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Launching a website before xmas



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Experiences from launching a site before Christmas. Covering the Mental Health and Wellbeing. Presented at the MMT Tech Meetup in Jan 2021.
The website approach was using GitHub as the repository, GatsbyJS and GraphQL to display the website content retrieved from Kentico Kontent (headless cms). This was all hosted on Netlify.

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Editor's Notes

  • Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash
  • References
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  • It’s important to understand that everyone will see things differently and act differently to each other when presented with situations
    working from home, childcare, home schooling, not being able to go out much, are all factors that make situations that you handle now, which you may handle differently if you were back in the office. And if you add mental health and wellbeing into this, it’s extremely difficult times for people.
    Being on calls when you have a 11 month old who is whinging and wining (obviously in a lot of pain) because of teething
  • Normally a
  • We had to consider hosting and if we went for DXP CMS then we would need to decide on how this is hosted and where and the costs for it.

    Licenses needed to be bought and it helped how quick the business got onto this and we manage to purchase them. Speaking to Kontent Sales team quickly helped us
  • - This is when the developers want to make it work and are excited to use the products
  • -
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