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Project titles embedded 2013_14-electronics-electrical engineering


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IEEE 2013 Embedded projects,IEEE 2013 Electronics Engineering projects,IEEE 2013 ARM projects,IEEE 2013 MATLAB Image processing projects,IEEE 2013 VLSI projects,IEEE Biomedical projects,IEEE 2013 instrumentation projects

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Project titles embedded 2013_14-electronics-electrical engineering

  1. 1. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 B.E/B.Tech Electronics and Communication S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Project Title Microcontroller Based Projects(8051,PIC16Fxx,Atmel Series) Intelligent Vehicle Hospital Management Patient Monitoring And Analysis System Micro-controller based Three Wheeled Scooter Aero Modeling and Ground Control simulation Airport Baggage Identifier Alert Mechanism for Blinds Automated Kitchen With Intelligent Appliances Automated Restaurant Biometric Enabled Smart Ration Shops Intelligent Glass House Multi-tier Car Parking Management Systems The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Operation Theatre Automation and Controller (OTAC) Street Light and Traffic Signal Control using Wireless Technology BABY PRAM Micro-controller based Three Wheeled Scooter Continuous Parameter Monitoring For Gym Users Wheel Chair for Physically Challenged Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) CAN base Automated CAR maneuvering System Projects on GSM/GPS/RFID/Zigbee 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Automated vehicle for physically and visually challenged Community Car Pooling Based on GPS and GSM Technology – an initiative from City Traffic Police A Blind Navigation System using GSM Smart Public Transport Tracking With Route & Timing Suggesting Mechanism Hand Held GPS Co-ordinates Provider GSM Based Home Control Network GSM Based Industrial Disaster Intimation Control System (GIDICS) GSM Based Multi Utility Mass SMS Sender GSM based Sericulture Marketing and Cocoon Selection Mechanism GSM Controlled Latch and Office Automation GSM based Airport Automation (GAA) RFID Based Toll Gate Automation Metro Rail Tracking and Safety Mechanism RFID Based Office Automation And Attendance Monitoring System With Payroll” Office Automation with Timer, Attendance & Employee Monitoring System Train Collision Preventer /Anti Collision Systems IVRS System For Industrial Control VB based Voice automation using Zigbee. Projects on Robotics 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries Mobile Bomb Disposal Unit Anti-Terrorist Vehicle Data Collector - Unmanned remote surveillance vehicle with Sample Collector Intelligent Spy Robot Light Follower Robot Intelligent Combat Robot Visual Servo Control of a Three Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm System Embedded IEEE 2013 S.No 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 IEEE 2013 Project Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZigBee Network of Devices and sensors Smart Device for Optimal Use of Stored Renewable Power Sensing Devices and Sensor Signal Processing for Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs in CHF Patients Child Activity Recognition Based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Triaxial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor An Apparatus in Monitoring the Energy Charging System Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567
  2. 2. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Design of a WSN Platform for Long-Term Environmental Monitoring for IoT Applications Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network Indoor Localization on Mobile Phone Platforms Using Embedded Inertial Sensors Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network Real-time swimmers' feedback based on smart infrared (SSIR) optical wireless sensor Use of Ultrasonic Signal Coding and PIR Sensors to Enhance the Sensing Reliability of an Embedded Surveillance System POWER ELECTRONICS IEEE PROJECTS-2013 63 64 65 A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Applications Bridgeless SEPIC Converter With a Ripple-Free Input Current High-Efficiency Digital-Controlled Interleaved Power Converter for High-Power PEM Fuel-Cell Applications MATLAB IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTS-2013 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 Robust Face Recognition for Uncontrolled Pose and Illumination Changes Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting Automatic Detection and Reconstruction of Building Radar Footprints From Single VHR SAR Images Linear Distance Coding for Image Classification Interactive Segmentation for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote- Sensing Images Estimating