Egyptian Theater Event Plan (2008)


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Created by Ilona Meagher for NIU J335 Adv Public Relations class assignment -- April 20, 2008.

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Egyptian Theater Event Plan (2008)

  1. 1. Event Plan for Shake Up the Boardom! at the Egyptian Theatre, April 20, 2008 - 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 1) First group of needs – We have to acquire these things to actually *have* an event on April 20. This is based on my feeling that we will have about 50 kids attend the event. I have no idea if this is in the right ballpark or not – we will have to revise as we have a better idea how many will be in attendance. Items needed to host event Door prizes, goody bags, raffle baskets, championship prizes: • Coupons, small take-away gift items from your business (for goody bags and raffle baskets) • 1 I-Pod player (grand prize) • Small toys, puzzles, creative/educational items (door prizes) • Blinking/flashing fun necklaces or other similar items (goodie bags) • Funny kids’ sunglasses, shoelaces (goodie bags) • Blow-up beach balls (goodie bags) • 5 Baskets (made for raffles and filled with items below) • 5 Books, magazines (for ages 5-14) • 5 Popular film/musician posters • 5 Music CDs (for ages 5-14) • 5 Movie DVDs (for ages 5-14) • 5 I-Tunes Gift Cards ($5-10 value each) • 5 Items parents would appreciate (for raffle baskets) o Magazines, Books, Relaxing music CDs, etc. Event necessities: • 10 Buttons for NIU students (for easy identification during event) • 50 Small plastic bags (to make goody bags) • 50 Toilet paper rolls (for Mummy Wrap game) • 50 Transparency borders (for children’s art auction) • 1 Pkg. Copy paper • Tape • Crayons, markers, colored pencils (for last minute art auctions entries) • Arrival/Event brochure paper, printing (will include event info for attendees and listing of all event sponsers) • 100 Adhesive-backed name tags • Pens/markers • Guestbook • 1 Roll raffle tickets • 300 Balloons (for goody bags and decoration) • Streamers • Banners • Poster Boards • Eating utensils • Napkins • Moist towlettes • Large trash bags (clean-up) Arrangements already in place for: • 15 Pizzas (5 Cheese, 5 Sausage, 5 Pepperoni) o $110.87 – Papa’s Pizza • Up to 12 unopened, new games of our choice to be used for board game tournament o FREE – On Board Games
  2. 2. 2) Second group of needs – we must try our best to raise some cash for PET, especially since we are not charging anything for those attending the game competition. Sponsorship cold-calling This is a rough guideline. If any business or person you approach wishes to donate a different amount, that’s fine…please don’t forget to keep records of everyone you approached (jot down all the businesses and their addresses so we don’t trip over anyone else in the group) and what they ultimately decided to do and why. Tips before heading out.... 1. Don’t forget to smile, be confident and “sell” the event and us the best you can. 1. We are really fortunate to be able to host this event at the Egyptian. 1. How many others do you know who have the same opportunity? 2. We are really fortunate to be Huskies and part of NIU and the surrounding community. 1. DeKalb and Sycamore were wonderful to us in February. 1. If you feel comfortable enough, thank them for that support. 3. We are really fortunate to be working together on this project. 1. Before we move on with our lives, I’m glad we have this time together. 2. Always mention what the money/donation will be used for and who is collecting it. 1. Ask to speak with the person responsible for company donations. 2. Explain a little bit about our class project and a lot about our event. 1. Show them the Egyptian brochure. 2. Show them the info sheet. 1. Tell them about the different levels of sponsorship. 2. Tell them it will be a great opportunity to market their business. 3. Please, no promises that we can’t keep. :o) 3. Invite them to the event. 3. Tell them they can contact either our teacher or Alex Nerad for confirmation. 4. Ask if you can return to leave an event poster to hang in the window. 5. Leave a copy of the info sheet with everyone you visit. 6. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you.’ 3. Let everyone in the group know ASAP what you’ve managed to arrange for from the list. 4. Keep good records: We need to know who donated what and how much. 1. If a business does donate, ask to take some business cards. 1. 50 should do – we will add them to the goody bags, if they’d like. If they don’t donate something on the spot, please follow up with them. What follows on the next two pages is the info you should show and leave with every business you stop in to talk with (you will need to make a number of copies for yourself before you head out).
