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Marketing - Case Study 2 - Bulls Marketing Plan


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Marketing - Case Study 2 - Bulls Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Iisha Taylor James Montgomery Carles Pons Escanilla Kayla Bowman
  2. 2. Company Analysis  Goals: • Win NBA Championship • Character  Culture: • Blue-collar team in a blue-collar town. • Coach K: "I think they have a philosophy that they don't talk about being sick all year. They don't talk about being hurt all year, so when the moment of truth comes in the playoffs, they're already accustomed to a certain way of living."
  3. 3. Company Analysis  Strengths: • One of the most successful NBA teams with many titles • Basketball legend Michael Jordan played for them at the peak of his career, which made the team a household name across the world • Loyal fan base in USA • Good merchandising and marketing makes them one of the most valuable NBA teams • Strong brand name and a stable financial performance
  4. 4. Company Analysis  Weaknesses: • Does not have a huge global fan base, with most of its fans being from USA • Have not won any titles after Michael Jordan left the club  Opportunities: • Develop new talent and retain them, so that they are able to reach the highs of the 90s once again • Open new academies in Asia to attract new fans and develop a brand equity
  5. 5. Company Analysis  Challenges/Threats: • Threat of top players leaving the club • Threat of losing its fans because of the inability to win the NBA title in the last 15 years • Competitors: • Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat
  6. 6. Customer Analysis Numbers: NBA Attendance Report – 2013 Bulls 41 896,944 21,876 Mavericks 41 821,490 20,036 Heat 41 819,290 19,982 According to Types: Male in the age group 10-60
  7. 7. Competitor Analysis New York Knicks  Market share and position: 7 NY Knicks 41 780,353 19,033  Strength: One of the best arenas, fairly successful NBA franchise having won titles, loyal fan base in New York, good marketing and merchandising has kept the franchise profitable  Weakness: Not a big force in the last 20 years and doesn’t have a strong fan base outside New York  Opportunity: Attract top players/develop local talent  Threat: Better players leaving the team and fans not supporting the team in the future due to lack of success
  8. 8. Marketing Strategy  Season promotional schedule featuring giveaways for fans attending home games * Unique Bulls-themed items * Bobble heads featuring Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah * Camo hat for Veteran’s Day and winter beanie, sponsored by AT&T. St. Patrick’s Day paperboy hats sponsored by Bud Light. Benny the Bull Wall Clock sponsored by Transunion in honor of Benny’s Birthday Bash in March.
  9. 9. Marketing Strategy  United to continue to be the official airline of the United Center, the Bulls and the Blackhawks * $5 million a year *United will also receive advertising and promotional exclusivity in the airline category and logo usage rights for all three entities  Marketing strategy: to have ultimate fan experience for a fan that’s from Vietnam, Australia, Greece and Brazil
  10. 10. Missing piece to the puzzle?  Acquire 2016 free agent: Kevin Durant.