Information from Image Colors: An Application to Digital Cameras and Natural Scenes Casual Stereoscopic Photo Authoring Airborne Vehicle Detection in Dense Urban Areas Using HoG Features Rich Intrinsic Image Decomposition of Outdoor Scenes from Multiple views B.E/B.Tech Electronics and Communication S.No IEEE based Project Titles 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 A New Isolated Bidirectional Buck-Boost PWM Converter 2011 Design and Implementation of a Bi-directional Power Converter for Electric Bike with Charging Feature 2011 Implementation of Solar Illumination System with Three-Stage Charging and Dimming Control Function Design of intelligent traffic light controller using GSM & Embedded System. Remote airfield lighting system. Microcontroller based neural network controlled low cost autonomous vechicle. Design of intelligent mobile vechicle checking based on ARM7. Industrial automation using ZIGBEE. Implementation of GPS for Location Tracking Design of monitor and control system for super market fresh area based on ZIGBEE Wireless SensorNode to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Design of Vehicle positioning System Based on ARM Design and Implementation of Pyro-electric Infrared Sensor based Security System Detection of earthquakes and Tsunami thorugh GSM Network Using Accelerometer sensor. Design and Implementation of a Home Embedded Surveillance System with Ultra Low Alert Power The real time temperature measuring system for the joinless train. Design of Land Slid Warning System Home Automation for Mobile Device using Bluetooth Technology Axis stepper motor controller for solar panel with power optimization. Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous all terian vehicles Evidence collection from car black boxes using smart phones. More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on ZigBee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls Vision-Based Automated Parking System Design of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war field Diploma in Electronics/Electrical S.No 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 Project Title RFid Based Museum Guide for Tourists RFid Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System RFid based Attendance System RFid based Security System Remote Surveillance Vehicle Master slave communication Greenhouse Robot Industrial Automation Using Cell phone Person counter and Password detector Person counter and Password detector Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling Home Security System Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567
  3. 3. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 Rolling display using Matrix LEDs Automatic car parking indicator using Microcontroller Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter Level Computing and Storage Device Microcontroller based Data Logger Line follower Robot Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station Gas Turbine Compartment Temperature Controller Temperature controller Automatic Railway Gate Heart Rate Monitor Line Follower Robot with Obstacle Detection Data acquisition system using 8051 Microcontroller Based Health monitoring system. Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling(no synopsis) Radio Frequency Identification System ( RFID ) Public Garden Automation Street lights that glow for 1/2km only on detecting vehicle movement Synchronized traffic light signal system (can) to ease traffic congestion in metros Automatic Dialing to any telephone using I2C protocol on detecting burglary Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content Using TV remote as a cordless mouse for the Computer Dynamically changing signal light time allotment in street junctions based on traffic density Auto power supply control from 4 different sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to ensure no break power RFID guided automatic parking permission for vehicles in cellar at commercial complexes Closed loop feedback operated motor speed control Line following robotic Vehicle using microcontroller interface RFID based device control & authentication Low Cost Zigbee Based Load Controller RF controlled by hand held unit, laser beam managed bomb-diffusing robot Automatic Wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients B.E/M.Tech Electronics and Communication S.No Project Title Technology used 8051MC PROJECTS 144 145 A Zigbee-Based Home Automation System Automatic Energy Meter Reading 146 147 Design of the Smart Home based on embedded system Distribution Transformer Monitoring System 148 Intelligent Transportation system 149 Vehicle Registration using Smart Card Identification 150 Mobile Tracking System 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 Embedded Parking System Secluded Data Capturing using GSM Service