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What's The Point Of Being An Entrepreneur?


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Illai Gescheit, an entrepreneur, designer and inventor gave a talk about the journey and life of an entrepreneur. In the talk Illai maps the entrepreneurship experience into 6 different experience points. The first talk was given to one of the IDF Elite Technological Units.

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What's The Point Of Being An Entrepreneur?

  1. 1. What’s The Point? The different points in the life of an entrepreneur Illai Gescheit
  2. 2. What you do The PlayfieldHowyoufeel
  3. 3. Starting Point End Point Deccision Point Max Point Min Point Focal Point Points
  4. 4. The Starting Point
  5. 5. Start with a problem
  6. 6. My documents
  7. 7. The Decision Point
  8. 8. Decide Fast, and don’t let hesitation make you not decide at all. You have enough time to correct your mistakes along the way
  9. 9. Should we launch and see what happens? or should we make it perfect first? Mobifile’s Launch Decision Point
  10. 10. The Focal Point
  11. 11. The 4 Focal Points Users Goals Metrics Problem
  12. 12. The Job A user looked for a new job. While he was on a train he met someone who is working in the online marketing field. They started chatting and the guy told him to send him his resume, and he will pass it to his boss. Our user didn’t remember where he had saved the most updated version of his resume. Instead of looking for email attachment, in his dropbox, and wait for him to get home and check on his desktop, he used Mobifile and received all his resume files from all sources, chose what he received at the top of the feed and shared it with that Guy, from Mobifile ! A user looked bought cereals, or more specific, Capt’n Crunch, on the Super Market next to his house. He got home and saw that the date for usage was expired. He got back to the market store the day after, with the expired cereal box. The store manager, wanted to see the receipt. But the user didn’t have it. However, he did post a picture of the cereal box next to the receipt on Facebook to his friends. So he just searched on Mobifile for“cereal”and got the picture, and showed it to the store manager. He received a new cereal box and a refund. The Doctor A user went to a doctor to check his eye infection. The doctvor sent him to do some checkups, and then asked him to return in a week. This doctor, was very known, and he received patients only one month in advance. The user called and the doctor’s assistant said he can arrive in 30 minutes or else the toctor will be available only in one months, since he is going abroad. The user arrived but he didn’t have the test results, and didn’t have his medical card. The doctor asked the user for card, to see the test results. Instead the user searched for“eye test”and received the results that were sent to his email address. The doctor exmined our user and gave him a special antibiotic paste. His eye is Ok now. The Receipt Users
  13. 13. Maximum/Minimum Points
  14. 14. The Maximum Point
  15. 15. The Minimum Point
  16. 16. It’s a journey with ups and downs but you need to keep on climbing
  17. 17. Keep on going
  18. 18. The Ending Point
  19. 19. There is no ending point There is no ending point There is no ending point There is no ending point There is no ending point
  20. 20. I am working on solving a great problem Are you working on a new startup? Wow. Good luck with that!
  21. 21. Questions ??? ? ? ?