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Above/Below The Line by Julian


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Above/Below The Line by Julian

  1. 1. ABOVE THE LINE/BELOW THELINEJulian. APeriod. 1
  2. 2. Topics Above The Line Below The Line Differences Good vs. Bad Cause Effect The Better Choice
  3. 3. Above The Line Living Above The Line is being influencedwith good leadership and appreciation.Here’s how you can describe Above TheLine; Honest, Respect, Caring, Good Sportand much more, the list can go on toinfinity.
  4. 4. Below The Line Living Below The Line is being a part ofthing I like to call the “Bad End” you arebeing justified into a manner thatrepresents nothing. Here’s how youdescribe Below The Line;Dishonest, Disrespect, BadSport, Unkind, Disloyal and the list goeson and on.
  5. 5. Differences Good vs. Bad Good: Honest Good Sport Caring Rewarded Respect Loyal Self-Discipline Bad: Consequences Torcher Pay the Penalty Disrespect Cowardice Unkind Self Infliction
  6. 6. Cause The Famous Thomas M. Monson wasonce Quoted to say “DecisionsDetermine Destiny.” Challenge yourselfdo what you think is best for you, “Onelife, Once Chance.”
  7. 7. Effect Every choice has a good and badconsequence. At any point of time It’salways good to do what’s Right. It maynot be popular, but it’s something youstand for.
  8. 8. The Better Choice Living Above the line will Always be thebetter choice.