits … to be exposed … to listen instead of promoting ... to dialogue instead of a campaign
  18. 18. Are You Ready?
  19. 19. With the rise of Social Media…… people got the opportunity to participate and also influence each other over distance
  20. 20. Technology changed the Communication LandscapeMore than 65 million of Facebook users access More than 1.5 million pieces of content are the site through a mobile device. shared on Facebook. The Average Facebook user spends 55 minutes on the site per day
  21. 21. Technology changed theCommunication LandscapeTwitter is the new way of sending short Twitter accounts increase rapidly and spread messages. the news all over world. Twitter believes that it will have 1 billion users by 2012.
  22. 22. Technology changed the Communication Landscape45% of companies that use LinkedIn have LinkedIn is the most popular professional acquired customers from the channel. network. Linkedin has already 69 million users all over world.
  23. 23. Technology changed the Communication Landscape2 billion videos are streamed each day on The most popular YouTube video of all time has YouTube. now had 170 million views. YouTube is the 4th most visited site on the Internet.
  24. 24. Technology changed the Communication LandscapeWebinars and Podcasts are top resources for There are now over 200 million blogs. business professionals. Purpose – built fan pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans.
  25. 25. Technology changed the Media Landscape We, TheMedia + MANY-2-MANYConsumer control & Engagement My Media ONE-2-ONE Niche Media Social Media ONE-2-FEW Mainstream Media Personal Media ONE-2-MANY Segmented Media - Mass Media Time Now we can communicate – one2many, one2few, one2one, many2many
  26. 26. But it is not about Technology It is about Communication
  27. 27. The Dialogue happens
  28. 28. Are You Ready To Participate?
  29. 29. Are You Ready To Listen?
  30. 30. Are You Ready To Talk?
  31. 31. Do You Have A Story To Tell?
  32. 32. Do You Know How?
  33. 33. We combinethe Power of Video, Copy and Photos to tell your story