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LLL club is a community of people who are interested in education, entertainment and life in the UK. The social media campaigns aimed to grow the community, to learn their actual demands and to engage in the development of LLL club using the power of the advocates of the brand.

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Ilinskaya . Productions . LLL media SM cases

  1. 1. LLL CLUBSocial media cases LLL confidential
  2. 2. Our focus in the campaignsWe believe that every campaign is beneficial to our Partners because of ... Additional Marketing Research LLL club is a community based Social media. We encourage our Partners to learn more about the customers during their campaigns. Don’t just spend your money on promotion... use it as an opportunity to develop products insights. PRODUCT PRODUCT High Engagement PRODUCT The benefits of working with the communities are high loyalty and engagement levels. Our followers are with LLL club because they are keen on the topic. Aligned Promotion If you already have a Social media campaign we are ready to incorporate it within our community and so to help to increase the efficiency of promotion within the target audience. { { { 25K +130 weekly +16K weekly LLL members
  3. 3. Russian schooler in the UK What questions do parents ask to make a decision?GOAL: Find new efficient way to promote British private schools at the Russian marketSOLUTION: We asked parents what exactly they are interested in. Then we went to the British private schools to find out what they were like and got that unique insider experience. We use all the channels for communicating the information: audio (radio), visual (pictures and video), interviews with students and alumni, promo web-pages and Social media.SUCCESS: over 20 parents told that they got enough information to make decision from this media project the campaign resulted into over 150 clicks with 67K page views the education consulting companies use our promo web-pages to tell the parents about the schoolsSPONSORS:
  4. 4. Marketing for the UK companies B ro c h u re f o rfor UK companies targeting their customers in Russia Russian clients GOAL: Develop and execute the digital marketing strategy for executive English school with 4 offices in the UK SOLUTION: LLL developed 12 pages print brochure with the focus specifically on Russian clients, interactive promo web-pages, videos and insight radio interviews with the students. Specifically for the schools in London and Windsor we developed bespoke videos allowing to learn more about the Berlitz method and to immerse into the learning Web pages & experience. interviews with students SUCCESS: significant growth of the brand awareness at the perspective markets in Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Video’s storyboard up to 10 clients with the long-term programmes Videos about over 3 clients bought the next level courses later because of LLL new schools club discounts over 750 views of the videos about the schools SPONSOR:
  5. 5. Sponsored contestsonline & offlineGOAL:Develop a highly engaging campaign online and attractcustomers to visit the offline event of the SponsorSOLUTION:LLL club is a partner of a number specialised exhibitions inMoscow. Our Sponsor participates at the exhibition at RitzCarlton in Moscow free of charge.The online campaign launched before the exhibition aimed tokeep the conversations after the event for 2 weeks additionally.SUCCESS: 250 members of LLL club visited the exhibition 133 members took part at the contest over 1500 friends of the participants helped online to win the prizes over 180K people found out about the contest and the sponsored prizes over 120 people took part in the additional marketing researchSPONSORS: +
  6. 6. UK Uni Librarywe aim promising young professionals to establish long-term relationsGOAL: Prospective students who want to study abroad need comprehensive information on different institutions of higher education. That is why we started our project “Library of UK Universities”.SOLUTION: We aim to give our audience an insider experience in order to help them to decide what and where they want to study, and what to be prepared for.SUCCESS: over 1K students took part in the online survey over 18K people found out about the opportunities of studying in the UK Universities the UK and Russian Universities developed the students exchange programme the research outlined new gaps for products to be further developed for students in “LLL bridge” online project Top Universities in Russia Top Universities in the UK SPONSORS:
  7. 7. Deal of the weekOrder education with discount online, like on Groupon huh! GOAL: Promote British summer camps and engage the community co-create their FUTURE products! SOLUTION: Answer 5 questions to Open the Deal in Social media SUCCESS: over 100 contributions from customers weekly over 15K contributions from customers during the campaignSPONSOR:
  8. 8. Christmas Marathonextend your seasonal products life-cycle at Russian marketGOAL:Launch Social media shopping experience for the Britishproducers of the Christmas presentsSOLUTION:Christmas is in January in Russia.It provided the additional opportunity topromote the products at the time of busy seasonwith high competition at the market.The internal Social media currency - “LLLikes” -helped customers to get the discounts and tospread the information within their friends.SUCCESS: 47 customers received “LLLikes” discounts the campaign reached over 8K additional audience
  9. 9. What’s next? technologies to We are ready to use our experience in marketing promote and develop innovative products in Social media. Please, contact for details: and with our Partners: We’ve got upcoming projects Students incubator aimed toSocial media shopping Media and entertainment develop partnerships between experience for the with support of British the British and Russian British goods media content providers Universities and companies