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Music VideoAnalysis
Twenty One Pilots- Migraine
Commenton the followingaspectsinrelation to your musicvideochoice.
How wil...
Music VideoAnalysis
thinksthere aren'tanswers,itcan endbad.One part of the song evensaysthatif you have to kill yourmindto...
Music VideoAnalysis
performingthe restof the songtogether.
CameraTechnique The firsttype of shotyou can instantlynotice is...
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Music videoanalysisworksheet.docx

  1. 1. Music VideoAnalysis Twenty One Pilots- Migraine Commenton the followingaspectsinrelation to your musicvideochoice. How will these techniquesappeal to the target audienceneeds? Target Audience & Needs As thisbandisan Indie Pop,Alternative Rockand IndietronicaDuo,itmeanstheirgenre followingisn’tasbigas some of the well knowngenressuchas BigRoom House (Fordance) and Metal (ForRock) butthis doesn’tmeantheydon’thave abigfanbase. Theirtargetaudience isverywide asyoucan account for multiple thingssuchasthe meaningof the song whichisabout migraines,People suchasmyself wouldlistentosee howit’sexpressedandtheneitherfollowthe bandandlike itorjustnot become a fanof it,so if people are constantlysufferingfrommigrainesthenthissongmayappeal tothemina waythat theycan relate toit or justfinditcatchy, or not evenlike itatall.For age audience itcan be aimedat mixture of ate groupsfromteenagers to adults,fromwhati saidbefore itcouldbe to do withthe meaningof the songwhichismigraine whichisverycommonamong everyone anditsthe genre whichismainlyattractedtoteenagerswhichisAlternativeandindie Rockanditisbecomingacommon fad amongstteenagersandyoungadultswhichisbeneficial tothe artists,the videoisspecificallymore of aperformance witha somewhatnarrative feeltoit,thoughthe songis more lessaboutwhatthe migraine presents,itrepresentsthatthere isa problem. Lyrics (Meaning Implied?) From whati mentionedbrieflyaboutthe lyricsandmeaninginthe targetaudience i canreuse here, the songmigraine isless aboutan actual migraine andmore aboutwhat the migraine represents.Itrepresentsthatthere isaproblem.lotof kidsstruggle withthese questionsandfinditreallyhardwhentheydon'tknowthe answerbecause ithurts.Ithurts a lot.Andwhensomeone
  2. 2. Music VideoAnalysis thinksthere aren'tanswers,itcan endbad.One part of the song evensaysthatif you have to kill yourmindtostayalive thatyou shoulddoit,because yourmindcan kill you.The songsays am i the onlyone i knowwagingthese warsbehindmyface andabove my throat,and itsjustaskingam i the onlyone goingthroughthis,andaskingthese questions.butyou're notalone,andif you make it throughthe night,itwill getbetter.The openingtothe songisverypowerful asitstarts with“Wagingwarsbehind myface and above mythroat” whichismeaningthatpeople are inconstantbattle withthe migraine thatithurts thatmuch,from someone whodoesn’tsufferfrommigrainesmyself it’ll be hardtounderstandhowpeoplefeel buti can imagine howtheyfeel, the nextline isalsoa powerful linewhereitsays“Shadowswill screamthati’mnotalone”as people don’ttendtospeakoutabout migraine andjusthave to putup withthembut theywill shoutoutinsilence (Implyingtheirmindisscreamingout) butnoone can hear,but itis sayingeveryone itandbyshadowsitmeansthattheycannot be seen.“The game is notplayedalone”whichis implyingthatothersare also“Playing”andbyplayingitismeaningsufferingfrommigraines,since theyare prettycommonamong people.Lastlythe line “Lifehasa hopeful undertone”meaningthatlife cango badto worse or good to greator justrange andits uncertain,butitmay justfeel unluckybutluckyforitnot beingworse. Tempo The song isa quite upbeatsongbutnotfast. Thoughthe drumsand beatsare hard hittingandloud,the songitself isaneasy listeningsongtorelax toowhichis helpedthroughthe use of the vocals.The Band/Duothatis twentyone pilotsare knownfor makingsongsare neversimilartoanotherone of theirsongsbutalsokeepingtothe same genre.The duoalsohave a way of makingtheirsongsmemorable soif youlistentoone of theirsongsyou’ll be able toinstantlyrecognise itastwentyone pilots,if an artistis able to dothat it meanstheyhave made theirsignature soundwhichabandneedstohave for themto getpopular and noticed,the