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Ike Lemuwa Group, LLC and ILG Fundraising Coaching Group provides FREE fundraising apps and Hypnotic Contents that assist start up companies, individuals and groups organize local, regional, national and global fundraising cell groups in 198 nations..

ILG CEO Networks in 198 nations partners with ILG CEO Branding Support Team to assist emerging ILG CEO Network member raise seed funds, branding their respective ideas and provide 24/7 reputation defense both online and offline

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Ikeelemuwa media plan_ (1)

  1. 1. Media RecommendationIke E Lemuwa Group
  2. 2. Proposal Review and Recommendation Budget:- Unknown Dates: unknown Target Audience:o Multiple products, multiple targets Campaign Objectives:o Drive Sales, other objectives are unknown Success Metrics:o Increased sales volume Ad Sizes:o Info not shared by purchaser- Solutions and Tacticso -Run "prospecting", a tactic which leverages third party data toidentify and reach your target audienceo -Run remarketing and Demo-targeted Filtering to maximizeefficiencies and scaleo -Target contextually-relevant channels to reach users when theyare most engaged with the brand categoryo -Run similar strategies in video2
  3. 3. 3AwarenessFamiliarityOpinionConsiderationIntentionShoppingPurchaseContextual/ FilteringRemarketingProspecting1. Contextual Targeting: Leveraging content verticals across the Google’sdisplay network to reach your target on the websites they visit•Page-level Category Targeting Driven by Google’s ContextualEngine2. Filtering: Use a “run of network” placement to achieve maxreach across the broader internet market.3. Prospecting: Leverage 3rd party data sources to define & reach customaudience segments that represent potential new customers•Offline and Online data of past shoppers of products, brandspurchased and psychographic attributes.•Can be targeted through Google’s display network4. Remarketing: Targeting users that have been to the your site and haveclicked or performed an action , those users who have visited will thenreceive your ads when visiting other various websites.•Increases site traffic and sales by targeting users who are alreadyinterested in the stores and moving them further down thepurchase funnel•Serves as a reminder to users/customers to purchaseStrategic Recommendation - DisplayRecommend Utilizing Display to Achieve Your Goals
  4. 4. Strategy 1 Filtering4•Filtering ad: Used to reach high funnel users/customers to gain familiaritywith your companies products.• Use demographic data from your site to target the users most likely to be interested inyour site’s content•Achieve lowest eCPM•Broadest reach of potential customers•Reach all demographics in the area•Google offer’s campaign optimization within their UIAwarenessFamiliararityOpinionConsiderationIntentionShoppingPurchaseFiltering/RON
  5. 5. Strategy 1- Google Display Network5Account with G.D.N.•Use ONLY demo targeting toreach all users who fit withinyour site’s most frequent visitors•Use Google analytics to seeWHO is visiting your site thruthese adsKnowing who your audience isvaluable when planning yournext campaign. If only males 25-35 are interacting with your site,it makes sense to only targetthem in your future media buysAwarenessFamiliararityOpinionConsiderationIntentionShoppingPurchaseFiltering/RON
  6. 6. Strategy 2- Data Prospecting6Leverage Google’s 1st party Data to target behaviors that align with your target audience.Align your ads with only user’s who have shown interest in the genre you are in. This strategywill be higher in price, but brings the most qualified audience•Examples of Targeting categories:•Can not give accurate examples withcurrent information•Find people who would be interested inyour products•Free Apps•Free Private Label Rights to ILG CEOClub•Free Private Label ILG HypnoticContents•Free eCourse to ILG CEO ClubMembersProspecting
  7. 7. 7Strategy 3-Category Targeting-Page LevelClassified SitePetsCars for saleJobsPage-level CategoriesContextual/Category Targeting allows usto locate actual pages within sites thatare categorized to pre-defined subjectsExamples???:•I don’t have access to the apps or books, so I am unable to give youaccurate examples•Find sites that talk about classifieds
  8. 8. Strategy 4 - Remarket8•Retargeting: Targeting users that have been to your site and haveclicked or performed an action there; those users will then receive yourads when visiting sites across the web•Increases site traffic and sales by targeting users who are alreadyinterested in the information on your site•Serves as a reminder to users/customers to visit the storesAwarenessFamiliararityOpinionConsiderationIntentionShoppingPurchaseRetargeting
  9. 9. Strategy 4 – How to achieve9There are a number of services available online that provide remarketing advertising. You simplyplace tags on your site that will track the engagement of users. These cookies are then used totarget your banner advertisements at the users who have already engaged in with your site.Remarketing has been proven across industriesto be the most efficient digital media methodacross industries and verticals.Free Trial with Adrollhttp://www.adroll.com/Bring back lost customers efficientlyDesign campaigns in minutes then get back torunning your business.Increase revenue and sales effortlesslyThese services charge on a CPM basis,shop around and find the best rates. Thebest campaigns can return $8-10 per $1spent.
  10. 10. Strategy 4 – Tracking Progress10Remarketing is a great way to gain insights on your users. After you learn who youraudience is from your on site analytics, now you can learn WHERE your audience visitsonline. This information will be invaluable in future campaigns.•Use your internal analytics totrack what sites visitors arecoming from.•Confirm these learnings withthe remarketing companiesdata•Develop a clear picture of whoand where your audience is
  11. 11. 11AwarenessFamiliararityOpinionConsiderationIntentionShoppingPurchaseYoutube Video: focusing on in-stream online video advertising. In-stream video ads are displayed in sequence before or during thevideo content being consumed by the users. Engaging users inyour brand via a short video message to increase clicks and brandawarenessVideoStrategic Recommendation – Youtube Video•This method uses the content of the videos being playedto determine who to show the ads to.•Appropriate for broad-level reach campaigns•More efficient than playing ads to the full network, butwill have a higher priceContextualTargetingWe Recommend Utilizing Video to Achieve Your Branding Goals•Uses Google’s collected data to target users you knoware interested in the same subject matters yourcustomers are.•Efficient use of ad dollars, but again higher cost thanRON•Effective way to spread your message to thousands ofusers, while staying within your budgetUser InterestTargeting
  12. 12. Next Steps Sign up for the recommended services, or find similar services on yourown. Google’s Display Network Youtube’s video within the GDN Adroll Place tracking pixels on your pages Confirm pixels are firing Set up multiple ads with varying messages to test your creative. Onlyrun the creative that performs well. Find the demographics of your audience. You can reach out to me any time you have questions.12Bcooter151@gmail.com