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Google Authorship on YouTube Videos Has Vanished - Video Transcript


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Watch the video on YouTube and follow along with these transcripts.
Google Authorship for individual YouTube videos is gone. Your picture no longer appears in search results. Read the full blog post to find out more about FIVE YOUTUBE SEO MYTHS THAT NEED TO BE EXPOSED

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Google Authorship on YouTube Videos Has Vanished - Video Transcript

  1. 1. Google Authorship on YouTube Videos Vanished - Video Transcript Ileane Smith - Basic Blog Tips © 2013 Hi everybody is Ileane from Basic Blog Tips! Have you noticed that Google Authorship for YouTube videos has vanished? AUTHORSHIP DEFINED Yes, Google Authorship is when you search for something on Google and you see the person's picture next to the search results. You'll also see a link to their Google+ profile as well as - how many people have them in circles on Google+ Now they say that according to statistics, you have a higher chance of your article being clicked on if you have that Google Authorship. People see your picture, they identify with it, automatically your listing looks more interesting than anything else on the page, and so people will click on your listing. Well a few months ago I happened to take a screenshot of my Google authorship on this video. Notice that it's the YouTube video. Here’s my picture, this was a link, and this also was a link to: “More by Ileane Smith.”
  2. 2. Google Authorship on YouTube Videos Vanished - Video Transcript Ileane Smith - Basic Blog Tips © 2013 But today if I do that same search on Google, I asked for videos and look here's that same video and there's no authorship. Now, it does say that it’s uploaded by me, but that's not a clickable link. Here's another example: I just did a search for “How to Rank on YouTube” and you can see that everyone here that is listed with the YouTube video does not have their authorship. One last thing I want to show you - for Google Authorship for anything you can always go over to your Google Webmaster Tools account and look in the "LABS" section under “Author Stats” and it will show you a listing of things that you have Authorship on. For example, these are some posts from my blog that I have authorship for. Now let me just show you that search in Google very quickly. So if I search for "Schedule YouTube uploads" I scroll down a bit and I see here's my post with my name and the link and the Google authorship. Now go back to Webmaster Tools and go up to the top where there's “Filters”. You'll see that you can choose different things: Image, Mobile, Video or Web. Let’s choose Video. And you'll see that Google is telling me I have Authorship for these videos and I'm actually getting impressions and clicks. However there really is no authorship, because the point of authorship is that your image is going to show up! The good thing is we can take advantage of our YouTube thumbnails by being sure to include an image there and hopefully that will help with your click-throughs. Not sure why Google changed their outlook on having thumbnails for YouTube videos but I just wanted to let you know. If anything changes, I'll make a new video. Thanks for joining me, be sure to subscribe and I'll talk to you soon. Peace! CREDITS: Read the full article: 5 YouTube SEO Myths That Need to be Exposed YouTube thumbnail art courtesy of Joey Kissimmee for TubeSlicer (affiliate) Image courtesy of Deposit Photos Subscribe to Ms. Ileane Speaks on YouTube Download my Free YouTube Report