Lalzi Bay Resort - April 2013


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Lalzi Bay Resort - only 35 minutes drive from Tirana and Tirana International Airport.
A great resort that will have apartments and villas.
Approx 300 meters of beach front.

Contact Albania Property Group for more information:
+355672080001 or +355694000711

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Lalzi Bay Resort - April 2013

  1. 1. Lalzi BayExclusive ResortAlbania Property Group ©Important Note: The information contained within this document does not form part of any contractualagreement. Investors should seek personal taxation, legal & financial advice before deciding to invest.We promise youa piece of the Mediterranean
  2. 2. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 1Population - 3.6 millionArea of 28,748 Km2It borders Montenegro to the north,Kosovo the northeast, Macedonia tothe east, and Greece to the south.362 km of beautiful coastline: AdriaticSea to the west and Ionian Sea to thesouth-west.An undiscovered jewel offering awealth of stunning scenery, historyand culture.Warm Mediterranean climate.Many historical sites, national parks,museums and castles.For real adventure: diving, rafting,climbing, and paragliding .Albania - The latest hotspot of the property worldWhy Albania?TIRANAMACEDONIAADRIATICSEAIONIAN SEAKOSOVOMONTENEGROGREECEDurrësKavajaElbasanPogradecLaçLezhaPeshkopiLushnjeFierVloraSarandaBerat KorçaTepelenaShkodra25% growth in property prices in Tirana and Voracity in last 5 years22% growth in Tourism20% growth in number of passengers flying inTirana International AirportDirect daily flights of British Airways, Lufthansa,Austrian, Alitalia700 mill Euro invested in infrastructure projectsrecentlyNATO member since 2009EU member on 2014422 mil Euro from EU funds10% Profit tax10% Income taxNo Property TaxNo VATLocation of Albania in EuropeMap of Albania
  3. 3. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 2Old Tower in DurrësFamous Mosaic in Durrës, dating back from the Roman EmpireThe Durrës ampitheatre dates back from the Roman EmpireDurres is an ancient city, founded in627 B.C. and known by the namesEpidamnus and later on Dyrrachium.Durres is the second largest city ofAlbania with a population of 150,000inhabitants which gets almost doubledduring the summer!Durres is the largest beach and seadestination in Albania. With a coast of6 km long and 150 –180 meters wide,only 30 km from Tirana. InternationalAirport and 39 km far from the capitalTirana. Along the seaside there aretourist establishments which provideadequate services.The most important archaeologicalsite is the Amphitheatre, the largest inthe Balkan Peninsula, built in the 2ndcentury B.C. with a capacity of 15 - 20thousand spectators and containingan early Christian Crypt with rarewall mosaics. Worth visiting is also thefortress of Durres of the early MiddleAge, V –VI Centuries.It is the biggest seaport and the mainrailway connection center. Located inthe vicinity of international Airport ofRinas and the capital, Durres maintainsregular connections with Italian portsDurrësi – Albania’s oldest city
  4. 4. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 3...presentingLalzit Bay Exclusive ResortLalzit Bay Resort - 3D visualisationLalzit Bay Resort and Spa is located at thecentre of the prestigious Lalzit Bay in theNorth of Durres. This area is renownedfor its beautiful unspoilt virgin sandybeaches and seclusion and privacy.The site benefits from ideal resort orien-tation with the sun rising in the east andsetting to the west.The sea along the coast is calm andsmooth and sheltered, by the Cape ofRodoni, from the more northern choppywaters.This secluded haven is set in beautifullylandscaped grounds, less than thirtyminutes from Tirana InternationalAirport.With a breathtaking beachfront locationon the beautiful golden sands of theprestigious and untouched LalzitBay and stunning views of the Dautimountain range from the rear, the resortis perfectly positioned to capitalise onAlbania’s fast rising popularity and inter-national prominence.
  5. 5. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 4The ResortLalzit Bay Resort - 3D visualisationFully managed by an internationallyrenowned resort operator, Lalzit BayResort and Spa will provide 5 star ameni-ties, service and unqualified luxury,making it one of the most desirableresort destinations in the Eastern Medi-terranean.The resort has a simple elegant beautywith clean geometric lines comple-mented by glazed elevations, balconiesand terraces, which work effortlessly tocreate the perfect balance betweenindoor and outdoor living.With an impressive 300m of private beach frontage and occupying an area of 200,000m2, theresort will be built to a low density 25% and buildings will be low lying with a maximumheight of 4 levels towards the rear of the development.All of the properties within the resort are set within beautifully landscaped gardens,pool areas and secluded pedestrian walkways. All vehicular traffic will be directedalong roads towards the borders of the resort, thus minimising their impact onresidents and guests.The resort occupies a fantastic position in the centre of the unspoilt natural beauty ofLalzit Bay and will be built to the highest international standards with excellent onsiteservices and facilities.
