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Using ownCloud with TagSpaces to create a self hosted Evernote alternative


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Here you will learn how a self hosted Evernote alternative can be build with the help of TagSpaces and ownCloud. These slides were presented on the #owncloudconf in 2014.

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Using ownCloud with TagSpaces to create a self hosted Evernote alternative

  1. 1. OWNCLOUD CONF Using ownCloud with TagSpaces to create a self hosted Evernote alternative by Ilian Sapundshiev | @ilianste |
  2. 2. REBUILDING EVERNOTE ... or OneNote. What do we need? ▪ Organise, browse & create content ▪ Sync content accross devices ▪ Accessing it on many platforms ▪ Providing a web interface to your content ▪ Collect & capture content
  3. 3. WHAT IS TAGSPACES ? ▪ open and extensible platform for management of digital artefacts ▪ letting you organize, tag, browse and find your local files, photos and documents on "every" platforms. ▪ project initiated 2013 in Munich with an AGPL license ▪ build with HTML5, Javascript, Cordova, Node-Webkit and many other great libs ▪ currently searching for contributors and investors ▪,, @tagspaces
  5. 5. ORGANISE, BROWSE & CREATE CONTENT ▪ Just use file with meaningfull folder structure ▪ TagSpaces provides capabilities to create Text, MD and HTML files ▪ File tagging is also provided by TagSpaces - IMG_2343 [USA beach miami].jpg ▪ Using only your file system has the followng advantages - Findability - simply use the search capabilities of your operating system - No database/vendor locking - content usable in "50 years" - Portability - easy to synchronize between devices
  6. 6. SYNCING CONTENT ACCROSS DEVICES just use ownCloud (or bittorentsync, dropbox, google drive ...)
  7. 7. INTERFACE IN THE WEB ownCloud + TagSpaces "WebDav Edition" A workshop explaining how I have done the JS integration using the ownCloud's WebDav interface will be hold at 17:30
  8. 8. ACCESSING IT ON MANY PLATFORMS ↴ ↴ Windows Mac OS X Linux/Ubuntu Android Firefox ↴ ↴ ↴
  9. 9. WINDOWS Native 32bit Application
  10. 10. MAC OS X Native 32bit Application
  11. 11. LINUX/UBUNTU Native 32bit and 64bit Applications
  12. 12. ANDROID App available in the Google's Play Store
  13. 13. FIREFOX Available as Add On
  14. 14. COLLECT & CAPTURE CONTENT ▪ Web content - use the native ability of the browsers to save pages ▪ MHTML file format recommended (HTML+JS+CSS+Images in one file) ▪ Files can be just added to the folder where you collect your stuff
  15. 15. THE END THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Ilian Sapundshiev @ilianste Powered by Mindslide for Freeplane, using Reveal.js