  3. 3. Contacts For confirmation of the “Shake Up the Boardom!” event, please contact the Egyptian Theatre’s Operations Director, Alex Nerad, at 815.758.1215 or via email at For confirmation of our class project and to answer any other questions, our teacher, Mark Pietrowski, can be reached at 815.753.1456, FAX 815.753.5202, or via email at or “Shake Up the Boardom!” at the Egyptian Theatre April 20, 2008 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your time and consideration today. Northern Illinois University’s Spring 2008 Introduction to Public Relations class (Journalism 335) has been tasked with planning and implementing a fundraising event for a DeKalb County non-profit organization. Our group, PR Firm #2, is fortunate that the Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre (PET) has agreed to work with us on our assignment, the fruits of which take place on April 20, 2008. “Shake Up the Boardom!” promises great fun for families in the DeKalb/Sycamore area. Admission is FREE for those families participating in all events, which will include: • Traditional games such as musical chairs and freeze dance. • Board game tournament sponsored by DeKalb’s On Board Games. • Silent art auction of pieces created by children in attendance. • Short children’s film or cartoon, title to be determined. • Goodie bags and door prizes for participating kids. • Raffles for higher-value gift baskets (that have been donated by area stores). • Food for purchase, including Papa John’s Pizza. Our assignment not only revolves around planning and organizing the fundraising event; we are also charged with raising the funds to cover the items necessary to implement it as well. In addition, our group is also determined to do our best to gain firm sponsors of our event and new PET supporters. Would you be interested in helping us achieve any of these goals? With our thanks, Matt Birchler Chris Darkes Dannie Bell Brittany Brownlee Michelle Gilbert Ben Moore Andrew Hansen Ilona Meagher Jenny Anzinger David Gronlund
  4. 4. What: “Shake Up the Boardom!” at the Egyptian Theatre is….. A unique special event that melds two local hallmarks, the historic Egyptian Theatre and students from Northern Illinois University, into many positive impressions of the greater DeKalb area market. In the DeKalb-Sycamore area, this is a unique opportunity to capture an important market. With the excitement of a family-oriented day, a marketing campaign that aims to energize the community in our direction, and the support of key sponsors, this attraction is sure to successfully capitalize on a large segment of the market. When: April 20, 2008 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Target Audience: Children: ages 5-14; Adults: ages 25-55+ Why: For the benefit of the ‘Preservation of the Egyptian Theatre’ (PET) Where: Conveniently located in downtown DeKalb at the historic Egyptian Theatre, 135 North Second Street Investment: The Egyptian Theatre and the NIU students of PR Firm #2 are totally committed to the success of this event. Our combined print, radio and face-to-face publicity campaigns will maximize exposure for the greater DeKalb market – including the surrounding counties. In addition, the students will distribute flyers and posters to area businesses and public gathering places in the week leading up to the event. Details will also be posted online. Special Sponsorship Packages for “Shake Up the Boardom!” BIG SHAKE SPONSOR PACKAGE* - $250 Benefits include: • Listing on our website and a link to your site. • Inclusion in all pre and post-event media releases. • Listing on event brochure, flyers and posters. • Insertion of company literature or business card in attendee bags. • Inclusion in special thanks given by NIU students at close of event. • Mention of sponsorship in all DeKalb Chamber of Commerce press releases. • Digital collection (CD) of event photos. • All additional exposure or promotional ideas will be considered and every effort will be made to accommodate requests. LITTLE PUSH SPONSOR PACKAGES* - $100 Benefits include: • Listing on our website and a link to your site. • Inclusion in all pre and post-event media releases. • Listing on event brochure, flyers and posters. • Inclusion in special thanks given by NIU students at close of event. • Mention of sponsorship in all DeKalb Chamber of Commerce press releases. FRIENDLY BUMP SPONSOR PACKAGE* - $50 Benefits include: • Inclusion in special thanks given by NIU students at close of event. *Logos, ads and additional promotional materials are to be provided by sponsors when applicable.
