Tablet Enclosures & iPad Kiosks in Education


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Engage students at recruitment fairs and on campus with imageHOLDERS tablet enclosures and iPad kiosks for the educational sector.

Our ability to integrate any OEM device means you school or university can deploy self-service kiosks or enclosures with the ability to scan ID cards and take credit card payments.

Our recent installation at UEL has paved the way for our new TUFF kiosk range which uses ruggedised materials such as powder coated steel and ABS.

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Tablet Enclosures & iPad Kiosks in Education

  1. 1. iHOLD: Digital Solutions for Universities Empower students and bring your recruitment strategy into the 21st century with iHOLD Tablet Enclosures & iPad Kiosks ” “ imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  2. 2. About iHOLD imageHOLDERS, is on hand to deliver the ultimate marketing and user engagement solution for the entire education sector. The integration of tablet technology within schools is emerging as a modern teaching technique. It’s more important than ever for teachers and pupils alike to embrace this technology. Higher education has also experienced a rise of university tuition fees, which means student recruitment has never been fiercer. Schools and universities need to implement new teaching material and marketing strategies in order to develop better communication facilities for prospective students and enrolled students alike. The key to a successful strategy is deciphering what you communicate, to whom, and how. Thanks to imageHOLDERS, the digital solution is here. iHOLD is a brand of secure, ruggedized tablet kiosk and iPad enclosure that have been specifically designed for use within the educational sector. Security, functionality and style were paramount throughout the design process of iHOLD - making these products ideal for use within high traffic areas including university campuses, student recruitment fairs, classrooms and libraries. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  3. 3. About iHOLD Applications of iHOLD Tablet Kiosks & Enclosures • Self-service kiosk • Interactive point of sale (POS) display • Customer surveys and data capture device • Information points • Entertainment systems • View online resources • Marketing tool showcasing promotional videos and special offers • E.POS – integrated kiosk with student ID card reader and printer Benefits of iHOLD Deployment • Empower students and teachers • Modernise teaching techniques and department facilities • Boost ROI • Multichannel marketing campaigns • Increased user engagement • Gather feedback through surveys and data capture • Digitally promote course information and marketing with the use of videos • Provide real-time information • Secure any tablet device within lockable enclosure • Giving your infrastructure a virtual team member 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  4. 4. Our iHOLD enclosures and kiosks include a standard, off the shelf range; along with a custom range which is tailor made to suit specific requirements and security compliance of schools and university environments. The entire iHOLD range incorporates a patented tablet tray, which means we are able to securely display ANY tablet device on the market. This gives you and your organisation the ability to have a real choice of tablet - and one that fits the requirements put in place by the specific needs within your infrastructure. imageHOLDERS universal tablet tray is shatterproof and future-proof. This means that if your organisation wishes to change or upgrade their tablet device, only one minor alteration needs to take place - a highly cost effective solution, as there is no need to purchase a new kiosk or enclosure. The ABS material used in the design of the tray is durable and easily cleaned, making it ideal for use within any sector or environment. The universal iHOLD tablet, patented tray system truly sets imageHOLDERS apart from any other tablet and kiosk manufacturer. We have the skills, expert knowl- edge and forward thinking that drive innovation and ROI throughout all sectors. Patented Universal Tablet Tray 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  5. 5. - There are a variety of ways in which iHOLD Tablet Kiosks can be used as a practical and interactive tool that can save time and money whilst driving user engagement and promoting brand awareness. Data Collection One of the most popular uses for iHOLD Tablet Kiosks are as an interactive POS display at recruitment fairs and UCAS open days. Teamed with a data capture app, your university is able to gather far more information than ever before through student surveys. Interactive kiosks also portray a modern image and brand reinforcement, which can sway a prospective students choice towards your university rather than a competitor. Data capture apps can be easily configured and branded to collect the required information. The data can then be instantly converted into any required format for use within internal databases and follow up marketing. Brand Recognition & University Reputation Deploying a smart, branded iHOLD Kiosk is an opportunity to give potential students a great first impression of the university. These modern, interactive products utilise the latest in tablet and touch screen technology, which is both impressive and engaging. This alone can have a dramatic effect on the users choice as it reflects extremely well in terms of university reputation and reinforces the notion that technology and interaction is high on the list. Furthermore, a stunning, branded iHOLD kiosk can grab the attention of passing trade and engage them before your recruitment team has even spoken to them. Branding options range from logos, vinyl overlays, pop up banners and more. Digital Solutions for Recruitment & Events 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  6. 