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ADme - Product


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Found this product work I created back in 2010

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ADme - Product

  1. 1. ADme Let’s Disrupt the Advertising World - Let’s make it Personal... All Rights Reserved to Illai Jacob Gescheit Disclaimer - This brochure use Coca-Cola company as an example and does not restrict the usage of ADme to only one company.
  2. 2. ADme Invitation invites you to take part in its new Ad! Join Us! OK CANCEL 1 The service offers two ways to start an ad personalization. The user receives an invitation either from the company or by another ADme member, to take part in a commercial or he could search the service app, for a product he wishes to promote and be its representative. Self Photo-shoot2 The ADme app user is the model and the director, and receives instructions how to take the photo or video for the personalized commercial. He receives general contours of the pose and location he needs to take his pictures with his mobile device. Ad Editing3 ADme is a personalized advertisment service and technology, which encourages companies and users to take part in creating and promoting advertisment of their favorite products and services. The advertising market is turning into short film and personalized market. Everyone can share, post and promote his favorite products. We don’t need beautiful models, but the real people. ADme want to disrupt the advertising world and use the new technologies available. Drinking coke makes me... Write your name... Continue the sentence... Position your photo here. x Choose your product... Coca-Cola Zero Coca-Cola Zero Choose the company you wish to promote... OK CANCEL New Message Initiated Advertising Invited Advertising We let our users to take active part in editing the ad, be the copywriter, and choose the product or service she wishes to promote. ADme
  3. 3. Drinking coke makes me smile and happy ! Jane Hanes Share Ad4 Zero x ADme Social Billboard Facebook Tweeter E-mail Drinking coke makes me smile and happy ! Jane Hanes Zero ADme Publish Ad5 ADme users share their personalized apps on their social networks wihtout the need to take special actions, but ADme also uses the ads on tv, or on billboard, so any user can win his chance to be as a famous Coca-Cola or Nike model and appear on billboards around the globe. After playing as an actor/model in the ad, and functioned as a copywriter and producer, the user becomes a publisher and helps ADme and the advertising company to share this ad on social networks, tv, billboards and more to reach large number of potential customers. ADme Billboards TV Social Networks Mobile Ads Online Magazines Publishing ADme’s
  4. 4. Purchase6 Drinking coke makes me smile and happy ! Jane Hanes Zero Buy $1.99 $1.99 $1.99 Zero Diet The user has a direct option to buy the product he advertises, and his friends can buy what he or she promoted. All they have to do is just press the BUY button, and enter their credit card and shipmemt details and and do the purchase. ADme tracks each payment done with ADme, and receives a share from that purchase. ADme will track the type of ads the user chooses and will make personalized recommendations for the next ads the user would like. ADme*Coca-Cola is used in this document as a general example for any product.
  5. 5. Business Model7 Company pays a fixed price for an ad to ADme Price according to the rate determined for ad type Above threshold no. of ADme shares, company pays interest for each ad Freemium - User does not pay to download or use the app Above 10,000 shares -> .2 $US for each share Above 100,000 shares -> .25 $US for each share Above 500,000 shares -> .3 $US for each share Still Ad - 500 - 1,000 $US Animated Gif Ad - 1,500 - 2,500 $US Animated Clip Ad - 2,800 - 4,000 $US 3D Animated Ad - 4,500 - 10,000 $US ADme Types ADme ADme business model includes 2 type of payments: Payment for the advertising services by the company that is using ADme to promote its products, and payment by the users if the users buy the product thanks to ADme services. Payment Rates and Adme ads Types will be revised by experts from Gravity and ADme, to determine the optimal rates to allow the users, the advertising companies, ADme and Gravity to earn maximal revenue and have a beneficial model. Unlike many mobile app compamies, ADme is motivated by its business model and this is its no. 1 strength! Joint Venture8 The idea is to develop a new technology to integrate any person with a mobile device with the creation of still, and animated ads. To promote crowd creativity and innovation. Gravity has the experience to create the platform for the ads, that the user can take part in. ADme and Gravity will create the creative basic ads, for the advertisers, and the users will take active roles in creating, playing and publishing the ads. If User buys a product using the direct purchase buttons of ADme, the advertising party pays 10% to ADme ADme Share Rate END START Time Frame TBD
  6. 6. Music11 ADme Profiles9 ADme will incude a data base of personal profiles. This way we could rate advertisers (ADme users) which will be rated by ADme as “ADme superstars” and could get discounts and coupons as a catalyzing method to promote more and more products. Groups could be also created in case anyone would like to make a group advertising. ADme will allow to use facebook, linkedin, instegram profiles to create their ADme profiles. Celebrity ADme Usage10 Companies pay a lot of money to get celebrity peronel to promote their products and participate in their ads on tv or even on mobile ads. ADme, let anyone include celebrity personel to advertise your product. That means that your product could get exposure and promotion by really high influence people, without you needing to pay high amounts of money. Your product just need to be very good. Drinking coke makes me smile and happy ! Taylor Swift Zero Buy Taylor Swift just published a Coca-Cola Ad on ADme. x FollowTaylor Swift Ryan Gossling Following Any ADme user can follow other user’s publishing including celebrity figures and keep track on their favorite products Anyone could create his own music and offer it to the company as its commercial sound track. This will give young musicians a platform to have their music noticable. Create your own track Submit ADme
  7. 7. Social Ads12 Ad 24 Years old Yoji from Tokio 28 Years old Cassandra from New York ADme connects people from around the globe who wish to promote the same products and have the same interests. You can star on a Coca-Cola with 24 years old Yoji from Japan, and with 28 years old Cassandra. You can invite your frineds to do a commercial with you, or meet new people by doing a Social Ad with them. You Security14 Ad Rating13 Ads that will be rated with high scores, according to the viewers ratings, will appear top on the ADme feed. Top rated ads, will get the opportunity to appear on Billboards and additional public advertising. Since the ADme ads are using personal information and pictures in order to promote products ADme users must sign and accept their agreement when downloading the app, in which they aggree that any company they participate in their ads, will use it for commercial and promotional purposes. There is no need to sign every time you make an ad. I agreex ADme
  8. 8. Events15 Contact ADme16 ADme users could create promotional events to launch their ads and have organized sales in a certain time and date. A user can invite his friends to a premiere of his ADme ad. ADme will also throw an event once a year that will be called the ADme awards, in which the most creative ads will win prizes for their ads. Address: 1 Yellin Stree Tel Aviv Israel Telephone: +972-50-6-686-810 E-mail: ADme