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Kitely Market - The Metaverse Marketplace

Kitely Market is a virtual goods marketplace that is designed to help join all Hypergrid-connected OpenSim grids into one viable ecosystem. Its mission is to create a critical mass of content, merchants and buyers to help the Metaverse evolve from a collection of standalones and small grids to a unified market that can attract more merchants, buyers, money, activity, and interest for everyone.

The presentation introduces Kitely Market and discusses its many benefits for merchants. consumers and businesses across the Metaverse.

This presentation was first given in the Business and Enterprise track of the OpenSim Community Conference 2013.

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Kitely Market - The Metaverse Marketplace

  1. 1. Ilan Tochner | Co-Founder and CEO | Kitely Market™ The Metaverse Marketplace
  2. 2. Metaverse Marketplace!
  3. 3. Categories Attributes Text search Stores Advanced Search Capabilities
  4. 4. Easy Content Discovery Product variations and demos are located in the same listing Automatic in-depth information
  5. 5. Great User Experience Mobile App flow in a browser Intuitive layout Animated, fast and fun
  6. 6. Merchant Friendly
  7. 7. Powerful Content Analyzer
  8. 8. Sell for Kitely Credits or US Dollars Choose whether content can leave Kitely Sell to the Metaverse (coming soon) Flexible Sales Options
  9. 9. A unified market will bring more merchants, buyers, money, activity, and interest for everyone Why a new marketplace? I can’t find content! There is no one to sell to!
  10. 10. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Kitely Market
  11. 11. They already are stealing your content. Consider iTunes: A good marketplace enables you to get money from people who can steal your content in other places. People will steal my content!
  12. 12. People can move my content to OpenSim Is delivery to an OpenSim-based grid automatic? How much time and effort does it require from the buyer? Make it easier to get your content legally than to steal it. I already sell in Second Life Marketplace
  13. 13. Thieves can’t make real money without you and your friends being able to see their marketplace listings. There’s a 45-day payout delay in which to catch them. Copybotters will sell my items!
  14. 14. Marketplaces work, both buyers and sellers want them. Most major grids are already embracing marketplaces: Second Life, InWorldz, Island Oasis… With the Kitely Market Affiliate Program even small grids can profit from marketplace revenue. Merchants won’t get land on my grid!
  15. 15. Most merchants want to earn real money. Even items listed for KC can be bought directly using US Dollars. People have to buy KC, they might as well stay in Kitely All my users will move to Kitely!
  16. 16. Kitely’s hypergrid delivery system enables merchants to sell to any grid that wants their content. Kitely will have the best content All my users will move to Kitely!
  17. 17. Kitely can’t force merchants to sell to other grids. Merchants will be able to allow No-Export content to be used in other secure grids. No-Export content only works in Kitely All my users will move to Kitely!
  18. 18. Kitely gives cheap land All my users will move to Kitely! Kitely has been selling cheap land since 2011, and other grids have continued to prosper. People like their communities and some people want always-on.
  19. 19. That wouldn’t provide the benefits of a unified market (more merchants, buyers, money, activity, and interest for everyone) Keep the marketplace for Kitely only!
  20. 20. We’ve been openly discussing our plans and involving the community in design decisions since January 2013. We thought that the benefits of a unified market are self-evident, and discussing our plans in the open is the greatest form of transparency. Why didn’t you reach out to grid owners?
  21. 21. Kitely Market is fair: we’ll deliver to any grid that doesn’t block us. Other multi-grid marketplaces already exist: OpenSim Creations, OpenSim City, HGExchange, Cariama… Who died and made you king?! This marketplace shouldn’t be owned by one company
  22. 22. Delivery to Hypergrid-connected grids Advanced Discounts System (like Steam) Contests System Business Intelligence Tools Coming Soon…