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XKL Presents at Data Centre Europe 2012


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Len Bosack, CEO and Founder of XKL, LLC and the Founder of Cisco Systems, presented at the Data Centres Europe 2012 conference in Nice, France - \'Without the Best Networks, the Cloud Does Not Exist." To request a copy please email

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XKL Presents at Data Centre Europe 2012

  1. 1. Without The Best Network,the Cloud Does Not Exist Data Centres Europe 2012 Len Bosack CEO/Founder XKL LLC
  2. 2. Dark Fibre - Background•  Ligh%ng  dark  fibre  provides  companies  ul%mate   flexibility   –  Network  design,  implementa%on  and  management   –  Full  control  over  which  carriers  and  services   providers  to  buy  from    •  Useful  applica%ons  include:   –  Private  enterprise  networks   –  Big  bandwidth  connec%vity  to  data  centres  for   hos%ng,  cloud  compu%ng  and  applica%on   management  
  3. 3. Key Benefits of Lighting Dark Fibre•  Virtually  unlimited  capacity   –  Single  fibre  pair  support  up  to  400G  of  lit  transport  now,  1,000G  soon   –  Light  what  you  want,  when  you  need  it  •  Lower  cost  to  use  and  deliver  high  bandwidth   applica%ons  •  Network  control  and  rou%ng  preferences   –  Hardware,  monitoring  and  management  all  in  customer’s  control  •  Dedicated,  private  infrastructure  ensures   reliability  and  security   –  Variety  of  configura%ons  can  be  customize  to  meet  unique  business   requirements   –  Long-­‐haul,  short-­‐haul  and  fiber-­‐to-­‐tower  connec%vity  solu%ons  
  4. 4. Dark Fibre – Demand Drivers•  Growing  bandwidth  use  •  Availability  and  prevalence  of  network   infrastructure  •  Security  and  reliability  •  Future  growth  /  control  •  Convergence  of  voice,  data  and  video      
  5. 5. Best Cloud Deployments•  Basis  of  Network  is  Dark  Fibre  •  Cloud  solu%on  requirements   –  Network  /  Accessibility   –  Reliable  equipment  /  Flexibility   –  Coloca%on/  Data  Centre  “home”   –  Applica%ons  /  Services  •  How  does  the  Best  Cloud  provide  the  Best   Solu%ons?    It  Starts  with  the  Best  Network.   –  Amount  of  Bandwidth,  Control  and  Scalability   –  Privacy  and  Legal  Locale  Requirements   –  Does  it  go  where  you  need  it  to  go?   –  Costs  to  own,  operate  and  lease  the  network  
  6. 6. Best Network – Key Considerations•  Connec%vity  Considera%ons   –  Where  are  the  network  endpoints   –  What  is  the  route  the  network  takes   –  What  is  the  es%mated  latency    •  Core  Network  Gear  Considera%ons   –  Scalable  and  flexible   –  Reliable  and  Secure   –  Efficient  to  power,  house  and  manage   –  Speed  /  latency     –  Cost  and  ROI  
  7. 7. Conclusion•  Three  main  elements  to  cloud  networking   solu%ons:   –  Network  Flexibility   –  Key  loca%ons  and  housing  of  data   –  Gear  deployed  to  run/operate  the  network  core    •  The  Best  Cloud  needs  the  Best  Network,   which  needs  the  Best  Gear   –  XKL  is  bringing  fundamental  change  to  worldwide   telecommunica%ons   –  DarkStar®  =  Lowest  latency,  Layer  1  op%cal  transport    
  8. 8.  Thank  You     Q&A