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UGC: The future of the media?


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A presentation I made for an english course at Telecom SudParis.

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UGC: The future of the media?

  1. 1. USER GENERATED CONTENT The future of the media ? By Maxime Guedj / @imacrea June 2009
  2. 2. OLD MEDIA VS NEW MEDIA What’s the difference ?
  3. 3. YOU ! UGC made NEW media
  4. 4. A NEW LANDSCAPE New media are now called “Social Media”
  5. 5. LET’S COMPARE ! Twitter VS NY Times YouTube VS CNN
  6. 6. WHAT PEOPLE CAN DO 3,118,547 views on YouTube
  7. 7. Flickr i on RaG D oBe nks Tha IS UGC THE FUTURE ? What do YOU think ?
  8. 8. N O! UGC IS NOT THE FUTURE Guess which media made the biggest buzz ever ?
  9. 9. IT’S THE TV ! The Susan Boyle Case As of 27 April, the number exceeds 170 million and is increasing by about 8 million daily.
  10. 10. Flickr rre z on tie j_gu nks j Tha WHAT MATTERS TODAY ? Revenue Model
  11. 11. A NEW COMPETITION UGC VS Pro content ?
  12. 12. Unique Visitors 03/09 Ad $ expected 73M 200M 6,60M 120M Source : AGGREGATOR VS MEDIA PRODUCER Each one tries to evolve to resist to the crisis
  13. 13. 4/14/2009 .com volution .i nternete Thanks www THE YOUTUBE CASE Sink or Swim ?
  14. 14. ickr yo n Fl aph ogr st odd nk Tha WHO WILL WIN ? Maybe it won’t be YOUR choice finally...
  15. 15. USER GENERATED CONTENT The future of the media ?
  16. 16. CURRENT TV The first American 24-hour network based around viewer-created content