songas itis a upbeatsongruns at 174 bpm. Genre Song The genre of the songis verynoticeable asthere is nothinglikeit,the genre inquestionisalternative rockandthe band/duodoes a verygood at keepingitatthat, momentasong becomesmore thanone genre isthe momentwhenpeople willstarttolose interestorlose track of the genre itself,one thingIenjoyaboutthissongisas well asitveryrelatable due tothe lyricsisthe fact that the song managestokeepthe same pace all throughoutthe songwhichisreallygood. Video The firstthingyou will notice withthe videoisthatthe videoisa performance/narrativewiththe videobeingmainlya performance videoasthe majorityof the videoisthe singerashe singsthe lyricswhile walkingandrunningdownthe streets.The storyof the narrative isto showthe fightagainst“Migraines”whichhappenstobe the title of the song,you can tell thatisit about the lonelyfightagainstmigrainesisthe factthatbe he walkingthe streetsbyhimself ashisfriendranoff whichistotell us that your friendscan’thelpyouthroughthe fight,theycanguide youbuttheycan’t fightthe fightforyou.Most people whenthey watch the videowouldn’tnotice thatthe videoisthe storyaboutmigrainesunlesstheyactuallypaidclose attentionandmost people watchmusicvideostolistentothe musicandhave the videooninthe background.The otherside of the videoisactuallya performance aswe see the singersingingashe walksthe streetsandwhenhe arrivesathis destinationwe see the band/duo
  3. 3. Music VideoAnalysis performingthe restof the songtogether. CameraTechnique The firsttype of shotyou can instantlynotice isthe firstshotwhichisa twoshot of the band membersJoshDun(Left) and Tyler Joseph(Right) whichmake upthe duotwentyone pilots.The shothasbeenusedatthe start to introduce the bandmembers withouttellingus,whichcanbe useful tonewlistenersorjustfansof the bandin general.The nextshotisa type of shot that is usedcommonlythroughoutthe videoalot,whichisaMediumShot.MediumShotsare usedtoshowus the actors up close butnot too close butnot toofar where itis difficulttorecognise them,theynormallycoverthe headtothe torso.It isusedas the singer (Tyler) walkstowardsthe cameraandto keephiminthe shot,A mediumshotisthe bestshotfor a singerina performance video as it will mainlyfocusonthemandinfull viewtotake upthe full screen.Nextisusedalotwiththe mediumshots,whichisthe trackingshot.It is usedalotduringthe firsthalf of the videoandthendiesdowninthe secondhalf,used tofollowthe band membersastheywalkdownthe corridorsand usedfilmingbothlefttorightand back andforwardsall to keepthe actors(Band Members) inview,the one thingthatIdid notlike waswhenitwas trackingthe drummer,the camerawas all shakyand wouldn’t focuson anything,Idon’tknowif thiswas done onpurpose butin myopinioni thinkitruinsthe videoandletsitdown.Lastlyis the close up shotwhichisuse rarelybut isusedeffectively,the mainexample iswhenthe singerisin the elevatorashe sings.The shotmanagesto capture tyler’semotionsperfectlywhichgowell withthe themeof the song,the sortof thingyouwouldn’tsee in a mediumshot. Editing There isn’tmuchin selectionof editingreallybesidesthe usesof lowsaturationwhichhasbeenusedtomake the shotsseem alot darkerand more gloomierthanthe original shot,all lowsaturationdoesisenhance the darkercolourstomake themseemmore darkerand makesthe brightercolourslessbrightersotheywouldn’tstandoutas much.Thiseffectisthe maineffectasit isused all throughoutthe videowhichisbetterthanhavingitinjustcertainscenesas itwouldlookunprofessional andhorribletowatch whichI and all the otherviewerswouldbe grateful for.The nextstyle of editisthe usesof fastcutswhichis usedquite commonly throughoutthe videobutnotall throughoutthe videoasit wouldbe impossibletoknowwhatisgoingon as the shotswouldonly lastjust a fewsecondsbuttheyare onlyusedincertainpointsandusedquite well soyouknowwhatsgoingonin bothlocations as theyare headingtotheirlocation,lastlycontinuityeditinghasbeenusedinthistomake the shotslooklike one longshotwhich makesthe videoprofessional,if ashotstoppedandstartedand youcouldnotice whenitstoppedandstarteditwouldbe a horrible thingtowatch,thisiswhat continuityeditingisusedfortomake it looklike one continuouspiece. Use of Digital Effects No digital effects.