Sector Drive Smartcard System Intelligent Electronic Voting Machine A Wireless Solution System for Tracking the Stolen Vehicles Solar Position Control and Automatic Power Distribution System Far Flung Information Capturing using PSTN Easy SMSing System Data Transfer Between Two Microcontrollers using IR Communication Fluid Temperature Control using PWM Embedded Vehicle Control through Mobile Voting through SMS Student status acquisition with SMS RTC BASED STREET LIGHT CONTROLLER Interactive Voice Response System for Industrial Automation Biometric enable smart ration shop Intelligent combat robot Wheel chair for physical challenged 8051MC,Zigbee communication 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, Energy meter 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, IR Sensor 8051MC, Temperature sensor, Signal conditioning 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, REID card & Reader 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, REID card & Reader 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, REID card & Reader 8051MC, IR Sensor 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, ADC 8051MC, RS232, REID card & reader 8051MC, I2C protocol 8051MC, RS232, GPS,GSM, 8051MC, ADC, Light sensors, Solar panel 8051MC, ADC, PSTN 8051MC, GSM Modem, 8051MC, RS232, IR Transmitter-receiver 8051MC, PWM Thermo couple 8051 Mc, DTMF Receiver, Proximity Sensor 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, I2C 8051MC, RS232, GSM Modem, I2C 8051 MC, ADC, LDRS, Solar panel, RTC 8051 MC, DTMF, VB, I2C 8051MC, Biometric sensor, VB, PC 8051MC, GSM Modem, camera, motor 8051MC, GSM Modem, camera, motor IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567
  4. 4. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 BE/MTech IEEE-2012 PROJECTS 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 Real Time Bus Monitoring And Passenger Information System GSM Based Power Meter Reading And Control System Automatic Bus Recognition Through Mobile Wireless Patient Monitoring System Using GSM Building Lighting Automation through the Integration of DALI with Wireless Sensor Networks A Fair FARE System An Open Traffic Light Control Model for Reducing Vehicles’ CO2 Emissions Based on ETC Vehicles Image Based Password Authentication For Illiterates With Touchscreen Automatic Power Grid Controller Implementation of a Controller Unit for an Intelligent Ventilation System (IVS) for a BTS Room GSM based e-Notice Board: Wireless Communication Embedded Web Server for Home Appliances GSM-Bluetooth based Remote Monitoring and Control System with Automatic Light Controller Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control Handheld Measuring Device For Multiple Parameters, In Wood And Ceramic Industries Implementation Of wed Based remote Grid Monitoring Embedded Ethernet monitor and controlling using web browser Zero Standby Power Remote Control System using Light Power Transmission Optimizing the Localization of a Wireless Sensor Network in Real Time Based on a Low-Cost Microcontroller 3 G based industrial automation using GSM communication Analysis, Measurement and Evaluation of Power Line Communication Network Applied for Popular Houses Energy Consumption data Acquisition and display system development. Design And Development Of A Low-Cost Microcontroller Based Single Phase Water-Pump Controller Design of PIC Based Ethernet Interface to Control the Industrial Parameters A ZigBee-based monitoring and protection system for building electrical safety Design of intelligent traffic light controller using Embedded System. BE/MTech MATLAB – Image Processing IEEE 2012 Projects 194 195 198 Active Visual Segmentation Monotonic Regression: A New Way for Correlating Subjective and Objective Ratings in Image Quality Research Accelerated Hypothesis Generation for Multistructure Data via Preference Analysis Semisupervised Biased Maximum Margin Analysis for Interactive Image Retrieval Polyview Fusion: A Strategy to Enhance Video-Denoising Algorithms 199 200 Patch-Based Near-Optimal Image Denoising Color Constancy for Multiple Light Sources 201 202 A Novel Data Embedding Method Using Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching Performance Analysis of a Block-Neighborhood-Based Self-Recovery Fragile Watermarking Scheme Monotonic Regression: A New Way for Correlating Subjective and Objective Ratings in Image Quality Research Accelerated Hypothesis Generation for Multistructure Data via Preference Analysis. Polyview Fusion: A Strategy to Enhance Video-Denoising Algorithms. 196 197 203 204 205 206 207 Nonparametric Bayesian Dictionary Learning for Analysis of Noisy and Incomplete Images. A Primal–Dual Method for Total-Variation-Based Wavelet Domain Inpainting. 208 Blind Separation of Superimposed Moving Images Using Image Statistics. 209 210 211 Image Signature: Highlighting Sparse Salient Regions. Image Segmentation by Probabilistic Bottom-Up Aggregation and Cue Integration. Image Restoration by Matching Gradient Distributions 212 213 214 215 216 217 Active Curve Recovery of Region Boundary Patterns. BM3D Frames and Variational Image Deblurring. Interactive Image Segmentation Using Dirichlet Process Multiple-View Learning PDE-Based Enhancement of Color Images in RGB Space Robust Watermarking of Compressed and Encrypted JPEG2000 Images Robust White Matter Lesion Segmentation in FLAIR MRI MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE ARITHIMATIC MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE 8051MC, RS232 MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING, PROCESSING PROCESSING, PROCESSING PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE GUI CREATION MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING, PROCESSING, PROCESSING, PROCESSING, PROCESSING PROCESSING, PROCESSING, PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567
  5. 5. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 Segmentation of Stochastic Images With a Stochastic Random Walker Method Tumor-Cut: Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radiosurgery Applications Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks An Integrated Region-, Boundary Shape-Based Active Contour for Multiple object Overlap Resolution in Histological Imagery Automatic Assessment of Macular Edema From Color Retinal Images Automatic Image Equalization and Contrast Enhancement Using Gaussian mixture Modeling Automatic Single-Image-Based Rain Streaks Removal via Image Decomposition Cognition and Removal of Impulse Noise With Uncertainty Color Local Texture Features for Color Face Recognition Co-Transduction for Shape Retrieval A Channel Splitting Strategy for Reducing Handoff Delay in Internet- Based Wireless Mesh Networks A Robust Distributive Approach to Adaptive Power and Adaptive Rate Link Scheduling in Wireless Mesh Networks Information Theoretic Capacity of Cellula Multiple Access Channel with Shadow Fading Multi-Hop Connectivity Probability in Infrastructure-Based Vehicular Networks On the Capacity of Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detection Systems and the Information Rate of ACO-OFDM for Indoor Optical Wireless Applications Optimum Transmission Policies for Battery Limited Energy Harvesting Nodes Pilot Contamination for Active Eavesdropping Supervisory Control and Traffic Avoiding System using Image Processing(SCATA) (IEEE) Face Detection System using Digital Image Processing (IEEE) An Adaptive Steganographic Technique Based on 09 (IEEE) Adaptive Active Constellation Extension Algorithm (2) (IEEE) Image Encryption Using Binary Key (IEEE) MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, MATLAB, MATLAB, MATLAB, MATLAB, IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, IMAGE PROCESSING MATLAB, MATLAB, MATLAB, MATLAB, IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE IMAGE PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING BE/MTech VLSI PROJECTS (IEEE-2011) 240 A Novel Method for Fingerprint Core Point Detection 241 Iterative Decimal Multiplication Using Binary Arithmetic 242 243 A Novel Error-Tolerant Method In AES For Satellite Images A Distributed Canny Edge Detector And Its Implementation On FPGA 244 A Novel FPGA Implementation of Adaptive Color Image Enhancement based on HSV Color Space 245 246 FPGA Implementation of a CORDIC-based Radix-4 FFT Processor for Real- Time Harmonic Analyzer Low-Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder 247 FPGA implementation of Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM 248 Design and FPGA Implementation of Modified Distributive Arithmetic Based DWT – IDWT Processor for Image Compression 249 Enhancement Pupil Isolation Method in Iris Recognition 250 Image Encryption Based On AES Key Expansion 251 FPGA based FFT Algorithm Implementation in WiMAX Communications System 252 FPGA Implementation of Fast Block LMS Adaptive Filter Using Distributed Arithmetic for High Throughput 253 A Design of Network Remote Control System 254 255 FPGA Implementation of Modified Architecture for Adaptive Viterbi Decoder Image Border Management for FPGA Based Filters 256 An Efficient Implementation of Floating Point Multiplier XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/BISD architectur XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Multiplier,CSA,MAC XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/ Multimedia encryption, watermarking. XILINX 12.2Modelsim 6.3/RSA, Montgomery, XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/motion E , video coding CAVLD, H.264/AVC standard architecture XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/EEC,LDPC Desig XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/encryption GPON System XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Image scaling, interpolation, pipeline architecture, XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/irregular LDPC, IEEE 802.16e XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Brute-force attack,FPGA, RC4encp XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/CAM Algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Cryptography,encrypt XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/UTMI technolgy IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567
