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new marketing model for Dentist


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This creative idea designed by sadra shariatmadari, founder of illusionmarketing method.

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new marketing model for Dentist

  1. 1. Online services for teethTo remove extreme pain Campaign design by sadra shariatmadari 2012- 2013
  2. 2. Visions Increase numbers of visitors in dental clinics Restoration patients to clinic again Create greatest database for Iranian teeth data Increase rate of awareness among people about teeth healthcare Increase pain and cost for people Charity activities
  3. 3. Toothache is painful
  4. 4. Plan’s core Increase awareness CRM PLAN Data Mining
  5. 5. The Hidden Pearl You have 32 valuable pearls inside your mouth 1000 USD for each implant 32,000 USD What is your plan now?Losing Keeping
  6. 6. There are no secrets In your mouth You have a certificate For your teeth You know everything About your teeth Decrease the pain Increase family health care Decrease the cost
  7. 7. New patient -1000 -500 -400 -300 -200 -100 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 Returned Patient2011 Why you need a fresh plan for your clinic? Returned Patient2012
  8. 8. Why most of old patient never comeback ?
  9. 9. Maybe they need fresh juice!
  10. 10. Fresh CRM plan! Invite Old members again Promote plan 1-1 Free visit Free Booklet and Website membership Increase visibility Keep them all You are related again Maybe they need Your help! They are UNIQUE They are Important for you SHOW THIS
  11. 11. Invitation And Buying Booklet and credit Free visit Filling booklets And website Following Real but cheap!!! Process
  12. 12. Booklet Pages: 68 pages Inside pages: 130 gram Cover: 200 gram Glossy Phase 1 : 3000 copies
  13. 13. cover Back cover
  14. 14. Page 2 Page 1
  15. 15. Page 2 Teeth scientific name First visit date Who is your doctor? The first reports about your teeth conditions
  16. 16. Your dentist suggestions Treatment time Who is your next dentist? Your next visit date
  17. 17. Website PHP design Social network base Registration needed If you are not invited with a dentist you need to request for registration first.Creative IDEA
  18. 18. Phase 1 1000 users 5 clinics Division 1 Phase 2 10000 users 50 clinics Division 1-2-3 Phase 3 100000 users 100 clinics Division Tehran Phase 4 1,000,000 users 100 clinics Sustainability Division Tehran Phase 5 Student users Prep school and guidance school Division Tehran Phase 6 Student users Prep school and High school Division Tehran Project’s phases
  19. 19. Phase 7 Islamic Azad University North Unit Phase 8 Islamic Azad University South Unit Phase 9 Islamic Azad University West Unit ...
  20. 20. How you can invest? You are a clinic. You are a Dentist. You are a Brand SWOT ANALYSIS CRM PLAN GUIDE LINE MEDIA PROJECTIONS BOOKLET WEB SITE CREDIT Creative idea planning Promote among people and clinics Online marketing Free membership for stuff Online ADS Online Campaign CRM Campaign 6 months 6 months 6 months
  21. 21. How we will advertise plan?WOM Newsletter and magazines On-line ADS Banners Social marketing Billboards TV ADS Events In-Store events Drug Stores
  22. 22. Charity and communication with people Invite children from charities Free visit and free membership 7 % for charities directly 12 % of ADS indirect
  23. 23. Shareholders and assets investments Designing Web designing Programming ADS Graphic design 35,000,000 ADS and banners 15,000,000 Host and Domain 15,000,000 Web design phase1 120,000,000 Web design phase2 150,000,000 Web design phase3 250,000,000 Campaign designing Phase 1 100,000,000 Phase 2 150,000,000 Media Plan 70,000,000 Partnership
  24. 24. 30 % for dentists and clinics 12 % for charities 18% for Media 40 % for Founder
  25. 25. HR systemsFounder and managing director Board of directors ( Founder, dentists, charity’s directors, Media owners, clinic’s owners) Secretary and local operational manager PR and marketing Director Financial ADS Designing and Graphic Programming CRM HR Training
  26. 26. Thanks . Copyright 2011- 2014 |