  5. 5. Event Outline Set Up Begins at 9 a.m. Everyone should plan to arrive in plenty of time to leisurely set up and familiarize ourselves with the event space. We also need to divide game station responsibilities and get acquainted with the roles that we each will have to fulfill to ensure our event moves along smoothly for us and attendees, too. Set up will give us time to… • Get to know… o Alex Nerad, operations director of the Egyptian. o Where bathrooms and exits are so we can point people in their direction. o Where and when each of us needs to be throughout the event. • Hang up station signs, game flow directions. • Set up tables, chairs, and games at game stations. • Decorate – hanging up banners, blowing up and hanging balloons, etc. • Lay out the different event stations (and determine flow of people). o Sign-in area w/space for filling out name tags and signing guestbook. o Photo area to take a picture of each new family as they arrive.  We may offer to mail a digital photo disk containing all event pictures for a $5 donation to the Egyptian. An order coupon with room to fill in their name and address will be either in the brochure or goody bag; we’ll have a box to collect those orders on site. o Kids’ artwork and raffle basket display area  We may invite kids to bring their best 8 ½ X 11 piece of artwork with them to the event (we can also have a small area with crayons and markers available for them to create an entry) to donate it to the silent auction that we will have set up alongside the display of our donated items for our raffle baskets. Adults will be asked to bid on at least one piece of artwork (min. bid $2) and they may also buy raffle tickets for the baskets. Following the movie, we will conduct the raffle and auction the kids’ artwork off. o ‘Name the Star’ and ‘Sense-Sational’ station  These are passive games that kids and parents can wander off to and do on their own  Winners will be announced after the film during the raffle/auction event closer.  (All game descriptions found toward the end of this document) o Warm-up Game station #1  Quick games to warm kids up to each other and the event • Musical chairs • Mummy wrap • Dress Up Relay • Balloon bounce • Freeze dance • Match Game  This first game level will determine which kids get to play which games • When kids first arrive, we will split them into three teams o Older mixed with younger o Boys mixed with girls o Siblings and friends mixed with strangers • First place winners of the Match Game get first choice of which game they get to play in the board game tournament; second place gets second choice. o Board Game station #2  Board game tournament • Trouble - Sorry • Candyland - Operation
  6. 6. • Battleship - Uno o ‘Strip the Present,’ ‘Hot Potato,’ ‘Musical Present’ station  If we happen to get a lot of donated gifts, these games can be set up for kids to play and receive them after board games are completed. o Concession area/pizza table  Will we have some space for any to sit down and eat? Event begins at 11 a.m. 11:00 – 11:15: Check-In and Welcoming of Attendees • Hand adults event brochure containing outline of day’s events and specific game info • Hand kids goodie bags and one “FREE toy swapping” coupon. o Coupon will allow each child one chance to go up to another child and swap one item in the other’s goodie bag for one in theirs. (? Still working on this idea…not sure a good one) • Help kids and adults fill out and wear name tags. • Ask kids and adults to sign guestbook. • Michelle and I take every new arrival’s picture. • Kids broken down into teams. 11:15 – 12:00: Station #1 Warm-up Games 12:00 – 12:45: Station #2 Board Game Tournament 12:30 Pizza delivered • Would this be better to move up for noon delivery? 1:00 Film begins • Invite people to stay in their seats after the movie for raffle and other game winner announcements. 2:30 Film ends 2:30 – 3:00: Event Closing – immediately following end of film • From theatre stage (?) o Basket raffle winners drawn o Silent artwork auction winners announced (art not bid on auctioned off) o ‘Name the Star’ and ‘Sense-Sational’ winners determined o ‘Price is Right’ for any remaining gifts o I-Pod winner announced o Thank you statements from NIU students to Egyptian Theatre and attendees. Event ends at 3 p.m. 3:00 – 3:30 Clean-up
  7. 7. Name the Star Ingredients • Pictures of Movie Stars • Pieces of Paper • Pens • Poster Board To Play • Cut out pictures of movie stars from magazines or print some off of the Internet. • Label each picture with a number and stick all of them onto poster board. • When your guests arrive give them each a piece of paper with the numbers you chose for each movie star down the side. • Each guest then guesses who each star is. • The winner with the most correct answer wins. Sense-Sational Test their powers of smell! Ingredients • Paper Bags • Coffee Beans • Toothpaste • Orange Peels • Chocolate • Onions • Oreo Cookies • Peanut Butter To Play • Fill paper bags with a variety of items that have an aroma, such as coffee beans, salami, toothpaste, orange peels, chocolate, onions, Oreo cookies, peanut butter, and so on. Be sure the smells are familiar to the age group. • Pass the bags around and let the kids smell them without looking inside! • Give prizes to whoever guessed them all correctly (or whoever guessed the most correctly). Mummy Wrap Ingredients • Toilet Paper • Crepe Paper Streamers To Play • Divide the kids into pairs, with one the Mummy and the other the Mummy Wrapper. • Give each wrapper a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper streamer. • On the word "Go!" have the wrappers race to see who can wrap up their mummy first. • The game is tricky because the faster they try to wrap, the more the tissue will tear, causing them to keep restarting!