  6. 6. IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567 257 Minutiae Extraction from Fingerprint Images - a Review 258 Development and Implementation of Parameterized FPGA-Based General Purpose Neural Networks for Online Applications 259 Design and Implementation of an OFDM System for Vehicular Communications with FPGA Technologies 260 FPGA Implementation of FFT Algorithm for IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) 261 Design and Characterization of Parallel Prefix Adders using FPGAs 262 Fast Double-Parallel image processing based on FPGA 263 An FPGA Implementation of a Simple Lossless Data Compression Coprocessor 264 A Secure Field Programmable Gate Array Based System-on-Chip for Telemedicine Application 265 Design of SHA-1 Algorithm based on FPGA 266 267 Implementation of OFDM Baseband Transmitter compliant IEEE Std 802.16d on FPGA FPGA-based for Implementation of Multi-Serials to Ethernet Gateway 268 Adder Designs using Reversible Logic Gates 269 An Efficient Hardware Architecture for Multimedia Encryption and Authentication using the Discrete Wavelet Transform (IEEE) 270 Low-Power H.264 Video Compression Architectures for Mobile Communication(IEEE) IMPLEMENTING USB TRANSCEIVER MACROCELL INTERFACE WITH USB2.0 SPECIFICATIONS(IEEE) On Clustering of Undetectable Single Stuck-At Faults and Test Quality in Fullscane circuit(IEEE) The Design of FIR Filter Base on Improved DA Algorithm and its FPGA Implementation 271 272 273 XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/DES algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/nanotechnology,decoding,e ncoding XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Memory architecture XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/reconfigurable architecture XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/ADPLL approach XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/viterbi algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/MISTY algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/Diminished RNS algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/DFT-Falt check XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/logical algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/ Networking topologies analysis XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/SCD algorithm XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/ Multimedia encryption, Watermarking. XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/motion E ,video coding XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/UTMI technolgy XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/DFT- Falt check XILINX 12.2-Modelsim 6.3/AHB interface VLSI PROJECTS-IEEE 2013 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 An Image Steganography Technique using X-Box Mapping FPGA Implementation of high speed 8-bit Vedic multiplier using barrel shifter Design of Low Power TPG Using LP-LFSR An Implementation of AES Algorithm Based on FPGA Speed optimization of a FPGA based modified Viterbi Decoder Traffic-aware Design of a High Speed FPGA Network Intrusion Detection System Design and Implementation of Automated Wave-Pipelined Circuit using ASIC FPGA-based adaptive noise cancellation for ultrasonic NDE application FPGA Based Implementation of a Double Precision IEEE Floating-Point Adder Least Complex S-Box and Its Fault Detection for Robust Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm IEEE-2012 IEEE-2013 IEEE-2012 IEEE-2012 IEEE-2013 IEEE-2013 IEEE-2012 IEEE-2012 IEEE-2013 IEEE-2013 BIOMEDICAL PROJECT LIST 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 Design of a Wireless Medical Monitoring System. GPS BASED PATIENT MONITORING ALERT MICROCONTROLLER BASED PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM Operation Theatre Automation and Controller (OTAC) NICU Monitoring With PC Data Acquisition from body parameters using Zigbee Lossless medical image compression by IWT BIOMEDICAL BIOMEDICAL BIOMEDICAL BIOMEDICAL BIOMEDICAL BIOMEDICAL Bio-Medical based Image Processing 291 Analyzing Macular Edema In Diabetic Patients Bio-Medical Based Image Processing 292 Wavelet Based Image Fusion for Detection of Brain Tumor Bio-Medical Based Image Processing IGSLABS Technologies Pvt Ltd,, Email:, Phone: 9590544567