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Case Study


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ILANTUS gives you the perfect password manager — Password Express, an easy-to-use password management solution for smooth, uninterrupted access to any enterprise and SaaS applications. Our solution leverages our domain expertise to resolve deadlocks encountered by users, Service Desk personnel, and security administrators to ensure smooth functioning of your organization.

In addition to reducing costs and Service Desk call volumes, Password Express also takes care of security with its efficient automated policy administration.

With 30% of the calls to the helpdesk being requests to reset passwords, password management has become the need of the hour to reduce per-call costs, keep schedules on track, and increase productivity. This case study will help you understand more about our products.

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Case Study

  2. 2. Financial services, Infrastructure vertical Leading Infrastructure Finance company, India reduced helpdesk call volumes through password self service.  The company had high percentage of password reset incidents. 3 months data showed anything between 16% - 25%, the average being 20%. With an employee base of 1500, this translates to approx. 300 calls alone ONLY on this activity. Automation was important.  ILANTUS Password Express was the perfect answer for their issues.  Value Add: Self service, automated tool. ILANTUS Completely understood the IT landscape and roadmap, adapted our approach towards their needs.  1600 users using Password Express based self-service. The company has been a pioneer in infrastructure financing in India. With a large customer base of and crores of Consolidated Assets Under Management, it has a pan-India presence with a network.
  3. 3. Manufacturing vertical Cement Sheet Manufacture company, India got their user base onto password selfservice on GINA/CP.  The company was facing high percentage of password reset incidents. Business requirement was that users should be able to do handle it themselves.  ILANTUS Password Express perfect answer to their issues.  Value Add: Password Self-service with all Microsoft workstations on Credential provider. Assistance in product installation, prompt account management with a professional approach.  Installation completed. Product in use by a user base of over 500 users. Large cement sheet manufacturer in India. Has installed several factories producing thousands of tons of corrugated cement sheets per year. It’s turnover has touched a few crores.
  4. 4. BPO vertical Large BPO Company, India reduced helpdesk calls by 80%  The BPO has 20,000 users and gets over 1500+ calls per month on Active Directory password reset. On investigation, it was found that agents were intentionally acting to forget their passwords just to gain that extra free time leading to unproductive time and revenue loss.  Intentional account lockouts – Direct revenue loss  ILANTUS Password Express was a perfect solution to address the challenges.  The company got a ZERO day start with Password Express feature to mass enroll users with pre-configured challenge response questions.  80% reduction in helpdesk calls with respect to password management in less than 1 month.  Detailed reports on users who forget their password most frequently  Self-Service right from the locked Windows workstation via GINA and Credential Provider The customer is a leading global third party BPO Company with over 20,000 users. They deliver Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to Fortune 500 companies in India, USA, UK, Australia, Mauritius, Philippines and Poland.
  5. 5. Manufacturing vertical Large Building Products distributor in the US got reduced signon using Unified Express.  Company faced myriad of user names, passwords, password requirements, and varying password expiration criteria. Different user name conventions per system, different password strength criteria between systems. Various expiration dates for systems as required by SOX. SaaS, Windows and nonWindows applications.  Superior product features of ILANTUS Unified Express was perfect for the on premise, legacy and web/SaaS application environment.  Consultative design of the solution. ILANTUS Domain Experience – Reference with not just product deployments but also other customers on ILANTUS SME. Ability to customize and handle both on premise, legacy and web/SaaS applications  Product in use by the user base for synchronization of passwords and a single sign-on experience. One of the largest and most successful distributors in the building materials industry in US. Operates in over 100 locations coast to coast. Maintains a fleet of over 2000 vehicles