6. Case Study: The University of East London (UEL) imageHOLDERS have worked alongside a number of universities and public sector corporations to develop customised tablet enclosures, AV displays and slim clients to help engage students and drive recruitment. Our most recent project was commissioned by the University of East London (UEL) to design and manufacture a range of secure AV Displays and ruggedized Slim Client Kiosks for use within the campus library. Here students could access online resources and data from a cloud based CMS. Security compliance was tailored around UEL’s specific require- ments to ensure the kiosks were tamper proof and durable to withstand their high traffic environment with 24-hour access. "The stands we purchased from imageHOLDERS are built to a very high standard and have changed the way we collect customer data. A few of our competitors now have similar stands, but they are clearly not built to the same standard as ours. We have now had all of our iPad Stands out and about, and the general consensus is that they are Brilliant!!" - Jamie Wells, Head of Student Recruitment, University of Leicester Digital Solutions for Recruitment & Events 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  7. 7. Integrated Solutions for Facilities and Campus Locations imageHOLDERS Standard iHOLD Tablet Kiosk range has a number of features which are well equipped to deal with any educational environment: • Floor standing, wall mounted, counter top and counter mounted • Rotating Bezel in black or white (portrait or landscape orientation) • Bezel Shape: Square, Rectangular, Circular, Speech Bubble, Cloud • Secure & lockable bezel • Cables and wires concealed down vertical stand • Concealed or revealed home button • Lightweight ABS and aluminium materials • Ergonomic, stylish and versatile • Compatible with iPad 2,3 & 4 as standard, any other tablet device on request We also have the ability to integrate any peripheral device with our iHOLD range in order to create a bespoke iHOLD solution for a specific campus location, or facility requirement including: • Swipe Card Reader • Student ID Reader • RFID Reader • Chip and Pin Pay-Point • Credit Card / Swipe Card Reader • OCR Reader • Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) • Keyboard shelf • Literature dispensers 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  8. 8. Integrated Solutions for Facilities and Campus Locations The integration of these devices further highlights the versatility of iHOLD solutions. Universities can deploy tablet kiosks and enclosures for almost any use: • Surveys and data capture • Digital prospectus catalogues • Cloud based CMS • Online library resources • University course information • Promotional recruitment videos • Campus department directions • Local community information - cinema, shops • Opening times for facilities and departments • Sport facilities and bookings • Campus and external accommodation • Health - Drugs, Alcohol and sexual health advice • Work placements and volunteering • Relationships and living away from home • Be safe - crime reporting and advice on keeping safe • Contact your students union representative • Maps and guide to the university • Finance and budgeting iHOLD tablet kiosks and Interactive POS displays can be deployed in any educational area or event: • Recruitment fairs and UCAS open days • University Library • Classrooms • Foyers and receptions • Shops, Restaurants • Students Union • Campus bars and pubs • University accommodation / Halls of residence • Outside and inside lecture halls • Department reception areas 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  9. 9. iHOLD Tablet Kiosk and Enclosure Range Overview The standard iHOLD range includes secure Floor Standing, Wall Mounted, Counter Top and Counter Mounted Enclosures and Kiosks. However, imageHOLDERS are able to customise the range to securely mount onto any surface or shop-fitting. Standard, off the shelf features for the entire range include: • Rotating Bezel in black or white (portrait or landscape orientation) • Available in shapes of - Square, Rectangular, Circular, Speech Bubble, Cloud • Secure & lockable bezel • Cables and wires concealed down vertical stand • Concealed or Revealed home button • Lightweight ABS and aluminium materials • Ergonomic • Stylish • Secure • Versatile • Compatible with iPad 2,3 & 4 as standard, any other tablet device on request iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Curved Graphic Panel RRP: £599.00 ex.VAT This versatile freestanding Kiosk with curved graphic display panel is both stylish and functional. Ideal for self-service, student informa- tion points, surveys, campus placement, enrolment fairs, and any environments that require real-time information. The branding space on this iHOLD unit allows additional promotion or marketing catered toward your educational institution and further encourages users to engage with the kiosk. iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Straight Graphic Panel RRP: £599.00 ex.VAT Another versatile freestanding kiosk, which can be secured to the floor if required. The straight graphic panel is both eye catching and functional. Educational environments can choose to display a message of their choice, or simply have the company/sector branding visible for users. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  10. 10. iHOLD Counter Mounted Tablet Enclosure RRP: £249.00 ex.VAT This secure tablet enclosure is ideal for desk-top and countertop interaction. The unit is available with two bases – the first allows the enclosure to be secured to the countertop surface perma- nently - making it a highly secure unit. Alternatively, this iHOLD comes with a ruggedized base that allows for durability, yet movement and mobility - ideal for classroom use. iHOLD Wall Mounted Tablet Enclosure RRP: £249.00 ex.VAT imageHOLDERS wall mounted unit is perfect for a number of applications, including self service and information kiosks. The iHOLD is securely mounted onto a wall via a VESA mount. The screen can be rotated and tilted for ergonomic purposes and viewing comfort. Additional branding on the bezel is also available. iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Round Base RRP: £399.00 ex.VAT Customers and retail staff can use this simple and stylish iHOLD kiosk in a variety of ways. Power cables and extension leads are discretely hidden within the vertical stand, which is ergonomically designed for comfortable used by a standing adult. Customisation and height alterations can also be catered towards wheelchair users and children. iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Curved Base RRP: £399.00 ex.VAT This secure iHOLD tablet kiosk boasts a simple and sleek design. The lightweight unit can be easily moved and transported from one area to another, or can be secured to the floor permanently depending on the requirements of it’s specific environment. iHOLD Tablet Kiosk and Enclosure Range Overview 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  11. 11. Asset Management & End of Life Policy Here at imageHOLDERS, you can rest assured that your orders and products are in safe hands thanks to our asset management and end of life policy. Barcoding and Product Numbers We have a unique barcoding system and unique part numbers for all our our products which come in DIY Kit form, or pre-assembled for your convenience. If there happens to be a problem with one of the parts, we are able to replace it immediately. Each product order will also have a unique Sales Order Reference so that we can track your order throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery process. This allows the end user to gather vital information on lead times. Liaison & Deployment ImageHOLDERS will liaise with third parties who may be involved with your order process. For example, if you have ordered one of our iHOLD Tablet Enclosures with Printer and Swipe Card Reader, we will ensure all external parts are deployed and tracked so that you don't have to. We then assemble the unit and ship it direct to you, anywhere in the world! Stock Holding imageHOLDERS products are designed and manufactured in the UK. This allows us to stock a number of units and parts, resulting in speedy lead times and product turnaround. Security & Key Replacement As our iHOLD Tablet Enclosure range incorporates a lock and key for added security, imageHOLDERS have devised a key code system. We issue one key for each individual unit - this comes with a unique 3 digit number which should be registered upon receipt of delivery. Once registered, we can issue multiple sets of keys to suit your specific security requirements. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  12. 12. Asset Management & End of Life Policy Care & Support Our objective of providing exceptional customer service means imageHOLDERS are on hand to help in any way we can. If there is a problem with your product, or if you would like any advice, find us at iHOLD Future-Proof Designs for Life The entire imageHOLDERS product range was developed not only to be visually appealing but with sustainability in mind. Unlike certain plastics or cardboard that ends up in landfills shortly after its use, our adaptable and versatile products can be used over and over again to suit changing business and display needs. The modular components are manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium and fit together with slide and lock functionality. Our easy to change graphic system allows you to change signage in moments so that your information and images stay current with minimal waste. When you want to change the function of your displays or retail fixtures you don’t need to purchase another unit you can simply reconfigure or enhance your existing one. Why dispose of a display when it can be recycled? While there are short term financial benefits to purchasing disposable displays, purchasing a sturdy, lasting and adaptable display is a far better investment environmentally and financially. With the imageHOLDERS system, lost or broken components can be readily replaced without the need to purchase a new display which greatly reduces waste and cost to consumers. End of Life Policy All imageHOLDERS products have been designed with the environment in mind. That's why all materials used in the manufacture of our items are easy to dispose of under the direction of WEE Standards. This denotes that the application of non- destructive testing to mechanical engineering materials and components, including the non-destructive testing of metallic welds has been upheld. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions