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iMPR Trade show Marketing - Enhancing ROI


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Ever wonder what goes into planning and executing an effective trade show participation? Wonder no more!

This presentation will provide you with the tools and information to plan effectively:

• Timeline Management
• Pre-Tradeshow Planning
• On-site Tradeshow Participation
• Effective Follow-Up

It's all about the who, what, why, where, when and of course... how.

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iMPR Trade show Marketing - Enhancing ROI

  1. 1. Tradeshow Marketing: Enhancing ROI December 4, 2014 Presented by: Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations
  2. 2. Tradeshow Marketing 101 Overview 2 Follow Up On-Site Before a Tradeshow
  3. 3. Evaluating Tradeshows Create Your Case Research the 5 W’s 3 Who What WhenWhere Why
  4. 4. Researching: Who? • Who will be attending? • Who are the sponsors? Exhibitors? Speakers? • What is the total number of anticipated attendees • Who are they targeting? • What is the mix of companies (i.e. are there enough end-users?) 4
  5. 5. Researching: What? • What do you want to achieve? • What speaking opportunities may be available? • What are the requirements? • What are the due dates? • What topics can you position by whom? • What are the types of sponsorships available? • What type of exposure do you receive (pre, during, post event?) • What are you ‘buying?’ • What Exhibition Booths are available and how are they positioned? • What type of exhibition stand do you have/want? • What is your budget? • What is included in the sponsorship packages • What are the costs to sponsor, speak, attend (including T&E) 5
  6. 6. Researching: When? • When does the tradeshow take place? • When does it fall on the calendar? • When does the event take place in association with your strategic initiatives? • When are other events taking place? • Do the dates conflict internally? 6
  7. 7. Researching: Where? 7 1. Location, location, location • Where is the event? • Is it reasonable to consider T&E? • Does it fit the budget?! 2. Is the location in a region or within a region you are targeting?
  8. 8. Researching: Why? 8 Broad Goals Specific Goals Assess Your Goals Why Do You Want to Participate in This Tradeshow?
  9. 9. Next Step: Establish a Timetable 9 eDM Schedule Social Media Signage/ Stand Ordering Items Create Your Initial Timetable to Include Key Deliverables: The schedule should include: deadlines, dates, tasks, roles & responsibilities and status notes to help manage all deliverables.
  10. 10. Timeline Management 10 Deadline Date Task Responsibility Status/Notes 1 Week Out 11/27/2014 Finalize the presentation materials Presenter Completed 1 Day Out 12/03/2014 Event Reminder Digital Marketing Team Scheduled / Completed Day Of 12/04/2014 Webinar – test, run thru, send reminders with dial-in details Webinar Team Scheduled Sample Timeline
  11. 11. Pre-Tradeshow Prepping 11 Create Your BUDGET • Base it on the goals you have set • Plan for Essential Items  Sponsorship / Participation Fees  Travel Accommodations  Design Costs  Collateral Printing • Additional Items to Consider  Signage  Booth Layout  Giveaways  Tablecloth  Don’t forget the small items (that’s right, business cards!)
  12. 12. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 12 eDirect Mail • Is it appropriate? What do you want to say? What are the calls-to-action? How are you going to manage inquiries? • Identify the list(s) you will send to – is there a list of attendees? • Designing and then ensuring you have the platform to deliver the eDM. What may be appropriate messages? • Announcing participation at an event • Announcing sponsorship of an event • Invitation to visit your booth space • Reminder of booth number and attendance
  13. 13. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 13 Social Media Plan • Create based on company’s key messaging and branding • Plan for dissemination before and during the event • Platforms to consider: • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Google+
  14. 14. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 14 Items to Consider When Creating Social Media Content: • Use the event #hashtag • Promote images and videos including eDMs and invitations • Don’t be afraid to give shout-outs to companies you would like to meet with • Highlight the show’s attributes • Looking forward to the great agenda #eventhashtag has revealed. Going to be a great event.” • Not all messages have to be about your direct participation • Discussing other event items may provide you with more traction • Make sure your messages remain focused on what you’re offering during the show • Look back at your goals
  15. 15. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 15 Lead Generation • Remember your tradeshow goals • Research companies already attending the event • Narrow your target demographic • Find the right database to market to outside of event attendees and invite them to the event • Be prepared when the target leads arrive at your booth • Follow up is a critical element in nurturing their needs
  16. 16. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 16 Booth Signage/ Collateral • Create content based on your strategic communications plan • Consider Postcard Hand-Outs (or other ‘lures’) • General bullet points that showcase what your company does/offers • Should be eye-catching, making people want to learn more • These should be an informative overview with incentive to contact you for more information Signage Brochures / Data Sheets
  17. 17. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items Attendee Gifts • Why? They entice attendees to stop by your booth • Any type of item people can keep is a potential way to start a conversation • Some common items include: • Branded pens • USBs with a presentation about your company • Branded notepads • Having unique or applicable items are one way to stand out over other companies: • Phone charger • Device screen cleaner • Hand sanitizer • Gift cards 17 Giveaways Do the items you give away complement your messaging?
  18. 18. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 1. Identify and select easy to find locations • Booth, nearby restaurant, lobby, registration desk, press room 2. Meeting room questions to ask before you book it: • How long is the room available? • How many people can the room hold? • Where is it in relation to presentations / exhibit areas? • How many meetings can it hold simultaneously? • How many meetings can we book? • Is it in my budget? 3. Amenities to Consider for the Meeting Room • Food / beverages • Room branding 18 Scheduling Meetings During the Show
  19. 19. Pre-Tradeshow Planning Items 19 1. Develop a Media Relations strategy specific to the tradeshow and align with your goals and key messaging 2. Identify media and research what they cover versus your story angle 3. Create the right pitch – not too long – that tells them why you are relevant to their publication 4. Pitch and schedule 1:1 interviews with relevant media 5. Prepare briefing packets and background materials for spokespeople Media Interviews
  20. 20. On-Site Tradeshow Participation Booth • Who will talk to the participants? • What do we need to standout? • Do you have a schedule to ensure it is manned at all times? Meetings • Make sure rooms are set-up or confirm reservations • Ensure timing and smooth transitions between meetings • Confirm with participants location / time and provide and ask for mobile phone numbers Show Floor • Identify and find target companies’ booth spaces • Don’t be shy to check out your competition! • Pass out your postcard invitations or other memorable enticement • Network to find the right targets / be curious! 20
  21. 21. Effective Follow Up 21 1. Make sure to follow up with new contacts immediately 2. Highlight items you discussed during the show 3. Schedule a time to discuss potential business items 4. Stay in touch regardless!
  22. 22. How Will This Increase Your ROI? 22 You’ll stick to your budget You won’t forget your goals You’ll create and nurture new leads You’ll be unforgettable and stay connected to both potential and existing clients