  8. 8. Balloon Bounce Ingredients • Balloons To Play • A contest to see who can keep a balloon in the air the longest using only their head. • The person who can keep it in the air longest without using anything but their head is the winner. (This game can also be played in teams). Musical Chairs This is another children's favorite. Ingredients • Chairs • Music • Hats To Play • Set up chairs in 2 rows back to back. Put out one less chair than there are children. • Start playing music, and have the kids walk around the chairs (not touching the chairs though!) until the music stops. • When the music stops, the kids must each sit on a chair. • The child without a chair is "out". Then remove another chair. • If there is ever a tie, the child with more tush on the chair wins. • This is a great game when it is played with hats too! Pull out every winter, baseball, and cowboy hat in your house. Have enough hats for every kid except one. As the music starts, have each kid put the hat on and pass it to the right. Each time the music stops, the kid without a hat is out. Freeze Dance This game does not need much explanation. Ingredients • Music To Play • Put a group of kids in a room, play some music, and watch them dance. • Then turn the music off during the song, and they must freeze in their current position. • If they move at all, then they are "out." • The people who are still in the game continue to dance/freeze as you control the music, until one person wins. Dress-up Relay Ingredients • Clothing To Play • Make 2 piles of the same type of clothing. • Divide the group into teams and have the first players race to dress up in all the clothes from one pile. • When finished, he/she must take all the clothes off and have the next player dress up. • The team that dresses and undresses first wins the game.
  9. 9. Match Game Match Game is based upon the old television game show of the same name. You can play it at least two different ways. My sisters and I used to play our own home version all the time. We just got pens and pieces of paper and made up our own questions. You have to divide into two or more teams of an equal number of people. Each team has a captain. You'll also need one leader to ask the questions. This person will be a neutral party like a game show emcee. He or she is not part of either team. All the captains stand at the front of the room. Everyone should have a supply of pens and paper before the game begins. The leader asks the group a question and everyone writes down an answer—including the team captains. There is no speaking allowed. Your answer is secret and should not be shown to anyone else. All the pieces of paper are then handed up to the team captains. The team captains read aloud their own answers and then start reading out all the answers from their own teams. You add up how many matching answers you have and score a point per match. Here are some sample questions: • If you could have the magical powers of any superhero, who would it be? • If you could live in any city in the world, what city would it be? • What is the greatest movie playing in the theatre right now? • What is the funniest sitcom on TV today? Strip the Present Ingredients • Gift • Wrapping Paper • Old Newspapers • Plastic Bags • Tin Foil • Tape To Play • Wrap the gift several times with wrapping paper, old newspapers, plastic bags, tin foil and any other items to make it difficult to open. • Have the children sit in a circle and send the present around the circle. • As it goes from person to person, have each child unwrap one layer of paper. The child who unwraps the last layer to discover what the present is gets to keep it. Hot Potato This game is an old favorite and everyone knows how to play. Ingredients • Potato To Play • Have all of the kids sit in a circle. • One child is chosen as the "leader" he or she begins passing a potato (or other object) around the circle, while the "leader" turns his/her head with eyes closed. • Everyone must accept the potato, and may not hold it longer than a second. At any point the "leader" can yell, "Hot Potato", and whoever has the potato is out. • Continue to play until there is only one person left, and he/she is the winner.
  10. 10. Musical Present Ingredients • Gift • Wrapping Paper • Scissors • Tape • Music To Play • Purchase age appropriate gifts for the kids. • Wrap the gift. • Gather the kids in a circle and give one of the children a wrapped present. • Play music and have them pass the present around the circle. • When the music stops, the child holding the present gets to keep it. Then they drop out of the game. • Start another present around the circle. Price Is Right Here's a great wind-down game that also serves as the going-away favor. Ingredients • Gifts • Candy • Stuffed Animals • Books • Paper • Pencil To Play • Buy gifts for your guests. • Distribute paper and pencil to each player. • Hold up one item and have the kids try to guess how much it cost. • Reveal the price tag and award the gift to the player who guessed the closest. That player is out of the game, while the rest continue guessing the prices of the gifts, until all of them are gone.