  6. 6. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 5Beach Club & Sports located directly on the beachVariety of recreational offerings including pools, arcades, playgrounds, wateractivities and more.Tennis courts with qualified coaches on hand to assist if required.Boutique style shops located throughout the resortCatering for all tastes and requirementsWide choice of international cuisines on offer from a range of independent andcarefully selected restaurants.Local Albanian dishes and sea food through to exotic foods of the Orient and AsiaModern and funky bars and clubs that will be located along the promenadeApartmentsFacilities
  7. 7. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 6In August, Lalzit Bay’s Resort Master-plan was completed and is a comprehensivedesign and planning document covering all aspects of this new, exclusive resort onAlbania’s Adriatic coast.Design Principles – The fundamental design principle is to create a beautifullylandscaped, luxury resort on Albania’s Adriatic coast. It is designed so that whereveryou are positioned on Lalzit Bay Resort you feel like you are relaxing at the beach -completely removed from the pressures of modern-day living.The quality of the landscaping materials and extensive use of native plant species willhelp us realise the design objectives of the concept Master-plan and bring the feelingof being at the beach deep into the resort.The first construction phase almost FINISHED. It is a mixture of residential villas,apartments and commercial units. By Spring/Summer 2013, the beach is expected tobe in full working order and will include a wide range of activities and amenities.The Resort Master-PlanConstruction commencesLand clearanceSite drainageAccess roadsBuilding foundationsShell CompleteInternal fit-outInfrastructure workCompletion1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15(month)Project milestoneswith estimated durations
  8. 8. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 7The residents club offers a fullcomplement of guest services andcontains a kids club, gymnasium,indoor swimming pool, medical centre,shops, library, restaurants and bars.Concierge service at your disposal 24hrs of the day to arrange housekeepingservices, maids, child-care, laundryservices, restaurant and ticketbookings, home deliveryThe medical centre is located withinthe Residents club and there is also asmaller medical facility at the Hotel.There is a 24 hr on-call doctor andmedical support.WiFi CoverageThe resort is gated and there is a 24/7security service with mobile patrolsduring the night.There is a communal satellite servicelinked to all the residences. There willalso be a hard wired internetconnection to all residences.Shuttle transport service in operationaround the resort from the hours of7am to 2am.Gardens, communal pools and gazeboareas. There will also be plenty ofcommunal sun beds and outdoorleisure seating.AmenitiesDune villasHotelHotel beachResident’s beachPublic beachBeachfront villasResidents club & wellnessGarden villasBlock apartmentsClustered apartmentsService
  9. 9. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 8Payment Schedule *Reservation: 4,000 – fully refundable.First payment/deposit 10%Second payment 30%: on receipt of building permits.Third payment 40%: on shell – foundations, walls and roof.Fourth payment 15%: on completion of construction.Fifth payment 5%: on registration of building and owner title.50% funding opportunity from Reiffaisen Bank.These payment schedules were correct at the time of writing. They may vary depending on how close to completion the purchase is made.Lalzit Bay Resort - 3D visualisation
  10. 10. Lalzit Bay Exclusive ResortAlbania Property Group © 9The beautiful beach of Lalzi BayFor further details on how we cansupply you with more information onoutstanding investment opportunities,please contact us:Tirana Office - HeadquartersKavaja Street, Tirana Tower 59, Floor 6Tirana, AlbaniaIlir Konomi - Managing Director - AlbaniaCell: +355 6720 80001+355 6940 00711Email: ilir@albaniapropertygroup.comAs a Member of The Association ofInternational Property Professionals(AIPP) we have been vetted andapproved and we have voluntarilycommitted ourselves to industryregulation.